Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jumping the tramp-

Terrifying as it is, I quite look up to those up to the challenge. Kids are hilarious and pretty nutso. However, somebody or something, has to train them up to be true to life jedis. Hiya. There is no better way than giving them access to a trampoline.

Trampolines scare me witless. The terror is not embodied in the potential of bouncing skiwampus, which also scares me. It is centered in the shock factor. Why must this instrument of terror shock a person anytime his flesh meets the outside springs? I do not love that effect. Yeah, when we got a new electric fence, I did touch it to see how strong the current was. Only once. Maybe twice.

Jumping on a trampoline is like touching an electric fence over and over again. Even jumping in the middle of the tarpaulin you can feel the current building inside you. The anticipation of a great shock paralyzes my jumping reflex every time I enter a great jumping arena.
 In other news, we went on primary visits and I saw this huge cat. You cannot see how truly huge this cat is from this terrible picture. I'm serious. This cat was 3x bigger than I thought it should be. It was Garfield in grey.
 I saw these pants after walking into my house Sunday night with Charles. They startled me a bit, since the pants were nestled over a pair of shoes as though someone was bending over. Anyway, I did a double take when I got inside. Who was bending over in my living room if Charles was currently walking inside with me?
 I took some selfies at my house to show how long my hair is getting. I guess next time I should actually do it. This is al natural friends.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Engineering Student of the Year-

Last week I found out my sister Sarah caught an alligator one time. Supa cool. Even if it was a baby alligator. That part of the conversation was followed by the important of maintaining a safe distance from wild animals at all times. Don't touch wild animals kids.

My brother Christian is serving a mission in Taiwan and has been for a year. Every Mother's Day and Christmas he can call home for a little while, usually less than an hour. He called by Skype this Sunday for Mother's Day. All the siblings were on the call. It was awesome.

Boxes. Have you ever seen a box and wondered what was inside? Wait. Have you ever seen a box and not wondered what was inside? Seriously. Everyone loves surprises and my imagination consistently explodes with all the arsenal placed inside the universe by closed boxes.

Charles won an award for being awesome. He was nominated by a teacher to win the Engineering student of the year award at Las Positas College. Good job!

After he received his award- on page 10 of 17 of winners, we got free pizza. Actually, we had to pay the tax on the Round Table Pizza the A's told us we could get for free with our ticket stubs. So that was weird, but we paid less than we would have otherwise. Course we wouldn't have gotten pizza, but that's all in the past. I got artichokes on mine, he got pineapple. So good. We both demolished our pizza with gold stars and handshakes.

Speaking of handshakes, this what it looked like when Charles shook hands with the President of Las Positas College and received his award. Unfortunately, as you may notice in the next photo posted, I am a whiz with my camera phone. I had 10 more photos just as blurry on my phone. Enjoy.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Digging in ditches-

Last night I dreamed I was walking home from an event, and I found all this cool stuff in a ditch I was passing. I didn't have a light, so I was just sifting through all the stuff. There were grapes that looked new. Hayley, Charles, I thought of you when I almost ate them. There were drinks. Snacks.

Does anyone else ever wonder what cool stuff is abandoned on the side of the road? How does it even get there? Has it all fallen out of cars? Accidental. Purposeful. I know some of it is accidental, which is why I get so excited about the idea of all that cool stuff in ditches and on the side of the highway

Earlier in my dream, my brothers and I walked into a buffet at a church building of another faith. We were found out, and ran out of there helter skelter. Then I saw my friend Joy Bogart outside the church building and told her I love all her little projects and pins. Which is true, but a strange thing to incorporate into a dream.

I was also going to my friend Nicole Greene's house for Thanksgiving. So that was cool.

Usually those entering my dreams are the ultimate enigma, but with Facebook, any subconscious stirring is possible. I dream often, but that's because I wake up at 7, think about getting up, and doze for another hour. Charles is a terrible influence on me.

Bed sharing with him is like having a giant feather sleep next to you. A round feather. With..softness and tiny fuzzies all over the outside. So warm. Like a peach feather. In a ripened peach fuzz casing that warms the surrounding sheets. Peachsoft sleeptime every night at the Ward's. That's why I don't need a baby, I have a giant baby already. Lucky.