Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 19, 2011 Haiya to my Hernia

Thanks for all the updates. I´m sure excited to see all of you in 3 weeks when I get home too. This week was kind of a crazy week. We went up to the capital for the whole week. The thing is my stomach´s been hurting a lot for 2 weeks. So I went up to the dr. to get it checked out b-c I found a lump in my hip area. But he said it was a minor hernia that doesn´t need surgery. And it doesn´t hurt anymore. So we worked for a week in the capital with the nurse and her comps. b-c I had to get 3 stool samples to make sure I don´t have worms anymore.

I got the hernia b-c of some puking after eating unpasteurized cheese in the street. I´m pretty sure, or when we had the miracle rain and I carted a million buckets full of rainwater to our sink. But I´m pretty sure it was the puking b-c my stomach didn´t hurt really until after that. Anyway, Heavenly Father knows why we were there for a whole week. The good news is I don´t have anymore worms and my hernia doesn´t hurt anymore. Very nice.

And well, we´re working hard in Poptun trying to bring others to Christ. We saw some caves today and well, walked a lot. It´s pretty rainy most days out here. The church is true. Love, Hna Peterson


Wow, which room is that bed in? That really does look like a real bedroom. I was planning on working at Fedex this year until Christmas, but I don´t know if that´s a good idea since I just healed from a hernia. So if you hear about any jobs I can do from October 20th to December, I´d like to hear about them. It´s super nice out here right now. 3 more weeks. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept 5, 2011 Men are crazy...but not as crazy as...

You´re area looks pretty cool Canute. Much like Grant´s area. Mine is a little different, but also cool. It´s thinking about raining, so it´s not super hot today.

This week we didn´t have water, so we prayed for rain and got it. God always answers our prayers. My comp. got mad at me yesterday b-c I told her she was anti-social. She hung up on our dl three times when he was trying to ask her about the area. So she wouldn´t talk to me. That was pretty miserable. But she is talking to me again, so that´s good. Sisters are crazy. I am glad I will be marrying a man. Who are also crazy, but not as crazy as women.

Today we tried to find some caves, but the kids who guided us last time couldn´t guide us until next week. So next week we´re going again. We just walked a lot. We are getting along with the elders in our district, b-c my comp. is warming up to the elders. That´s such a relief. The trials we have in the mission will give us great rewards later. I surely hope so. Wish we had a beach to walk on.

Thanks for the update. It´s pretty hot here with lots of mosquitos. We try to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit. My comp. is teaching me how to make delicious meat and not just plain chicken. I told her you would be pleased and that I grew up eating plain meat. So I´m learning some Honduranean tricks. I wrote them down so I don´t forget.

Love, Hna Peterson

P.s. Cuanto mas cambios tiene? Uno o dos?

August 15, 2011 Braids are da bomb!

Well, I was sad to hear about KS{s corn crop. That{s not good. And well, sorry you lost your camera. I bought a sports jersey of Barcelona for 45 quetzales. That{s like 5 dollars. Very nice. I asked about hammocks and I said I wanted one of an American flag...they will do them with flag designs and I didn{t know what flag you would want. I said if I got a good deal I{d buy two. So if you want a different country{s flag, let me know.

I didn{t know Sarah was expecting, but maybe it{s in one of the other 10 emails I haven{t checked yet. I{m sure she would{ve gotten around to telling me sometime. I figured that news was due..cough cough. But it{s going to be sweet to have some more babies b-c they{re all grown up while I{ve been gone. So good job Deane.

This week was hot. My comp. is amazing. I{ve been eating lots of fruit. My comp{s from Honduras and she{s black. She does braids for me like every day. It{s sweet. I love having my hair in braids. And the best part, I don{t have to do it and my hair doesn{t look ugly every day like before. We{re in week 5 of more change, and then I come home. To see Kristi B. get married. I prob. will work for Fedex from Oct. to Dec, b-c I really don{t have that many other options.

CTR. Keep reading your scriptures. Calculus, never have had any desires to take that class. Love, Hna Peterson

August 29, 2011...The grossest Thing EVER

So here´s the news for the week. I had a huge worm this week that I
passed. That means I was in serious pain Tues, Wed, Thurs. And now I
just have a stomach ache. The nurses didn´t know what was wrong with
me. Monday we ate some unpasteurized cheese, so I just figured it was
that. I think my worm just didn´t like the cheese. Anyway, the mission
nurses said you usually don´t pass huge pieces of worm like that
unless it´s huge and thus doesn´t have any more room.

So I´m going to look for the parasite meds we take when we go home and
I´m going to take them now. I don´t want to have a serious stomach
ache the rest of my mission and I don´t want it to do any more serious
damage inside of me.

We had zone conference this week and our interviews. Unfortunately, my
parasite was freaking out on Tuesday, our day of interviews, so I was
in agony pretty much all day. I really hope that never happens to me
again. Second, we had a baptism Saturday. Hooray!

We were supposed to have four, but, well, we only had one. But that
happens sometimes. Hope you´re all happy and healthy and choosing the
right. One more change in Poptun with Hna Bernardez and then I´ll be
home for Christmas. And Halloween. Love, Hna Peterson

August 22, 2011 MMM, Cinnamon Rolls

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 3:01 PM, Merilee Enid Peterson wrote:

you{re wonderful and a good sport. I{m glad you did a dance for the bachelorette party. I didn{t see the video, if it was a vid, but it looked funny from the picture you took. Glad you got a nice summer crush. Welcome to my life before my mission. Thanks for training up Christian with some safe lady moves. One of my fav. stories is when Neal put his arm around Emily and totally slammed his elbow into the wall behind her. Hahaha.

Here it{s pretty regular what{s going on. I wish my life was a little more interesting. The most exciting news is we have 3 baptisms planned for Saturday. Hooray. I sure hope they all happen. Also, we made cinnamon rolls today. Excellent. Also, we have our interviews tomorrow and zone conference Wednesday. So that{s all the big news we{ve got. I{ve got a month and a half and I{ll be home. Don{t do too much crazy stuff at Provo. Wish I could be there. Maybe I{ll come visit. Love, Hna Peterson

August 9, 2011 Hna Bernardez is amazing!

Thanks for the week rundown. I really enjoy reading what everyone{s doing even if I can{t be there. This year, next reunion I{m totally going. When{s the next one planned for your side of the family Dad? Sorry everyone threw up...well, little Luke. Sad. But at least you only got fried. My comp. used my sunscreen the other day and I kept being reminded of our reunions. I always put on sunscreen and got fried. And when I didn{t, I got more fried. Here, I don{t even bother anymore. Whatever. We{re always in the sun and I{m still a white person. But maybe I{d be less white if everyone here wasn{t so dark. I want to play those games and build sandcastles with everyone.

Yesterday was Monday, so we went to Santa Elena..2 hours away...then we stayed the night. We saw Tikal, a place of ruins, then we went to Sam{s Burger. It{s a grand play place. So the elders played soccer, pool, and ping pong. We played some too, mostly the table games. We just barely got the rules changed so we can play sports. Our other mission pres. didn{t allow sports besides volleyball.

That means all the basketball and soccer players in the mission were sad every pday. So now they{re all happy. We ate hamburgers. Some elders told me I{m going to have to marry a younger boy when I get home to be a sugar mama, which means an older woman who subsidizes the life of a younger man. But obviously we{d be married, but still funny, b-c I could see that happening.

Kristin Brailsford is engaged and gets married 2 days after I get home from Guatemala. I{m totally going to her sealing in Nauvoo. That{s about all I have planned when I get home. And I{m pretty sure if there{s a Halloween dance I{m there.

My comp Hna Bernardez is amazing. We get along and we work. We have 7 baptisms planned for the next month. So we{re working with those people. The church is true. Love, Hna Peterson

Aug 1, 2011 Let the Sports Begin...

We have four fechas, well three, b-c one just moved to the area of the elders. But I need to have lots of faith to help them to get baptized b-c they all have the desires to get baptized, but not to go to church. That{s not going to happen if they can{t get to church. We have rules you know.

Anyway, our mission pres, Pres. Watts, who knows the new mission pres. in mom and dad{s stake, the Keyes, just revoked the no sports rule. So today we played soccer. I{m not very good, and after 16 months of nothing, my coordination is going to need some looking after. But besides that, we had some good times.

After soccer, we ate hamburgers and drank lemonaid slushies at a food place called the fonda, and bought some home made wheat bread. Amen to that. That{s going to be delicious.

Hna Bernardez and I are getting along really well. 10 more weeks together and I{m going home. So there{s lots to do out here, but we{ve still got some time.

It{s been rainy...and well, I{ve felt the past week like I drank sploosh b-c well, my intake is usually followed pretty fast by outtake. So I have high hopes that ends. Who knows what in the crud is going on with my crazy bod. However, I think I{m probably lactose intolerant and I{ve been eating lots of fruit. So that prob. doesn{t help. But other than that, it{s all good out here. Glad to hear you{ve had some success. You{re the best. Love, Hna Peterson


I{m positive I had Canute b-c I got him something in Germany and gave it to him before and America gave me something before my mission too from Cutco. But I don{t have any idea. Soooooooo I guess I{ll have Christian in another 10 years and I{ll give him something cool. I think Sarah just sent something to Canute b-c he was serving a mission. But whatevs.

Hope you{re having fun making and watching movies. We got a dvd player to show training movies. Very nice. All the elders like to ask to borrow it. But I am not stupid, so it will never leave my house. I don{t think you{re too picky, just keep looking. I don{t think it{s your fault there are only 14 yr olds chasing you. Love, Hna Peterson