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July 25, 2011


Yep, Elder Ryan was totally in the MTC with me. Good times. This week{s been a good week. Hna Bernardez is amazing. She{s a hard worker and we{ve been trying to be good missonaries.

We{ve been running every morning. We{ve been teaching lots of people. We do have the two hour comp. study, so that{s kind of crazy. We have good structure in the program though, so it passes really fast. This area has a great need for lots of visits, so we{re pressing forward with lots of faith.

We{re trying to get our investigators to church more than once. We{re trying to get them to bond with the members. We get along well, so that helps. The people here are very special.

I heard about some hammocks. I know mom wants one. Mom, I heard we can get an American flag hammock, or a Costa Rica flag hammock. Or specific colors? I don{t know what you want, but they{re about 35 dollars each. So, let me know in the email I{ll get next week what you would like. And if you would like, if you haven{t sent me that package yet, please put in there some shoe inserts. I realized I could use some more of those in my last three months and they don{t have them here. We walk a lot. I copied my pics onto the zip today. The other zip, very small, didn{t fit many pics. The church is true. Love, Hna Peterson

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I didn´t write yet this week b-c we didn´t have pday until today, Wednesday. We had our interviews, our last interviews with this President, then we had a zone conference. It was good, as they always are. Something I took from it was I need to be better about telling people, my family, investigators, members, less actives, that I love them, God loves them, and they can feel that love stronger when they´re doing what God wants them to do in their lives. So that´s something I learned.

In my interview, I´m pretty sure Pres. Torres was thinking about how he won´t be there to counsel me about marriage when I finish my mission, so he took some time to tell me during this interview. He told me I was a commodity, not to settle, and that I´d find someone special soon. But that didn´t mean I´d find someone on the mission. Thanks Pres. Then he told me I should find someone who was mission president material. He told me all sorts of stuff about marriage.

He said he knew he´d never talked to me like that before. When I told him I still had some time on the mission before I worried about that stuff, he kind of shook out of marriage counsel mode, and said, right, then went on about my investigators. Kind of funny.

Last Tuesday we stayed inside all day. It was because some druggies killed 27 workers of a drug plantation looking for the owner so they could get their money. Peten is in a time of sitio right now. That means everyone enters their house earlier than 8 every night. That means we enter the house at 7. For Zone conferences, they usually drive on the roads, but they couldn´t drive this time, they flew in a plane to get here, to stay off the roads.

So changes may just be internal, which means I prob. will be with my comp. another change, which is just fine with me. My comp. got bitten by a dog this week. It was a mute dog. It just walked up to her and bit her. She was like, ¨Hey, ow¨. And we were all like what just happened to you? And she told us that dog had just bitten her. I know it was a bad comp. thing to do, but I laughed. It was just so unexpected.

Thanks for sending me another package. I just got Cookie´s and Neal´s Easter packages. I think I will be eating this candy for the rest of my mission. Actually, I gave half to my comp, who already ate all of it. And we´ve been passing it out at church and stuff, so it prob. won´t last me. There was tons of candy though, so maybe it will. Thank you so much for the panty hose and mascara. The knee highs will definitly last my whole mission.

We took some pics at the zone conference, so I´ll try to put some on. Usually the computers don´t accept my type of camera, but if this one will, I´ll try to update you. I just sent the family a paper letter today. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson