Sunday, September 11, 2016

Poisoned by my own sweet presh-

Today Charles offered me granola that had walnuts in it without thinking. And now I'm dead. Wait, no. I'm not dead, because here I am writing this blog. Whoa, that was a close one.

Well, today is another day like many others. We attended a sacrament meeting to hear a talk given by a girl named Sophia, that is going to Japan on a mission. She leaves Tuesday. It was a great talk. Before her talk, I noticed the two babies in front of us. And the other baby they announced that had been birthed this week by someone else. I might have started crying. That proves I should always bring tissues in my bag. I was without and sniffled for a bit. First world problems.

I never know what to say when people ask us how we're doing. We are doing well. Nothing terrible is happening with us, so life is great.

Yesterday I had a fun beach day with my friend Bre. She has a sweet wind tent we always set up on our beach days. It was a beautiful day. We remembered to apply sunscreen so nobody got Boom- Roasted. We stood on the water's edge as the kids ran around in the surf. The 1.5 yr old girl grabbed my face as she sometimes does, and squeezed the life out of it. I now have a crescent shaped scratch under my eye. She is sweet. We will not let her hold any puppies in the near future.

My hair doesn't currently have many split ends- hot topic. I have been going all natural. Some people call it laziness. Whatever. Anyway, the ends are still getting catchy. You know what I'm talking about ladies. A trim is in order.

I drew a dragon at church. We have started playing softball on Thursdays with Charles' work. We aren't doing so well, but it's still fun. Now, on to exercise plans- since we don't exercise much playing softball. Sorry Neal and Krissy, I don't think I have the marathon capacity in me. However, maybe some running should be incorporated into my life.

I think I have a fruit addiction. It's taking over our fridge and table. It is gradually subsiding, but last week we had the following fruit in our house of two occupants:

12 nectarines- they were gross and have been frozen for smoothie material
1 giant watermelon- half of which we left covered on our counter and 4 days later had maggots growing in it. We didn't even try cutting the bad part off...we just threw it all away.
12 kiwis- we are waiting for most of those to ripen
6 giant mangos- so good
1 papaya- Charles calls it poop fruit because it loosens your bowels and makes your outtakes smell like papaya
1 container blueberries- actually, we have fresh and frozen blueberries
6 bananas- frozen for banana bread
1 bag frozen berries- these we also buy for smoothies
rhubarb- is that a fruit? We bought that because it's hard to find here and we love strawberry rhubarb pies. In fact, who doesn't? It's frozen and waiting for perfection

Mmm, smoothies are so good.

I took my car to a car wash two weeks ago. The difference was incredible. It looks so good. Now I need to somehow take the PT cruiser to that car washing place. The professor is looking pretty cakes these days. I would wait for rain, but we haven't seen much rain here, so I'm not crossing my fingers.

Sorry our lives are so boring right now. Until next time on the Ward food index comes to town.