Monday, April 3, 2017

The Zipper Man-

I've just realized these are very similar to peanut butter cookies topped with a kiss. However, they're just a little more exciting to eat. If we make them with almond butter, I can eat them too. And I do. However, I do not eat those in No Munchie March. It's not allowed.

I cleaned my brushes yesterday. What a pain- but so necessary. I know you were all wondering when that important event would occur.

Some more movie recommendations:

1. Little Dorrit- 2008- Another lovely PBS mini-series
2. Central Intelligence- 2016- I enjoyed most of this movie, although there was some bathroom humor. What can I say, I'm not a teenage boy

And now, on this day- which was actually supposed to be April 1st, but I'm a little behind- when so many unbelievable things are being proclaimed and such, Charles and I have our own little tidbit. We are having twins. One boy. One girl. Out of my own self. I'm 23 weeks and going strong. They are due August 4th, but they usually move the due date up a month for twins. So we're looking at July 4th as a day for much jubilation and other crowning achievements.

We are pleased as punch and have kept it under wraps for the shock value. Are you shocked? We are also a little shocked. Sometimes I still can't believe it, but the very real stretching of my abdomen is helping to convince me.

I was throwing up for a good month and a half 2-4 times a day at the beginning. When I started puking up blood, Zofran and I became best friends. I'm still taking anti-nausea drugs and am feeling a little better. Sadly the acid reflux demons have also made themselves known, so Charles and I are both on the feel better soon, eat whatever you can find, diet.

Before pregnancy, I did not realize the full import of how a woman's body changes during this blessed period of time. Nor did I realize how soon the discomfort of stretching and constipation would settle into my daily routine.

I can now feel daily kicks and jabs. In an early ultrasound, I saw one baby flip, punch punch, flip again, and do more punches- that's when it all started coming together. That's what's going on inside this cavern- tae bo every moment of every day and sometimes at night. In the midst of all the new hormones and the incalculable weirdness of feeling a tiny body inside of me- two in fact- we are thrilled.

In other wonderful news, mid-July Charles is starting a two month internship in Tucson, Arizona. He can't wait. The twins and I will stay in San Luis Obispo while he's gone, and enjoy all the wonderful visitors that babies bring. He has one more year of school until he's finished with his blended Master's program for Aerospace and then the world is our oyster. Woot.

I guess that's about all the good news you can handle right now. Here we will hopefully post some pictures and other fantastical elements of the joys pregnancy brings. Happy April Fool's Day! This isn't a joke and we're so glad it isn't! Consider this secret unzipped. HOopty HOop!