Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Popcorn the Stork-

Marriage is lovely. So is Charles. Homework is hard. Sorry you have to do it scholars. I remember having a lot of homework assignments and falling asleep while trying to study. I remember falling asleep a lot while I was trying to pay attention in class. I remember falling asleep during church and on my couch during movie watches in the middle of the day. My sleep void never lightened from black. And now, as I go to bed at 10 pm each night and wake up at 7, I think on all the sleep I didn't get in college. Or after college. Especially not during my mission- exhaustion abounds when you dart around like a raptor all day long and only get 8 hours of sleep each night.

So here I am, getting tons of sleep and wondering, what the heck is going on? Who sleeps this much? People with the sickness. Well friends, it turns out I have it. It's called Sleep Need. Yes, I need sleep. You might also have it. When I was younger, especially at slumber parties, I would try and convince myself otherwise. "Did it ever work?" you ask hopefully. "No," says Kristin, "She was always the first one asleep."

"Did you ever grow out of Sleep Need?" you humbly wonder with raised eyebrows. "No," says Charles, "Sometimes she even goes to sleep at 9 pm and gets up at 7 am. It's never over." The cure? Children. And believe you me, we're working on it. Am I having a baby? Not yet. Doesn't it take a little while to grow those? Shouldn't you get started? Well, if you must know, yes, I should. And I took the first step- I'm sleeping.

Second step? World domination and the having of babies. Thanks for asking.

Sometimes, when you get married, you are using the same amount of dough for two pizzas instead of just one pizza. So the pizzas are smaller. And everyone wants a bigger pizza. So for wedding presents, sometimes you make your friends fantastic presents instead of sending them money. Everyone loves creativity more than money. Right? Right. Hence Popcorn the Stork. He's not done yet, but he will be. What are you talking about? Storks don't eat pizza! Exactly what I'm saying over here.

And now, some random phrases.

1. You have a nice face.
2. Can I please have some chocolate cake with a gnoche cover and fudge filling?
3. Delicate precision in creation is necessary and difficult. And still, necessary.
4. If you need a cigar box for your harmonica, isn't there going to be a lot of extra space?
5. The cubital fossa is the elbow pit
6. How much moss would you need to pad a whole pillow?
7. Withering wandering gazes wither whether or not writhers wonder "Why so withering?"
8. How many toes do you actually need need?
9. Powdered sugar is made up of cornstarch and white sugar.
10. How did that button on my shoe strap break?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Katy No-Pocket-

All my lovely friends. I miss you. Believe me, I do. I'm down here in the middle of California, making new friends and thinking a lot about my old friends. Ha, just kidding. You are not old. We're just well established.

Wow, we've had some good times haven't we!? We pranked with syrup, took off doors, and talked about strangers as if we were dating them. Well, just so you know, I've been thinking about you. I know a few people here and there, and I've been thinking about all of them. You know how it is, I'm sure. Perhaps because I live by the ocean. You know about the ocean. So close, and yet I can never get to it.

That seems to be how I am with my friends. With internet, texting, phone calls, and email at my disposal, everyone is so close. Yet I can never get to catching up with you. To me, you are the ocean. I love you, I try not to take you for granted as my friend, and yet it has probably been a long time since we've talked.

I think that's why I'm ok with moving so much, because then I appreciate the wonderful friends I have in the kangaroo pockets of the world. When I say that, I am thinking of Katy Kangaroo, (spoiler) who had lots of pockets at the end of the book, into which she put all of her friends. So if you would all fit in my pockets, I would totes do that. Actually, Deane bought me a jewelry apron like that, so climb on in.

And now, a blast from the google chat past. The reason you should delve into your google chat histories often. Ha. And which of you was sneaking around in my BYU parking lot? Ya weirdo.

friend: so i saw a girl a few nights ago sneaking around your parking lot. So I bet it is the girl who is messing with your car
1:44 PM me: What do you mean sneaking around
  What is love song 311
1:45 PM and there wasn't anything on my car last night
  this morning
 friend: I mean she looked like she was up to no good.
1:46 PM me: Like she had a mask on and a blanket on her back, and some Canadian coins in her hand?
 friend: 311 is the band and love song is one of my favorite songs by them
  This was like three nights ago
1:48 PM Know mask, blanket and she was to far away from me to see if she had canadian coins. But it was like 2 clock and she ducked when I walked by

5 minutes
1:53 PM friend: if she ducked she probably didn't want people to see what she was up to
1:54 PM me: Hmmmm. True
  What did she look like, could you point her out in a ward directory?
1:55 PM friend: she was probably around 5'6-5'9 and blond hair, but it was dark out remember
1:56 PM I wasn't really looking at her because I was tired from studying late at the library
  I probably couldn't point her out in a directory

6 minutes
2:02 PM me: too bad, that would've been very detective of you
2:03 PM friend: yeah it would have been sorry I didn't catch her in the act. Next time I am over at your house I will take a look at your directory just in case I might be able to make her out

5 minutes
2:09 PM friend: Is the person still putting stuff on your car that is a pain in the butt.... to get off

11 minutes
2:20 PM friend: Lets go running tonight

Monday, February 9, 2015

Asking for help-

Alma 8:14 "And it came to pass that while he was journeying thither, being weighed down with sorrow, wading through much tribulation and anguish of soul, because of the wickedness of the people who were in the city of Ammonihah, it came to pass while Alma was thus weighed down with sorrow, behold an angel of the Lord appeared unto him, saying:" End quote.

Well, my name isn't Alma, it's Merilee. Yet sometimes I do feel a little sad. I pray and read the scriptures and think about my blessings. And yet sometimes it lingers. In those lingering times, sometimes you just need help.

There are many times when I have asked for help. Sometimes it has just been given to me. And asking for help is ok, even if it's hard to do. Here are a couple of examples of those times, since it can't always be milk and roses over here. Especially since the milk is always getting drunk and the flowers are always dying- except the birthday flowers Charles gave me. Those are still going strong. Somehow. Or maybe they are just wilting inside and putting up a strong face. That happens.

Canute was always the sensitive one. I remember he would cry and cry. I made a conscious note to tell him when he grew up about how sensitive he was. He and I were mission buddies. He would answer my questions as I asked. He would answer my questions I didn't ask. He is my artsy friend who is really good. He is in plays and applied for the art program at BYU. Sometimes we need an example of following passions we nurture. We are not all good at following our dreams.

Sarah told me she would plan my wedding when I didn't think I could manage it. I didn't even ask her to plan it, she just offered and sent me ring pictures to pick from. Sometimes we need a nudge. We are not all excellent decision makers.

Neal told me he could lend me some money for college. I had cried in my Russian bathroom for 5 minutes before the roomies made me let them in and consoled me. They said I should consider my options and maybe email my family for ideas. That week as I checked my email, I found one from Neal saying he had thought about my Russian plight and offered to loan me money so I could go straight back to school when I got back instead of working at home. Sometimes we need an offer to accept. We are not all bold enough to ask for that kind of help.

Cookie told me I'd make a great hairdresser. She said if it was interesting to me and I could be passionate about it, I should do it. I didn't do it, but it was touching that she had such abounding confidence in me. Sometimes we need others to believe we can do hard things. We are not all of us good at acting upon our dreams.

America found me during a bout of Trigonomecan't. I had wondered what the point was of life if it didn't get any better after high school. She told me it would. She said college was a trillion times better than high school. And it was. Look how happy I am. Sometimes we need someone to hand us hope. We are not all good at stepping into the clouded unknown.

Dad found me at the kitchen table a couple times. He would help me with those projects I put off. He would tell me the importance of overcoming procrastination. I learned the value of planning and finishing assignments before crunch time. He saved me from having many college all nighters. That's good, because despite that, I could barely stay awake in my classes. Sometimes we need the answers to unasked questions. We are not all-knowing (well, unless you happen to be between the ages of 11 and 20).

Mom lent me to others. She showed me what to do with my free time. Why should I sit at home when there are houses to be cleaned and people to be helped? She taught me to look for opportunities to serve others. Sometimes we need to understand our own need to help others. We are not always good at looking past our own problems.

Bonnie talked me through a couple strange boy choices. She would offer me book titles and wisdom from her years. She told me I was wonderful and worth a gem and she gave me loyalty that I couldn't possibly have deserved. Sometimes you need those loyal friends to encourage you through your faults. We are not all perfectly content with ourselves.

Grant wrote me every single week of my mission. Minus one. I remember being confused that week. He had just served and still remembered the importance of email support from home. He's the other one who got sent from the table and clapped his hands like a crazy all over the house as we all grew up. Sometimes we need someone to understand our crazy. We are not all perfectly sane.

Joshy told me I was funny, smart, interesting, and wonderful. He gave me positive reinforcement without expecting anything in return. He was the baby who got teased. Sorry Joshy. We know how that goes. Sometimes selflessness is complimenting another person because we recognize their merits. We are not always aware of others.

Christian made me hang up on the call he made to me, before he left for his mission. He said he would be ok, because he was serving the Lord. He said, "Merilee, I have been should just marry Charles. He seems like a cool guy and he would treat you really well. You need someone like that. Just do it." He will tell you to look at him, give you some wisdom, and then tell you he loves you. He is a good person. Sometimes we help others but do not see how to help ourselves. We are not always aware of our own needs.

We are imperfect people with big problems. It is hard to ask for help. For me, it has been necessary to accept the answers I never asked for. Do you need an answer from me? Do you have a question I cannot see? Do you need a friend? Do you fall asleep in all of your classes? Do they make you stand in your classes because you fall asleep? I am praying for you.

We are here to be tested. Do you not know you are a child of God who loves you into infinity and through the blinders we set for ourselves? I am not perfect. I have many questions. Do I ask them? Do you?

Alma 8:15 "Blessed art thou, Alma; therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God from the time which thou receivedst thy first message from him. Behold, I am he that delivered it unto you." Book of Mormon

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You get the old bananas, I'll eat the news-

The new bananas, not the newspaper. Gross. You people, such creative minds.

So at our house, I buy the bananas. Charles doesn't eat them raw because in that state they give him a tummy ache. However, he loves the banana bread. Well, the sour cream with chocolate chips bread we make. Anyhow, I make them into smoothies, until they have the measles. Then I make them into bread. You're welcome, bananas.

We went to city hall with the scouts last night. We had 8 boys and a couple helpers. After 30 minutes, we couldn't sit still anymore and headed across the street to the public library. Here are some tips when you head into City Hall for the bi-monthly meetings.

1. Be prepared for a little crazy- there happened to be one man who spoke in riddles of ideals. That's about all I can say, because I have no idea what he was talking about.

2. Don't bring your kids- unless you plan to only stay for 30 minutes. I don't know what they would have done if they'd had to sit through another 30 minutes- perhaps they would have exploded.

3. Actually do bring your kids- it's a super cool experience and I'd never done it before- 31 years. I know, such a long wait.

4. Don't gather your kids outside- by the easily accessible and crazy dangerous wall outside the front doors. They will immediately climb the wall and perhaps a child might try to ease down the high wall as you unsuspectingly walk away. Good thing his mother went and helped him down. He might have broken something. Hypothetically of course.

5. Do shake hands with the mayor- She shook the hands of our scouts, but I was too slow. Oh well, next time.

During our time at the library I felt a bit like a gerbil running around a wheel. A little bit. Our helpers did help with that- I think it's called sheep dogging.

The coolest part was learning about the March 14 Musical party and the book program starting in March for kids. They can read 5 books(?) I think it was 5. Anyway, then they get a coupon for a free In'N'Out burger. Who knew? I didn't know about the Chipotle Bogo the end of January. I would have totes done it. Anyway, get into the spirit of reading, people. I do and look how far my coolness extends.

My review:
Macaroni & Cheese

1. Added: onions, garlic, chipotle cheese, and ham chunks
2. Rating: Super good- 5 stars
3. Time: took about an hour start to finish
4. Quantity: made a whole 13x9 casserole, but we're eating it quickly

Bush rats: the birds I hear scuttling around but almost never see outside my office building. Difficult: the term used for putting large, broken down boxes into the recycle dumpster. Boring: the word used to describe mandatory training videos.