Monday, April 3, 2017

The Zipper Man-

I've just realized these are very similar to peanut butter cookies topped with a kiss. However, they're just a little more exciting to eat. If we make them with almond butter, I can eat them too. And I do. However, I do not eat those in No Munchie March. It's not allowed.

I cleaned my brushes yesterday. What a pain- but so necessary. I know you were all wondering when that important event would occur.

Some more movie recommendations:

1. Little Dorrit- 2008- Another lovely PBS mini-series
2. Central Intelligence- 2016- I enjoyed most of this movie, although there was some bathroom humor. What can I say, I'm not a teenage boy

And now, on this day- which was actually supposed to be April 1st, but I'm a little behind- when so many unbelievable things are being proclaimed and such, Charles and I have our own little tidbit. We are having twins. One boy. One girl. Out of my own self. I'm 23 weeks and going strong. They are due August 4th, but they usually move the due date up a month for twins. So we're looking at July 4th as a day for much jubilation and other crowning achievements.

We are pleased as punch and have kept it under wraps for the shock value. Are you shocked? We are also a little shocked. Sometimes I still can't believe it, but the very real stretching of my abdomen is helping to convince me.

I was throwing up for a good month and a half 2-4 times a day at the beginning. When I started puking up blood, Zofran and I became best friends. I'm still taking anti-nausea drugs and am feeling a little better. Sadly the acid reflux demons have also made themselves known, so Charles and I are both on the feel better soon, eat whatever you can find, diet.

Before pregnancy, I did not realize the full import of how a woman's body changes during this blessed period of time. Nor did I realize how soon the discomfort of stretching and constipation would settle into my daily routine.

I can now feel daily kicks and jabs. In an early ultrasound, I saw one baby flip, punch punch, flip again, and do more punches- that's when it all started coming together. That's what's going on inside this cavern- tae bo every moment of every day and sometimes at night. In the midst of all the new hormones and the incalculable weirdness of feeling a tiny body inside of me- two in fact- we are thrilled.

In other wonderful news, mid-July Charles is starting a two month internship in Tucson, Arizona. He can't wait. The twins and I will stay in San Luis Obispo while he's gone, and enjoy all the wonderful visitors that babies bring. He has one more year of school until he's finished with his blended Master's program for Aerospace and then the world is our oyster. Woot.

I guess that's about all the good news you can handle right now. Here we will hopefully post some pictures and other fantastical elements of the joys pregnancy brings. Happy April Fool's Day! This isn't a joke and we're so glad it isn't! Consider this secret unzipped. HOopty HOop!

Friday, February 17, 2017

One with my clothes-

"Another box of clothes", he said. "Not possible," I said. And yet, there it was, another box, full of my clothes. Turns out, Charles had no idea how many clothes I owned until we moved. After taking them out of multiple boxes, I realized I did not have a great idea either. Now I do.

Even now, after having realized how many clothes I possess, I still find myself wondering why I have such a limited docket. It seems to silly and yet, I own it.

And now, freebies. I love free things and you love free things. Sorry the list isn't longer, but here are a couple of items I've found out in the last couple of weeks.

1. T-mobile Tuesdays- this is a free app that you have to check on Tuesdays. When I first got the app, I got weekly free Wendy's frosties. I didn't care much, because we don't have a close Wendy's here. However, I have lately been watching a free movie on Tuesdays and that is awesome. I got free socks last Tuesday and some free food on other weeks. It's a pretty sweet deal, I just have to remember.

2. 7-11- this is a free app that you can utilize this month- Feb to get a free small slushy every Saturday. I don't know what they're doing in March, but I got a barcode to scan last Saturday and I intend to get another free slushy this week. I'm a sucker for slushies.

That's it for now. Enjoy it while you can. Sorry it's been so long since I've written anything- September was quite a long time ago.

However, you will be comforted to know that it has been raining here, so we won't be running out of water next week. Also, I got a hair trim, so my ends are looking healthy once again.

Movies to see
Jason Bourne- pretty good, he does get one answer from that movie
World of Warcraft- I never played the games, but thought it was fun to watch
X-Men Apocalypse- the new mutant movie

Movies to skip
Legend of Tarzan- I wasn't terribly invested
Suicide Squad- Meh
Jack Reacher II- Reminded me of Taken II, not as good as the first one and he's babysitting the whole movie

See you soon for another episode of News and Reviews. Love and Kisses!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Poisoned by my own sweet presh-

Today Charles offered me granola that had walnuts in it without thinking. And now I'm dead. Wait, no. I'm not dead, because here I am writing this blog. Whoa, that was a close one.

Well, today is another day like many others. We attended a sacrament meeting to hear a talk given by a girl named Sophia, that is going to Japan on a mission. She leaves Tuesday. It was a great talk. Before her talk, I noticed the two babies in front of us. And the other baby they announced that had been birthed this week by someone else. I might have started crying. That proves I should always bring tissues in my bag. I was without and sniffled for a bit. First world problems.

I never know what to say when people ask us how we're doing. We are doing well. Nothing terrible is happening with us, so life is great.

Yesterday I had a fun beach day with my friend Bre. She has a sweet wind tent we always set up on our beach days. It was a beautiful day. We remembered to apply sunscreen so nobody got Boom- Roasted. We stood on the water's edge as the kids ran around in the surf. The 1.5 yr old girl grabbed my face as she sometimes does, and squeezed the life out of it. I now have a crescent shaped scratch under my eye. She is sweet. We will not let her hold any puppies in the near future.

My hair doesn't currently have many split ends- hot topic. I have been going all natural. Some people call it laziness. Whatever. Anyway, the ends are still getting catchy. You know what I'm talking about ladies. A trim is in order.

I drew a dragon at church. We have started playing softball on Thursdays with Charles' work. We aren't doing so well, but it's still fun. Now, on to exercise plans- since we don't exercise much playing softball. Sorry Neal and Krissy, I don't think I have the marathon capacity in me. However, maybe some running should be incorporated into my life.

I think I have a fruit addiction. It's taking over our fridge and table. It is gradually subsiding, but last week we had the following fruit in our house of two occupants:

12 nectarines- they were gross and have been frozen for smoothie material
1 giant watermelon- half of which we left covered on our counter and 4 days later had maggots growing in it. We didn't even try cutting the bad part off...we just threw it all away.
12 kiwis- we are waiting for most of those to ripen
6 giant mangos- so good
1 papaya- Charles calls it poop fruit because it loosens your bowels and makes your outtakes smell like papaya
1 container blueberries- actually, we have fresh and frozen blueberries
6 bananas- frozen for banana bread
1 bag frozen berries- these we also buy for smoothies
rhubarb- is that a fruit? We bought that because it's hard to find here and we love strawberry rhubarb pies. In fact, who doesn't? It's frozen and waiting for perfection

Mmm, smoothies are so good.

I took my car to a car wash two weeks ago. The difference was incredible. It looks so good. Now I need to somehow take the PT cruiser to that car washing place. The professor is looking pretty cakes these days. I would wait for rain, but we haven't seen much rain here, so I'm not crossing my fingers.

Sorry our lives are so boring right now. Until next time on the Ward food index comes to town.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Experiences Recommended

Casino Royale (1967)- Terrible

Sons of Liberty(2015)- I liked it

Thai Chicken- I liked it

Making Mother's Day Cards- I liked it, but they didn't turn out very well

Ordering chick flicks on the public library website- Ideal. I love the Black Gold library system

Attending a Pink Party- Good times, despite the hardship that it accompanies. A pink party is a head shaving party for someone who has cancer. There was a lot of pink, a head shaving, and some sweet treats. Charles checked my head for hair when I returned. Thanks Banks!

Having my eggs harvested- Blah. Not my favorite.

A Poem for Mothers

Mother, you are great.
This phrase, can never my gratitude sate.
I can't believe you endured sickness to incubate us all.
That's more dedication than sewing a patchwork wall.

If I learned anything from milking goats,
it would have to be the "never having animals" vote.
Chore charts and pizza skills,
who, seeing all this, could possibly run for the hills?

We know some are aliens,
those kids that you cherish.
Raising weirdos is a melee science,
Never did our spirits perish.

From these risks and lovely thoughts,
we grew into great weirdos full of weird sauce.
And now our own children are filling the world,
you creative, guilt-free grandma of the squirrels.

Nicely done and never could be better,
that wondrous mother of school taught letters.
She's spooky wise and really funny,
And she she taught us well with her husband lover bunny.

Hooray for raising us to be so cool!
Hooray for helping us appreciate gruel.
Thanks for being tops Mom!
Thanks for meeting Pops, Mom!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Displeasure makes its rounds-Riot the anger glands

Remember that guy I really liked freshman year of college who threw a basketball at me from his balcony. After he promised to not throw it again, I threw it back to him. Do you know what he did? He threw it at me again. A basketball. Twice. That feeling is the same one I feel right now. Allegiant! How could you! I trusted you.

So in June, I visited Utah for my brother's wedding. I went with Charles and my sister Bonnie through Allegiant. We flew out to Utah with no problems. However, on the trip bad we had a terrible experience.

First, our flight was delayed for 3 hours. After loading onto the plane at 3:30 for a 3:45 departure, we sat on the plane for about an hour. Then we found out it wasn't going to be leaving, because the plane was too hot. So we sat in the airport until 6 pm. While everyone waited in the airport, which only has snack machines, all the babies and people milled around. When they finally announced that the flight was canceled, they also announced that we would receive flight wavers, hotel accommodations, taxi reimbursements, and food reimbursements-within reason.

Once the two taxes in front of the airport left, we waited for another hour before another set arrived. Worried that we might not get a room, we called my brother to pick us up from the airport. We got some food on the way and ate at his house.

The next day, we called a taxi service to pick us up. Although they had a flight full of people that needed rides, again, there were only three taxis sent. Besides being worried we'd missed our flight, we were also worried about all the other people waiting for rides to the airport. This might have been better accomplished with a bus. The taxi drivers were also making people pay more for the taxis that they usually would- since they assumed Allegiant was reimbursing us. So dishonest and inconvenient.

After waiting at the airport, with the same group of people, we loaded the plane. After another hour of waiting on the plane, they again announced we would not be leaving because of a missing placard. Since this placard was gone, our plane would be delayed. While we waited for another plane to arrive, three other flights went to their destinations without a hitch.

While we waited in the airport, water, soda and pizza was given out. However, the pizza ordered was for about half the people there. Those that got pizza, had about 2 slices, maybe- for an entire day waiting in the airport. We finally left that day at 3 PM and arrived at our destination a full 24 hours late.

Since Bonnie is glucose intolerant, we ordered Chinese at the airport. The attendants reassured this food would also be reimbursed.

After 24 hours of waiting in a crammed room with anxious people, calling our employers with apologies about not showing for work, inconveniencing them and our rides to and from the airport, we finally got home.

We spent an additional $150 on the trip that we hadn't bargained for in food and taxis along with 3 people who didn't work for an entire day due to this kerfuffle.

I just received an email from Allegiant. They will be reimbursing us for our taxi rides- $50. They "do not reimburse for food". Thanks for lying to me Allegiant and for making me angry. Somebody find me a basketball.


The most hilarious item I've heard this week is my nephew Austin's current prime target. This old champ wants to sew, with the help of his mother, a five foot tall Chewbacca doll. I will try it, because Chewie, and because I already have some material in my possession for such a task. What better project could it go to? Yeah, I know, you can't think of anything.

As with all my other stellar ideas, I am sure to follow this to completion and also post pictures. Just like always. Oh, speaking of pictures, here's a picture of my finished jean quilt. I told you I'd post this when it was done.

As you see, this is more of a twin blanket than a queen-sized blanket. Also, I suppose I should have made my bed before taking that picture. However, we are washing the sheets today- so it does seem kind of pointless to do that, doesn't it? I should say so. Anyway, now you have an idea of how my finished quilt looks. The back is all red flannel, so it's a warm blanket.

It's no match for the blanket it is resting on, that's for sure, but it was a first attempt, so put that part on the bottom of my quilting card.

I'd also like to shout out to the people whose blogs I people are doing great. I know I've been slacking. Here are all my excuses, listed here for your convenience:

1. I lost my job and had to find another one- albeit I found another one through the mercy of my Father in Heaven and am working just across the street from my last job. It's a place called Really Right Stuff. They sell high-end camera accessories. I do billing, parts assembly, and inventory. 

It has been quite challenging, but I really enjoy what I do. I also have been blessed to work with cool people at my new job. That makes going to work nice.

2. We moved. We did so across town, but we still had to pack all of our things into boxes and move them. The morning of the move, the Budget facility we had reserved the truck from...was not open. Thankfully, we had multiple friends come by our place with trailers and other vehicles that were indispensable in helping us move. Thanks for helping us move and clean our apartment, friends!

3. My brother, Canute, got married. We got to see a bunch of awesome friends and family while we were there for a couple of days and missed a couple of people we would've liked to see. It was a hot trip, we were delayed a day due to flight/Allegiant issues, and we were busy bees. Now I have another sister-in-law- welcome Jessica- so that's fun.

4. We went through another IVF cycle. This cycle finished this past week. We don't yet have the results- as most things do, this also takes time. We should find out the results in the next couple of weeks. As is customary with pregnancies, we will still probably wait a while to tell anyone if it's a positive pregnancy. Everyone gets excited for baby news, but it is terribly sad when you ask someone about their pregnancy and find out it ended in a miscarriage. So, in order to avoid all that, we'll just wait a little while to see how this cycle goes.

Our doctor and his office have gone out of their way to make us feel hopeful and have been extremely helpful. They are such kind people and I know their jobs are stressful. It's a tough job, but we're happy they have helped us get through the rough patches in this process. 

5.  Unpacking. You might think that's the same thing as moving. It's not. It's especially different when you move into a smaller place. We are now to a point where we do not stumble over boxes every day. It's a good place to be.

6. Visitors. We just had my parents come by for a visit last week. It was loads of fun, but didn't leave much time for blogging. 

Anyway, that's all we've been doing for the past two months. Oh, and I finished my list of books for the summer adult reading program at the library. I will let you know what my cool prize is for reading so well. I read Mistborn and Graceling. I enjoyed Graceling as it was a sort of women kick butt bit of fiction. 

Wait, wait. I forgot, someone did have a new baby this summer. Here it is: 

You may be wondering what that is. That, my friends, is a 3D printer. Charles has been thirsting after one of these babies since his friend Sammy got one last year. Yes, and probably before that. Anyway, my parents brought it with them on their visit and Charles is ECSTATIC! I don't think he could've been any more pleased. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Anticipation; The rise and fall of hope 101

If you've been wondering how our baby growing endeavor is going, we have started another cycle of IVF. As you might have guessed, it was not successful in December. If you would like to fast for us, as a couple of people have offered to do, a good day for that would be May 1st.

We are doing another fresh cycle, and will hopefully harvest a boatload of healthy and viable eggs from my ovaries. We also hope there is not an overcrowding of the boat, as it is possible to have an overstimulation of your ovaries. In fact, the first thing I remember saying after waking up from my egg harvest in October, was that I must have produced inferior numbers. The lady next to me had about 10 more eggs than I had and Charles remonstrated me with the hazards of overstimulation and inferior egg quality.

Since my ovaries are going to be stimulated to grapefruit size in the next couple of weeks, much as a prized hen before a county fair, I now know what to expect. As a hint, it is rather a strange sensation. Rather like a rummage sale, wherein many treasures lie, but must first be discovered by frantic buyers. This might also be due to an inordinate amount of gas, for I was quite uncomfortable in the two weeks preceding my extraction.

I assume that unsettled and strange feeling of items being flung around inside of you lasts the entirety of an actual pregnancy.

Please pardon me if I present indelicate jokes regarding childlessness in your presence. I have already begun throwing out terrible jokes with wild abandon. Sorry Deane. It seems to be one of the many ways I cope with emotional instability. I will try and limit myself to hopeful jokes about future sleepless nights and children opening and spreading Costco-sized containers of peanut butter onto our, currently, white couch.

Thank goodness I get to choose a See's candy after my current three shots a day. Aman, I'm not sure how you did shots daily for 7 months, but you rock! Also, Penny is adorable, so I can see that it was worth it.

I see this also is a good incentive for me not to over-indulge in sweets so often. All Charles needs to do is remind me about diabetes treatments when I'm going crazy making cookie pizzas and Boston cream pies.

For anyone wondering about the intricacies of doing IVF, it's not nearly as terrifying as you imagine in the planning months. Once you start the process, feelings calm and you notice the process is quite bearable. The worst part is anticipation; the rise and fall of hope.

I have let a loss of hope get the better of me multiple times in this series of injections and rejection of embryos. However, as I remember the love of my Heavenly Father and the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ, I am also reminded of the instigator of pain and despair- Satan. He does not hold back from total brutality when wounding our spirits.

Jacob 7:5
And he had hope to shake me from the faith, notwithstanding the many revelations and the many things which I had seen concerning these things; for I truly had seen angels, and they had ministered unto me. And also, I had heard the voice of the Lord speaking unto me in very word, from time to time; wherefore, I could not be shaken.
I hope that in your times of trial and weakness, though completely different from mine, that you let this scripture fortify you with the knowledge of our Father and his Son's love for you.

You can do hard things, even if: you're single, you don't feel confident, you stink at softball, you're sick of eating burritos, the top of your fridge is dusty, your children are aliens, you can't eat ice cream anymore. Sorry about all of those things, but you are awesome!