Thursday, January 20, 2011

She's 27!

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the news from home. I don{t miss the snow, just the snow days. I had some cakes for my birthday. One of them covered my pushing people into their cakes is a tradition here. So yeah, I{ve got some pictures of that. I looked like a clown. The baby cried.

It{s pretty warm here still. I don{t think it{s going to get cold for me this winter. That{s ok with me. It was cold the other day. I heard it snowed for like 5 minutes in the middle of the night. But overall, it{s pretty awesome weather here in Guat. Hope you all feel healthier this week. Love, Hna Peterson

Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011...Happy Birthday, Merilee!!!!


Of course, the big event this week will be YOUR birthday...
in your email, tell us what your favorite birthday dinner/breakfast would be, and we will eat it in your honor...MMMMM! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you liked ( and got) your birthday packages! Love, YOur Mama

Not yet, but I{m hoping to get it in the next two months. Yeah! Happy Birthday to me! I would eat pizza or lasagne and brownies and icecream. Enjoy. Love, Hna Peterson

Thanks for the news. It was always nice to hear school was canceled. We don{t have snow days on the mission. We don{t have snow. But we did have a monsoon canceling of church one time, even though it was a beautiful day the next day. Sounds like the boys are doing well.

It{s going well out here. It{s roasting hot again outside. I{m sorry to hear you missed seeing Cookie.

This morning my water heater melted into the plug and we can{t get it out. I hate Guatemala sometimes. So we tried really hard to get it out and couldn{t. Luckily we didn{t get electrocuted.

We got a paint bucket and it had some paint in it. I put a bag over my hand to scoop it out and it ripped. So I had oobleck on my hand, it was green, and I felt like I was in a Dr. Seuss book. I couldn{t get it off. It was oil based. So my comp. brought out some oil and I used that to get it off my hand. We were ready to leave too. So she had to wait for me to wash my hands.

Yesterday we saw a pregnant dog climbing a hill. I said, [if that pregnant dog can do it, we can do it.[ So I climbed up, but Hna E. fell. There were also like 5 natives standing there watching, and another guy telling her to take the long way b-c she wouldn{t make it. She ended up getting a mud stain on the front of her white tshirt and hurting her arm. Oops, next time we{ll just take the long way. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

I hope that this week you do something special for your birthday. You also can probably expect more miracles and increase your faith. It will be awesome. 27 is a great age.
I love you. Happy Birthday!


Thanks Sarah Deane. I don{t know if I ever told you thank you for my Christmas package. But THANK YOU! I really am enjoying having new clothes to wear, my treats to eat, and the fantastic adorable stickers you sent me. Thanks. I will pray for more faith and miracles in my life. I already have seen a ton. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love, Hna Peterson

Ps. We changed our district meeting from Wed. to Thurs. in honor of my birthday. It{s also another sister in our district{s birthday. We{re going to play a game like pin the tail on the donkey, but it{s called get the investigator to church. Hah.

The new Year in Guatemala

Grant, I loved your pictures Mr. Ease. I had a Christmas and New Year{s equal to...every other day of my mission. With a couple tamales thrown in here and there. We just taught a billion lessons. Or 50 to be exact. That{s our new mission goal. It used to be 30. Probably because we had 32 emergency changes last change. So Pres. is trying to get us working and to not have time for anything else. I think most of the emergency changes were for gossipers on the phone. So I{m pretty sure half the missionaries in our mission aren{t allowed to touch the telephone. Bah hah.

Super jealous you got to go to a dance, even if the dj was lame'o. I believe it. That happens a lot, but I{m sure you rocked the place, as I would have if I had attended. Also, next year, we will put the place in blazes with our dancing talent and Canute, Christian, Bonnie, and Josh face. The good times will possibly explode all other people to nothingness. And so it should be.

I also haven{t had money for about two weeks. But now...I have money. I will try to be better with my money, and leave it in the bank. In the bank my comp or landlady can{t steal from me. I{m pretty sure. My comp. now is American. She{s from California, she{s a 29 yr old lawyer, and she is half polynesian. If you didn{t hear on the phone call, Aiven{s her cousin. She said all the Aionos are her cousins. They{re all attractive and bad news she said. Funny. We have a lot of good times. Her mom{s from New Zealand. Her boyfriend{s serving in one of the other missions in Guate and they{re getting married next August.

She and I are having a blast. We{re completing our goals, first time ever, and working like crazy. I finally feel like we{re reaching our full missionary potential. Our district{s on fire right now. Very nice to see. Christmas was kind of boring and lame for us. We{ve been in our houses at 6 every night for the past two weeks and we have two more weeks like that. We have something called a Sitio going on right now. It{s a big drug bust month. For our safety, this whole month, we are doing the 6 o´clock thing. Very boring.

New Year{s Day seemed like more of a holiday than Christmas. Lots of stores were closed and there was hardly anyone in the street and at home. And I{m pretty sure school started today. Ha hah. So glad I{m not in school. And there were tons of fireworks on New Years and Christmas. That{s about it. No presents. I got my packages from Sarah and Mom, but not from Cookie. I hope I get it. I{m sure there was lots of cool stuff and candy in it. I know Guate has a bad rap about [losing[ things in the mail. Or people stealing from the mail. I hope that didn{t happen to my package. Or my letters.

I{m glad you had loads of fun but are probably supremely tired from your week of having fun.I know we all have our times for that. I{m getting a nice break b-c I{m with my American comp. But sometimes we talk into the night and then we{re tired. We haven{t done that lately though, b-c we{re so tired from our walking all day and working ourselves to death.

It{s soooooo nice to be with a normal crazy American. So nice to speak English and express myself. I feel like my spanish is pretty good. I understand more or less everything people say to me and I can express myself more or less. I need to keep studying, but I{m more comfortable. That means I{m going to have some kind of emotional storm or trial in the upcoming weeks, b-c I{m so happy right now. My comp. and I are pretty sure we{ll get split up in the next change. But it was a nice Christmas gift from Pres...and from our Heavenly Father. Thanks.

On to the next couple weeks and months. Weather{s still boiling hot, rainy cold every other day. Ridiculous. I cut my hair again. Or Hna Endicott, my comp. cut it. Oops. I{m not a triangle head anymore. But now it{s going to take forever to grow it out. Oh well, I{ve got another year. It{s like the shortness of when I was in high school. Yeah, no more haircuts, but it{s cuter than when I was triangle head.

I{m pretty sure my hair is easier and foxier right now. I{m not going to lie. Foxier now in the mission than before when I had it in a ponytail every day. But before the mission, when I did it, it was foxier than now. Therefore, I{m caging the fox and waiting until next spring to bring out the tiger. Hide your baby friends. Joke..Dallin Sims is still writing me and I{m going to see where that goes. And he{s totally worthwhile. I could wait another 6 months after my mission for him. If he{s even going to want to date me when he gets home. Probably not. I{m going to be 27 next week. I can always dream.

Why{s Cort{s hair brown? Girls are crazy. Do you still want to date her? I know you always had a soft spot for her, I{m glad you got to see her over break, but don{t forget about your eternal family goal. You{ve got to flirt to convert and break her up from her baby boyfriend first. Then you can move in for the kill.

I{m super jealous of your lasagne and enchiladas..and probably everything else you ate over break. I love tamales, but you can only so many. Right? Also, good luck hooking it up with Makaila. I always met one or two hotties at those dances, but nothing ever came of it. But she{s in Merilee{s ward and you guys hang out, so that should be a cinch. You{re the best. Don{t buy jeans any skinnier. Especially if they get super skinny at the feet. B-c that kind of pant is weird.

The church is true. Heavenly Father answers all our prayers. Love you! Love, Mer