Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 21, the week of the beans

Week update... Monday was a terrible Vday. Tuesday was the day we had our beans spoil b-c we left them in water three days and they smelled bad and grew roots. We wanted to feed them to the pig out back, but Lolli told us we couldn´t b-c he´d get hiccups. So we threw them out for the chickens and she made us some. Wednesday I saw a roach in the platanos which startled me and I threw up my arms and spilled about half the beans onto the fridge, the floor, and the wall. Not cool Hna Peterson.

Thursday we saw an iguana lizard in our house, like a mini volossa raptor. Very cool. But we named him Frank and sometimes he startles me b-c I looked somewhere and he´s just chilling. Like in our bookshelf, or on our microwave. We can´t catch him, he´s too fast. So we just told him to eat all the roaches.

Friday we did service and painted some wood with used motor oil. They told us to. Saturday we found an orphanage or home for abused girls and it was a really spiritual message. We are organizing some activities with the RS and YW to do there. We also had a baptism. Sunday we found a bunch of people to teach.

I cannot believe the little boys have other plans than the 8 stake laurel and priest event. In reality, that sounds like a dream come true for when I was a laurel. Too bad I´m too old, and on a mission, and that my brothers are chumps and won´t be going either. Who are the girls going to dance with if none of the foxy priests attend? Good question. Other foxy priests I guess.

Sounds like you´re all having good times in MO. Keep at it. The church, its family centered activities, and the scriptures will keep you on a spiritual high for your entire earthly existence. Keep on keeping on. Love, Hna Peterson

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new in Peten...Feb 8, 2011

Canute, Thanks for the ugly dog pictures. We have a lot of ugly dogs here too and they always chase us. I will be buying some poison this week and feeding it to the dogs. I hate dogs. I got a new area this change too. I also got a new comp. Her name´s Hna Urizar. She´s amazing. She´s from Quetzaltenango Guatemala.

She works hard, so we get along amazingly. We have been running in the mornings, so that´s probably going to be good for us, if we can keep at it for the whole change. We had our zone conference yesterday, hence my pday email today.

I am in a place called Poptun Peten. Peten is supposedly the hottest place in the mission and the furthest. And here I am. The streets are a lot flatter here. The people here speak Spanish, so I don´t have to learn Ketchi. That´s a relief.

Our house is also gigantic, three bedrooms, a back patio, a giant living room, a giant kitchen and a tiny bathroom. The elders helped us by cleaning the rooms while we unpacked our stuff. They also unpacked the fridge, microwaves, and made our beds...we opened up a new area out here so we dídn´t have anything in our house.

We walk a lot here...the church is 30 minutes walking from the house, and we have a giant area, so we´re trying to figure out where our members, minus activo, and baptism dates live. Pray for us. For our zone conference, Pres-Elder Martino came up and told us we need to strengthen this area by buffing up the priesthood membership. ´We´re a in a branch..But they had an assistance of 90 last week, which isn´t too bad.

Anyway, we´ve got a lot of work to do, but we also have a lot of faith we can do it. I´ll send pictures some time.

Mom, I got my birthday package. thank you. I prob. don´t need any more clothes b-c I´ve received a lot of great stuff to wear from my beloved family. Nor sunscreen, b-c I have 3 bottles of it, which will def. last for the rest of my mission. Thank you very much for the chocolate and music cd. More music was very much needed. If you send me another box, more music, more chocolate, and bug spray would be useful.

The climate out here, in this part of Peten, so far is rainy, but I hear it gets super hot, so I´m counting my blessings. We didn´t have water this morning, so I bathed with a pitcher of water and a little bowl. Our water heater doesn´t work either.

Good luck with the primary and CTR. I´m always jealous to hear about what you eat with the skills of Emily out there in KC. We´ve made a goal to make sandwiches to take on the run with us b-c we don´t have time out here to go home for lunch every day...it´s a 30 min. walk and we need all the time we can get to put this area on a running path toward success.
The church is true. Love you all! Love, Hna Peterson

Grant, you are the best. I want you to know...I´ve had the same epiphany about boys, and that is when I felt a lot less stress about boys and a lot more fulfillment out of life. I don´t know if I actually got more dates, or if my life just felt fuller b-c of other things. But you will be happier with a more balanced life.

On the boy-girl topic, my comp had a talk with our ZL, Elder Toolson about boys and never getting asked out. She´s gorgeous. I´m not even kidding you. Every day, without even trying. I would set you up, but she´s from Guat and therefore, it would be really hard to take off with that. She´s a music major and we get a lot of work done. We´re having an awesome time out here. Anyway, she was just always busy, so she said she´s never been on a date, she just had a lot of boys take her out as a friend. Lame. But I remember saying stuff like that to get boys to take me out. B-c they´re always like, Really? How´s that possible, you´re beautiful, and funny, and fun.

Anyway, I´m nervous for all that when I get home. I wrote Dallin every week, but he wrote me like once a month. So I think maybe I¨ll just do what he does, and write him when he writes me. I totally sent him a package for vday, with a belt, army guys, a poem card, and a cool scorpian made out of walnut shells- very cool.

So whatever with him, if he forgets about me there are always other options right? And I´m too busy to think about all that right now anyway. I´m 27, I have tons of time to find someone terrific. I got your letter from Christmas. Thanks. I´ll be writing back soon. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jan 24, 2011

Date: Monday, January 24, 2011, 10:41 AM

Canuteface. I{m glad you{re working hard. I know sometimes it{s hard, but we can always be better. I{m working on being a good luchador. Hence the photos. However, I can{t see these pics, so I hope they{re some of the good ones we took.

I wish we could play soccer. When I get home I{ll play soccer. We have changes in a week. I{m pretty sure I{m getting a change. Love you, stay strong. Love, Hna Peterson

I included pictures of my district and our zl{s at our district meeting for my and Hna Echeverria{s bday. The water heater that we couldn{t uplug that we almost killed ourselves getting out. We had a guy in the ward get it out. My face shoved in cake for my bday and Book of Mormon Luchadores. Me and my comp destressing. Believe me, we needed it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan 31, 2011

Thanks for the rehash of God{s plan at the end of your email. I enjoyed reading it and finding out what you{re learning. I didn{t really realized that was the woman{s big part in the plan until I came here on my mission and read Preach my Gospel a bunch. And Jesus the Christ.

I{m glad you enjoy your classes. I always thought it was super weird when boys didn{t wear their rings. B-c of the ring check. I always did it. Ridiculous. I feel the same way, they should totally wear their rings. However, maybe for projects it{s just easier without their rings. I{m glad you have a plan B. Thanks for filling me. It{s nice to hear what everyone{s doing.

I just found out I{m getting a change. I{m changing areas. That makes me sad b-c I like my area right now. Everyone{s great here and I like my comp. But I{m either moving around to another part of Coban, or going to the Polochik and learning a new language called Ketchi. It{s totally different from Spanish and English. And after my mission, I{ll never be able to use it again, but at least I{ll always have spanish. And knowing three languages would be cool.

That{s about all that{s going on here. The changes happen Wednesday morning. It{s super sunny outside here. Weird for February. Pray for me to get a good comp. Please have a fantastic Vday in two weeks. Good luck with the mens, I know there aren{t many in your classes, but they{ve got to be hiding out somewhere. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

Ps. I totally know about the Senioritis. I totally had it. Luckily my last semester was an internship and no classes, so it wasn{t as bad for me I don{t think. Love you! Mer

PPS. Also, for the rest of the family sending me letters, make sure and send them to this email. I got on really quick to my hotmail to make sure it didn{t get closed down from nonuse and it looked like there may have been one or two sent there that weren{t sent to my mission account. And I{m not really supposed to check that email ever. I just go on every six months or so to keep it alive.


Sorry you fractured your collarbone. That bites. One time, in my ski class, I was going down by myself and totally rotated my knee when falling. Sometimes it still hurts. Stupid ski class. I{m always nervous to go down fast b-c of things like that.

I can{t believe you said you squeaked by with a 90 percent. That{s not squeaking by, that{s soaring past the expected...for me. Usually. It{s a miracle I graduated from college. It{s always nice when you don{t have any plans. I usually go to sleep when we don{t have any plans either. But that{s usually around 9 or 930. Or 10 or 1030. So yeah, that{s the gist of it all.

I know about the key phrase thing. Definitely happens sometimes, but I agree about the mass email thing. Sometimes it{s just better not to. My hair grew this month. I{m pretty sure. So in a year, it may be on it{s way down. To my shoulders. We{ll just have to see. I got a change. Sad, b-c I liked my comp and my area, but Heavenly Father loves me. So I trust Him. And his decisions. Pray I get a good comp. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson