Friday, March 28, 2014

Should I watch it?

1. About a boy- Yes. Surprisingly good. I like the actors' chemistry together and the underlying theme is positive. I don't get annoyed by the characters like I do on other shows.

2. Growing up fisher- No. Seems like a copycat of The Goldbergs, with the kid's voiceover. Except the characters annoy me, so it's not going to happen.

3. Chicago PD- Yes. Interesting, intriguing, good plot development. I know it's a sister show that works with Chicago Fire, but it's always weird to see the Chicago Fire people on that show.

4. Mixology-  Yes. It's based in a club. There are multiple stories so you don't get bored, and it's engaging. I would not watch it with my children, since it's all based in a bar scene. 

5. Resurrection-Maybe yes. It's pretty interesting so far, but I'm undecided about whether I'll continue on. I have to see where the plot goes. It's like a show made about Flight of the Navigator.

6. Naked & Afraid- No. Why would you watch a show about people getting dropped in the woods with no clothes or food? Sounds terrible. 

7. Sirens- No. Not the greatest show. Exceedingly crude parts in the first episode, so I had little desire to watch it again.

8. The 100- Yes. Looks interesting. It's about 100 kids from juvie sent to recolonize/investigate a nuclear earth 97 years after it was torched.

9. Star Crossed- Yes. It's about aliens recolonizing on earth. Romeo & juliet with tattoos.

10. The Tomorrow People- Yes. If you are interested in mind power shows, you will enjoy this. A little bit explicit.

I've been getting lots of calls from telemarketers this week. So I put my phone number and Charles' on the do not call registry. Did I think that had already been done? Yes I did. It's ok, I did it again, just to be safe. I hate when weirdos call my phone. 

Also, I've been brought a slice of recognition by my sister Bon. She has recently been focused on the effects of certain foods on her Bon bod. She has cut certain foods like gluten and dairy from her team. I, though a stubborn sort of person, have decided to cut down, if not cut out gluten from my diet. My self control is quite low when it comes to sweets, so cutting out gluten isn't a believable option. I will try to be better though.

I have lots of fashion savvy friends and family. Here is a little taste of what they have to offer. I know, I'm surrounded by talent.

Meet my new friend, the french braid. I know you believe I'm no stranger to braids. However, I've never fully realized the ultra prowess of the single french braid. Now my hair is long enough to hassle me when it's down, and sometimes when it's up. I wore a hat yesterday because of my flyaways. I guess this means I need to get my hands on some gel, maybe hairspray, and probably a headband and barrettes. I've been neglecting my barrettes. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

If I had a billion dollars

As a March Madness follower, I have been following on the excitement coattails of my older brother Neal for years. Every year we do family brackets, and I always lose. Before that, I remember filling out a bracket for my dad's company party and winning a mini flashlight, for getting the worst score out of everyone involved. I was pleased to win anything for filling out my March Madness picks as randomly as I could.

Neal usually gifts a cool prize to the winner and the runner up. He'll mail a shirt, a check, or candy. It's more random than the actual winning team of the bracket. I somehow always fill it quite poorly, but due to my streak, I'm never greatly surprised.

This year, I did three brackets. One is a family ESPN bracket, another is a work group bracket, the third is a Yahoo Billion $ bracket. To win the money, you have to make an almost perfect bracket. BYU lost, so I'm already out of the running for a perfect bracket. Bummer.

I have had some time to count my chickens before BYU dashed my chances of winning. I should have followed my gut and struck them out on the first round. My poor alma mater hasn't been doing very well lately. Anyway, if I'd won, I'd have a lot of things to change in my life.

First off, when you win lots of money, other people believe you owe them money for being such great friends to you. You might owe them money for prior free favors. Maybe even for encouraging you to join the event. How much is enough? If I won a billion dollars, don't I owe my friends and family members a large cut of this money? Can you say conundrum?

Honestly, it would be sweet to come into some serious money not of your own accord. However, the complications of winning all the money you could ever dream of would seriously mess with your life.

What would I do with a billion dollars dumped on me at once?

1. I would pay my tithing. That's a given, then I could do whatever I wanted with the rest. $1 billion minus $100 million

2. Taxes. That's another given. The government is greedier than anyone else when it comes to mistaken entitlement. $900 million minus $334 million

3. $565 million left and I haven't even given any away to my new friends. I have nine siblings and parents and my husband has four siblings and his mom. We'd probably give them some money to help them out. Let's say $300 million. That's $300 million/15 = $20 million each. 

4. $265 million, I should probably give $1000 to each of my coworkers, since they told me to do the bracket in the first place. $265 million minus $20 thousand. The problem with giving people money, is everyone wants a piece and there are always more people coming out of nowhere. Where do you stop? Family, close friends, acquaintances? Everyone needs money.

5. $160 million to give million dollar endowments to 160 different charities. That's $264,985,000 minus 160 million. That's $104,985,000.

6. We'll say $105 million to keep this simpler. We are now down to the last 1/3 of the money I won for nothing. I have 6 aunt/uncle couples and Charles probably has another 4. $100 million divided by 10 is $10 million each to them. I would hope they'd distribute parts of that to my cousins, whom I also love. 

7. $5 million left. I'd put $3 million into an interest bearing account/invest it

8. $2 million. Seriously? That's still a lot of money.  Hopefully we'd make some plans to buy a modest house and take care of some hobbies. We'd probably buy a house and two dependable cars. $500,000 + $50,000. 

9. What do you do with $1 million? Go on a couple trips, buy some serious food storage, donate some more of it.

10. If I had a billion dollars...

 I'd be rich.

What would you do with a billion dollars?

Thursday, March 13, 2014


After watching the show Mr. Selfridge, I have decided to do more 1890's hair. Or 1900's hair. You know how it goes. However, I think in order to get the effect I truly want, I'd have to wear a hairpiece. So let's discuss my hairpiece. 

I'd like it to be brown. It should be silky and soft, just like my natural hairpiece. Except today it is dirty dirty. That's what happens when you wait a while to water your hair garden. 

Hey, last week Charles and I celebrated our Reconciliation Day- the day we got back together after our month long break up. It was a rough month for both of us and we're really happy to be working on the same team now. Go team Awesome!

My friend Meghan gave me some milky ways, so I made a little treasure hunt with cards and hid them around the house. Next time I'll be more creative with the clues- he went straight to each of them. He's very intelligent and picked up on the clues immediately. I will up his level next time. 

He ate all the candy immediately of course and we worked on the chocolate cake for a little while.