Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Back-

Can you feel the love tonight? Well, can you? Can you? I saw the Lion King last week. The musical. It was awesome. I can't convey how great the costumes and sets were right now. Just imagine a banana cream pie with music. That about sums it up. 

It's Thanksgiving week. I will be sitting pretty on a turkey tomorrow. After frisbee. With two feet in a nest. My calves have been killing me this week. Weird. That's what happens when you stand on your tiptoes like a ballerina all the time. Some folks do. Take note of this turkey doing such with a walking stick. Not really happening, but if you glance over, it totally looks like he is. Classy Mr. Turk. 

I am thankful for my mother, my father, my siblings, my friends, and my boyfriend. I am thankful for a fancy car named Rodrigo, a job that pays my bills, and some sweet weather. I'm thankful for my mission, the people of Guatemala, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My life is very blessed. Every day. I'm grateful for the opportunity to recognize those blessings. Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, and I'm thankful for burritos. 

I need to start shopping and prepping for Christmas. I feel like I'm already out of time and the Christmas decorations haven't even been put up for the year. On a different note, I think the fruit of the loom ab ad is pretty sweet. Very inspirational fruit of the loom. 

As a side, my favorite pies are pecan and banana cream. I like Thanksgiving because I get to eat those pies. I don't know why, but for some reason I don't eat pie most of the rest of the year. Banana cream is actually a great breakfast pie. Fact. I have also noticed with all the holiday candy binges my face has become a teenager's nightmare. It's my favorite. 

I completed a month of dating Charles this Monday. Which is pretty sweet since I don't always get that far. He's such a sweetheart. He will open my car door every time I exit a car and he's within 10 feet. He makes me food and tells me he likes me. He's the best. 

He also sent me flowers for our one month. He sent them to my office after sending an email to our info email confirming the physical address of our office because he wanted to send flowers to his girlfriend. All info emails get sent directly to me. Surprise! Anyway, it was a very thoughtful thing to do. Thanks Charles in charge. He did memorize the address though, for any future escapades. 

As for birthdays, I need to write a list of yearly dates to remember because I want to be a good person who remembers those dates...I'm not quite there yet. Even if my brother Christian tells me I'm a good person. I should make those candy bar filled crescent rolls tonight. We have lots of candy in the candy bowl on our coffee table right now. Lots of delicious candy. 

Oh, and Happy Mustache Movember! I'm growing mine out, are you?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Alright people. My hands and unfortunately, mouth smell like onions right now. Not suuuuper cool. I wish they were a little less potent in the days after ingestion. I just had a burger. I was supposed to get a salmon burger but it was actually labeled incorrectly. Most of our sandwiches were. Every Tuesday and Thursday we get food at work. That's where I usually eat my main meal of the day. I think my mission ruined me at making food. I never feel like doing it anymore. 

I'm currently back at not eating burritos. After a year of just burritos, I'd say it's about time to switch it up. So I've gone over to smoothies. They're so easy and fast. I just don't have a lot of time to make food. Today I actually need to go to the store for some food. I currently have spinach, yogurt, cheese, and milk in my fridge at home. 

I bought a baseball glove a couple weeks ago for $65 at Sports Authority. Then I took it back because I decided that was a lot to spend on a baseball glove. So I am still thinking about it, but all I've bought is soccer stuff thus far. I play soccer on Wednesday nights still so that makes more sense than a glove for when I play baseball (never). However, I did go to six or so A's games out here this summer, so I've had good reason to think about baseball. The Giants made it to the World Series. Good job Giants.

I bought this hair stuff a couple weeks ago. It's called IT'S A 10 TEN - MIRACLE LEAVE IN PRODUCT. I don't know if it's a Miracle product, but it keeps my hair from having hundreds of flyaways and detangles quite well. It's a little bit expensive, but you don't use a lot and if you have that problem with your hair I would recommend that stuff. My hair definitely feels healthier lately. It's also getting longer, weirdly enough. Go hair go. 

To all of the mothers I know..and to some I don't know, good job. I am always grateful that I don't have children when I read your emails even though your children are precious and wonderful. I know it's hard to be a mom. I'm working towards that life, but honestly, I am doing the Arsenio Hall "Woo woo" for you every day and your classic endeavors. Good job. 

In other news, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cold since everyone I know has one. Boo. Not excited about that business. An onion cold no less. It's not going to be pretty. I just washed my sheets yesterday- my one consolation since that's about the greatest thing in the world-clean sheets. I should probably get some new clothes/shoes since I haven't really bought anything for a year, since Bonnie took me out to not be a clothing loser. I'll maybe do that laaaater. 

As an old lady in attendance of a singles ward, I am going to a Halloween dance Friday night. I do not know yet what I want to dress as, but I should figure that out, since today is Tuesday. I've got a lot of people asking me about this important life choice, so I don't want to mess it up. I'd go matchy with my boyfriend, but I think it's a little fresh to be that cutesy. I don't want anyone to throw up on my costume. 

I still work at the same place I have been working at for a year. I'm the office manager at a place called ConnecTV. One day I will quit and work somewhere else that appreciates my college education. Today is not that day. 

Boys. Menfolk..I just got a boyfriend. You all know how I am- totally nervous about relationships. Well, this guy is named Charles. He's in my ward, he's my home teacher. He asked me out twice about 4 months ago. We had fun but he didn't ask me out again and I knew he was asking a couple girls out in the ward at the same time. Weirdly enough, when he asked me out the first time, I'd never even thought about him as a dating possibility but at his house I had a really intense attraction to him. It actually kind of weirded me out. 

So a couple weeks ago I sat by him on the futon during a movie at my house. He decided that was a pretty good sign that I was interested. I wasn't. He asked me out twice. I told him I couldn't date him b/c I didn't want my roomie to be weird about it. He comes over to hang out at our house and I didn't want to ruin any dynamics we already had. My roomie then told him I was crazy and was making excuses. 

So he asked me out again and he kissed me. He's 23, served his mission in Spain, and wears toe shoes. Then he asked me what our status was. He actually asked if he could tell the Elders Quorum in our ward. It was a joke, but I was like, Uhhhh, no. So he told my friend Stacy the next day he probably wouldn't ask me out anymore. And I was like "What?" It actually made me really sad. I just needed some time to get used to the idea. You know?

So I texted him and was like "What the heck Charles?" So we had a text conversation about our status. Cleared some stuff up. That was last Wednesday. Friday we had a talk. I decided I should probably stop hemming and hawing about dating. I had a couple experiences this year that reminded me I'm not getting any younger, but I'm still really skittish with guys and exclusive dating. Instead of pretending we're not exclusive for a month and then telling people, I decided to just tell everyone we are exclusive right off. 

So we held hands at church. Now our whole ward knows. Now you know. It's new. It freaks me out still, but I like him. He's really smart, interesting, and attractive. He plays soccer on Wed with all the people I play with and he's pretty good. He's going to school to be a rocket scientist. That's another 10 years of school. Right now he's going to school for free since his father is a disabled veteran. He's also really good at physics. Go figure. 

Uh, yeah. That's all. I told him I usually date people for three months. At least he knows what he's up against. I wasn't telling him we would only date three months, I just told him that was my max thus far. He's the guy in the pic with the striped shirt. Sorry, not a big picture. I am really excited it's fall because I love the fall and all it entails. Lots of people seem to have started dating lately. I'm glad I've been put on the list. 

So I guess that's one or two sentences about what I've been up to. Word. Love you so much. Love, Merilee

Friday, September 21, 2012

11-12, Dig and Delve

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to hear a couple children sing their favorite nursery rhymes lately. One of them includes the Farmer in the Dell…to which my nephew sang, the Farmer takes a mommy instead of a wife. I think I like that version better.

Yesterday I also experienced the sequel to the previous blog entry My Pappy. The doctor did a little rummaging and I wasn’t terribly excited about being there. Actually, I like my new doctor. She is a nice lady. She is a great conversationalist and we had lots to talk about.

She could tell I was nervous, so she talked me through all the moving and shakings at the dr. office. I really appreciated that Doc. Thanks. As she talked me through the happenings of my inner workings, thrusting in a caulker and making sure I am not a defective product, I was screaming in my head. A lot. Out of pain. From the caulker. Benefits of being single forever, yes!

I got some fancy boots today.  To match those of another person I know who has the same boots. Now I need some fancy pants to go with them. Maybe some jeggings????

Now about Kindred spirits. I will not mention any specific for fear of leaving someone out, but it seems to me I have met many in my existence. Luckily, kindred spirits are not limited in definition or number, so I have found maybe millions. That’s why it’s so great to meet new people, I’m always finding new kindred spirits.

And some cookies. I need some cookies. Except I want a flat stomach so I can match my sister Deane. She is also looking toward that goal. Less gross treats and more flat stomach muscles. 

Pinterest also threw up at my house last week. So I need some cool projects to give to people. I will be hand sewing some cool stuff in the following weeks. Or I SHOULD make lots of cool stuff.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I wonder how the yellow paint does it. I bought it months ago. Does it toss and fret about not being used? I have wanted to use it. I have thought about taking it out and flipping the paint onto a canvas or two. Yet I have not. Has the yellow paint quit me as a painter? Has it decided to shun me and not to be used? I submit that it has not.

That’s the gift of yellow. Sunshine is yellow. Happiness is yellow. Oh to be the color of happiness and indelible patience.  I think I can. I think I can. Something else I can do, have freakin washboard abs. If I do ab ripper every other day, because that guy on the vid said not to do it every day.

Speaking of power and agency, I think I’m going to paint soon. Next week, when I have some extra time since I don’t seem to be as popular lately, I will start a new painting. That way, when people ask to see some of my work, I will have some work to demonstrate.

Does anyone else hate cement highway dividers? I don’t know why, but they give me a tidge of anxiety when I drive. Especially when there’s a lot of road construction, especially in a bus. Ugh, the thought makes me shudder.

Also, I never want to go to jail. That would be the worst.  Fact. In these final moments of reflection, I would also like to admit I actually enjoy watching some soaps. It’s not my fault; I watch them for work sometimes. Soap operas are not as clean and wholesome as they sound. It’s a hard life. And the worst part is, I can now understand what’s going on in Spanish soaps- something I always acutely desired before entering the wide world of Spanish comprehension. Happy Birthday to me. Take THAT hasty. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weak in a week

Have you ever thought you had life handled and a week later you realized you cannot control your feelings and are the same person you were in high school? WTH Peterson!

I am strong. I am woman. Busy. Woman. Busy. Therefore, I should not have time for those concerns taking up all my background brain space. You know, when the back of your mind fills up with suggestions you completely TRY to ignore.

For example, when I see burrito fixings in my fridge and try to think of anything else for immediate consumption and end with an epic fail- that’s a good one. Or when you think you need a stuffed crocodile for display and yet how could that possibly make your standard of living higher? (Besides the obvious fact you’d have a sweet croc in your house- an excellent, semi-rare addition to your home, this may at a later date start to smell, epic fail #2.)

Unwittingly dwelling on such things is like trying a certain food you hate, once again, when you already know you don’t like it. Not only do I dislike figs, but would add I deplore them. Fact. I do not need to try them twice a year to do that, yet I consistently do it. Bah Peterson, be proactive towards your decision of disliking figs and do not try them again. You do not like them and probably never will.

Also, why does it bother me when people do not change their answering machine message on their phone, when I myself have decided I need not change my personal message? It’s not like I’m going to say anything infinitely more interesting the next time I record, and oftentimes it is infinitely less so.  

The unanimous decision is verily thus, I will finish that book this week. The book I am reading, not the one I am writing. Not yet. I am on a roll and do not wish to tumble off from the moon to everlasting outer space. Outer space is currently indebted to the noun time, as are we all.

Currently, I have a bone to pick with time. Time; who has been sending the short end of the emotional stick to ring my doorbell and put me out of sorts. Time: You and I are in a fight. This is no paltry fight, but a seriously serious fight in which I ultimately pinch you and win the caboodle.  There you have it time, prepare to be dominated as I finish reading my book and thereby lose all sense of you and finish my projects and books in one fell swoop.

Watch me own you and lose this feeling at the base of my loaded wits I never desired, did not ask for, nor deserve. I will conquer this and yes, I will do it today. I do not have a monopoly on time and it will surely be quite occupied tomorrow.

Also, time, when you lose, you can tell your friend I no longer have you.  You are free and thereby have no association with me. My one consolation is my hair grows longer daily and will surely be in the dreams of some unlucky man for the next three weeks. Take that! Time. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Useless knowledge

1. I do not wear socks to bed. I don't like wearing tight stuff to bed. This can be traced back to when I was living in Moscow and wore spandex every day and night. I remember a trip we took and I promised myself I would never frequent spandex again. That and a decision to always stay hydrated followed me home.

2. I floss my teeth every night and had about two weeks during college where I was trying to be frugal and reused my dental floss. Luckily I had a good sister/brother-in-law who made fun of me until I stopped. Sometimes they still bring it up. They usually bring it up when they wish to produce short spurts of embarrassment. It usually works.

3. I may or may not be allergic to a million things, including peanuts, which didn't really occur to me until I left for my mission to Guatemala. I stopped eating peanuts when I realized they caused me to struggle for air. I sometimes still tell myself I'm not allergic and chance the occasional nut. Sometime in the near future I'll probably get an EpiPen for emergency situations. Always good to be careful, right? 

4. I like having long hair, but am addicted to trims. This could be traced back to my high school years when I had short hair, which actually needed to be shaped on a regular basis. It is therefore difficult for me to get my hair longer, since by my own devices, it is always getting trimmed.

5. I distinctly remember the birthmark on my right cheek being way bigger as a child, but it has since shrunk to an almost indistinguishable kiss of color the diameter of a fingerprint.

6. The first night we had to milk our goats, I remember being scared of them and therefore stranded atop a riding lawnmower for a good hour before mustering the courage to ditch my perch and run for safety on the other side of a fence. I was about 8 years old.

7. Thursday is actually my favorite day of the week, because it's the day before Friday. Friday as you know is the start of the weekend and is therefore the goal, but I like looking forward to the goal. I also like Tuesday and Wednesday for the same reason.

8. The day after an exceptional haircut, I was walking down some stairs in a KC mall during a school trip and some guy passing me said, "Yow!" After playing it cool to the bottom of the stairs, I walked back up the stairs to find the guy, but couldn't find him since I had no idea what he looked like. Obviously you can't play it cool when looking directly at someone. It was nice to hear though.

9. We had a pond in our back yard growing up. One time, while hanging out with my raft making brother Neal, I hit my knee on a rock at the bottom of the pond and distinctly remember thinking I was paralyzed. After a couple minutes of agony, I proved otherwise, walking to the side of the pond to check my wounds.

10. In elementary school I frequently got in trouble for reading too much. That was the only reason i ever got my name written on the board.

11. These days, when I'm really into a book, I will turn into a reading junkie, doing little aside from reading until I finish the book. Between the time I am really intrigued and the end of a book, eating, sleeping, and interacting with people are chores and a certain moodiness seems to take over my usual cheery disposition.

12. I do not look very good in hats. 

13. I love burritos, but don't really like taco bell.

14. I am more particular about certain things than I would guess. Today I let someone else cut a circle into 16 pieces. It was a cheesecake but was somehow cut completely unequally.  I took the knife from him. He backed down quite gracefully, but I'm sure he was a little annoyed at the particular office manager.

15. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served a mission for 18 months in Guatemala. I now know Spanish and a little more about who I am and my purpose in this life. If you ever want to talk to me about it, I would love to talk with you about it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pad Thigh-

When I run, I think about my thigh muscles. I think about my problems. I focus on my breathing. When I finish my run, I try to make sure I'm stretched out. About a month ago I strained a thigh muscle jumping into my bed backwards. That was embarrassing. I don't think that would have happened if I had stretched out adequately.

I have been thinking on changing up my life lately, but reconsidered often because I thought it was my own fickle self. Then the Lord kicked me out of my house. Or, my sister's landlady, but I'm pretty sure our prayers get answered directly when we're not following the Lord's promptings fast enough.

That means I need to find someplace to stay, decide where to live, decide where to work. I like my current situation, but I'm pretty sure I've been coasting for a month too long and now the track has ended and I have to add to my line.

I'm going to play soccer tonight so that should make the decision easier to forget for one more day. Then I'll be going to my brother's wedding in Utah. He is marrying a girl named Carly whose hair looks like the hair on Tangled. I'm jealous.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Post office plague

I wen to the post office again today. While there, I was completely surprised to hear zero snide comments from the people behind me. Huge surprise! The last time I went to the post office, I heard the people behind me slamming post office employees saying they were the laziest workers on earth. Not true.

Close second to the rudeness of last month, when I was mailing 15 packages and a lady talked to all the other people in line about how long it was taking. Both times I wanted to turn around and give those people a piece, but didn't.

Stupid people expecting service at the post office when they're being rude. I just wanted to ask if people went to their work and said rude things to them. Anyway, it made me angry. Mutter mutter.

As a response to Aman on my last post, chest hair, lots of it, poking out all over the place from the inside of his shirt...I almost threw up a little in my mouth. That's probably a deal breaker. I'm just saying. Anyway, I figured if I just fixed it in the post, nobody would see it, so I said it in this latest post to get the word out.

Alright, I got my car smog tested today. I also had the car alarm go off like five times. Stupid. That means the alarm goes off when I put the key in the door. It's soooo obnoxious. I don't have time to take it in AGAIN. I took it in last week and they said to get my engine mounts fixed I'd have to pay $2000, not even worth it. I also had it taken in and the break pads replaced.

That's the business my friends. I rocked it out at ultimate frisbee today. I rock. I have cleats now, that's my excuse.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I know, I'm a slacker

I've been home three months and I really don't have an excuse for being this slackery. Except, well, I've been busy. I got home in Halloween time and I went to two dances, I got a job in a week, I am now the single's ward relief society president, and I got two weeks at home with my family for Christmas. So here is an interesting, or maybe semi-interesting item I worked on last week during work. I would work more on it, but it's a miracle I even finished this list as it is. I know, more later.

Deal Breakers-
1. Mullet
2. Liar
3. Cheating
4. Never brushes teeth
5. Beater
6. Doesn’t go to church
7. Bad BO
8. Smokes
9. Terrible breath
10. Deliberate rudeness
11. A rule breaker on his mission
12. Men who wear skinny jeans
13. Doesn’t floss
14. Runs really weirdly
15. Hates my family

Surprisingly not deal breakers
1. Rat tail- He’s probably just doing it to get a rise out of me anyway and it’s not going to work
2. Mustache
3. Designs shaved into his hair
4. Wears knee highs when plays sports

1. Reading
2. Working out
3. Learning about cars
4. Intelligence
5. Hilarious
6. Likes games
7. Good at surprises
8. On time

So yeah, all you foxy boys interested in knowing my gears, there are a couple interesting factoids.

On a different note, it's my birthday. So, Happy Birthday to me. I got business cards today, so Happy Birthday to everyone else in the world who may now receive my contact information. Love you all. Thanks for reading and writing. I hate arithmetic, but I know it's necessary. Hope you're being good. Also, if you have ipads, you should look into ConnecTV. It's the company I work for. It's an ipad app. you can download for free that connects you to tv shows and gives you something to do while you're watching. So I'm the office manager and put out orders for stuff we need in the office.

Today they told me to order lunch and I sent out an email asking everyone in the office what they wanted. Then they told me it was just for the people at the meeting. Oops. So I asked if I needed to send a followup cancellation email for lunch and they said it was ok. How embarrassing. And Happy Birthday everyone! For my birthday the company bought everyone lunch. Yippee Hooray! Love, Mer