Friday, July 17, 2015

Today on It Really Steams my Bacon:

There is a person!! Nay, multiple people who have been parking in our assigned parking spot at our apartment complex. Seriously people? Last week it was some kid visiting his mom with his friends. Last night at midnight, it was our new neighbor's boyfriend.

Did Charles knock on her door only to have the peephole darkened twice, whilst no person opened the door? Yes. Did our landlady answer the phone even though she was asleep and out of town? Yes she did. I was uber embarrassed about that part. Charles saw her light on, so he thought she was awake. Maybe it was her tv? Anyway, we couldn't call on our own behalf. Apparently, to get a person towed, your landlord has to call the tow company. I understand the laws made to limit such things, but it's getting frustrating always having a person in our designated spot.

Is it so much to ask to have a neighbor who doesn't talk to you, but also doesn't have people parking in your spot? At least when Betty Joe's friends parked there, they had the decency to be embarrassed about it and then they would move. Honestly, if I could, I would park in front any car in my spot. If it didn't block the whole parking lot, I would totally do it. Then they'd have to knock on my door to leave their spot. Idiots. Just in case you were wondering how I feel about that situation.

As an aside, it would make me feel better if there was no other parking anyplace in the lot, but there are lots of available spots anytime that are unmarked. It just comes down to laziness and selfishness. Next time I'm putting drugs in the wheel wells and calling the police on them. Do you think advil would stay better or tylenol? I only have 2 ibuprofin tablets left and I'm going to need those in a couple weeks. Wink.

Anyway, next time any of you park in my spot, I'm just calling my landlady immediately to get the tow truck. I want these people to learn a valuable lesson. It's called consequences and ends with you paying $50 to get your car back because you were too lazy to walk 10 more feet to your girlfriend or mom's house. Alright, vent closed for the day. Until next time on It Really Steams My Bacon...

Charles and I are having fun with our summer break from scouts. I miss them a little bit, but am enjoying seeing them at church and not having to boss them around without results. I guess that's how parents feel once school starts every fall. Ah, I see.

I have thought a bit about water lately, because our city sent us some flyers last week about how we only have 3 more years of water left for everyone. I would love to store some water to hedge against that eventuality. However, we don't have access to a swimming pool-sized room to store a lake of water in for just us, which is unfortunate because water is important.
                                                                 Typing on a Shark

We are going to be taking inventory of some of our preparatives for the El NiƱo storm which has been projected for this winter. Rain would be nice. Flooding, not so nice. Anyway, our bed is on stilts, so if we have to reenact Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, we'll be sleeping above most of the water. Something to look forward to.

I've talked lately with multiple people about the importance of preparedness and have realized how behind we are, but we're getting a little better. In fact, I think Charles would like for me to grow my hair long again so we could always be sure to have candle wicks. So I'm working on that.

So now you know, we're preparing for all manner of things and it sounds like we need to restock on important things like ibuprofin. Just in case the visiting sharks get cramps while they're trying to eat us.

Congratulations Racquel on your new beautiful baby! Happy Birthday Meghan! You are super sweet! I hope you had an excellent birthday celebration!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Looking into the past and future-

When I was in college, I ate a lot of burritos. Now when I say I ate a lot of burritos, I mean I ate burritos for months. In fact, I believe I ate many such items throughout my college and post college years.

Nate will even tell you that one time I cried to him in Budge Hall about eating burritos all the time and then he took me to get some other kinds of food. He has always been a kind friend. I did try to buy a giant block of cheddar cheese in that instance, probably for burritos, which was like $20, that we put back.

So that's the past. And today for lunch, I had a burrito. Unfortunately, and you know this, when you get burritos in bulk they just can't be as good. So we got a million from Chipotle for work and it was different. I ate it, I liked it, but it was always strange. Except I love me some free burritos, so what's the problem here?

Anyway, I'm spoiled and I'm taking one home for the other guy. The one who makes me dinner every night and curls my toes with chocolate chip cookies covered in homemade pudding, sandwiched with another cookie, covered in ganache.

And that's why we don't have nice things. Mmm. Ganache covered computers. Don't do this at home!