Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've got some pictures-

There are many pictures you have been wishing to see on my camera. So here are a couple. Deane wanted to see those boys I was crushing on. Here are a couple.

This first picture is of me, Brian McEwen, Peggi Taken, and some crazy amounts of salmon berries. Look how our clothes match. Cool huh? We're obviously really good at picking berries.

This was taken on the evening whale watch we attended a couple weeks ago. This is me, Nick Coppola, and Ted McGuire. What a fantastic picture. So yes, this is it. Oh, and Julie is in this last one.

On the other hand, this is a picture of my wrist after I hit it on a rock picking more of those innocent looking salmon berries. Though very deep when it happened, you can't really see its severity in this picture. Oh well, so eat your heart out..

Monday, July 27, 2009

This ones for you-

I love the movie Becoming Jane and all the Jane Austen movies out there really. I'm a chunk of cheesy romance pie. It's pretty sick. I mean come on, one can only eat so much cheese.

I raced my first race Saturday. I ran up the tram trail. I went with two boys I work with named Nick and Dave. I felt alright on the road, but when we got to the trailhead I started panting really hard and Nick charged ahead. Not before he told me I'd do great and he'd see me at the top. I ended up walking really hard the whole way. It was 3.5 miles. I could have done it, if it hadn't been completely vertical.

Big D, you know what I'm talking about, I thought about you on that trail run, since if you'd been there we could have power walked it together. It didn't even have flat stretches. I was rasping the whole mountain race. A group of 9 year old boys totally skunked me. I found out later they skunked everyone, but I was feeling pretty lamesauce when I saw them descending before I even reached the top.

I ate 5 donuts the day before. I had eaten one at breakfast and four at work. I didn't feel fantastic that day, but the next three days I felt even worse. I felt like a donut. Ugh. Nasty. I'm still getting those donuts out of my body. I had no idea donuts would make me feel so vile for so long. No idea. Never eating s donuts again.

Despite my race catastrophe Saturday, I still signed up to do the half marathon Saturday. I'm a sicko, yes, a complete sicko. I'll start at 8 am and run probably three hours. Then I work that afternoon at 4 pm. I hope I don't get too tired, b/c I'll still have 7 hours of work to do. Boo.

I cantalope.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Castles in the sand-

My life is filled with castles I've built in the sand. It's getting worse as I get older. When I find promising relationships, I usually spit on them figuratively and ruin my chances. It's a good thing to know, but hard to change. I'll work on differentiating my relationship patterns after my mission. We'll see what happens.

On a different note, I slit my wrist on a rock this week. I was picking berries and fell into our ditch. I caught myself in such a way.. I'm impressed my veins weren't severed. But I could see them and wanted to throw up. I tried taking a picture of it today and it wouldn't turn out. Ridiculously enough. 

I like taking pictures of injuries because it makes me feel validated with my injuries. These injuries happen less often with me than others. It's a good thing because I almost threw up when I cut my wrist and it wasn't even a bad cut. It was an ugly scratch.

I'm in charge of designing the CES bulletin board. I've crushed some cans, cut out some stars and an egg crate and whatever else I could think of. I'll try and take a picture of it...if and only if it looks good.

If it looks terrible, I'll work on it longer and if I can't make it look good, I'll certainly cry myself to sleep. Either way, the bulletin board needs some spice and it's my new project. I also need some interviews taken care of for my mission, I'm working on it.

I like snickers bars. I also like Baby Ruths. Who knew they were so delicious? I found out today when I was starving at Temsco. I was waiting to pick up people flown down from the mountains. They were stranded in the fog. 

Last week we had softball practice and my slit wrist hurt. I kept slicing through it with my other hand. My batting became tentative and I couldn't hit anything. Terrible. We play in a week. We may win, but only if my wrist is healed by then. I dislike injuries.

On the love vibe, did I tell you what I did? In case I didn't, I will tell you again. I was washing buses and told a boy I live and work with he was a love cowboy. I also told him to tell me we could never date so I could get out of my supremely awkward zone. He said he didn't think he needed to tell me that. Turd. Anyway, I'm no longer following him with my mind.

Second episode happened yesterday on my run. I was running with another boy, Nick, in my house and I asked him if he liked me. He said no. Then he asked me why. He talked me into circles and I realized it would never work. So I told him I liked him. He told me I can't hit on every boy I meet. Oops, but I certainly want to.

We then talked about my boy issues and he told me to stop ruining my life with my methods. I'll have you know my methods are working well for me these days. I can't handle a relationship right now, and I'm unable to keep away without extraneous efforts. Therefore, the "I like you" talk. 

You'd think I could just ignore my interest in males, but alas, I cannot. My mind seems to trail these interests like a slug on berries. Thereby halting all useful activities. When I become a workaholic for eternity, then will I be fulfilled. I'm pretty sure.

In other news, I heard Jake from the Bachelorette was working at Temsco here in Juneau and I got alarmingly excited about it. Unfortunately, I've always looked at myself as some kind of Sheera when it comes to celebrities. I always thought about them as regular people doing regular things. When I heard the coincidence of Jake working at Temsco, I was sooooo excited. I almost peed myself. As it happened, the girl who told me this news is a recreational liar.

I should have known, she tells people she's from New Zealand all the time. I thought we were friends, I thought I was immune. I'm so gullible. I need me some bread. I need me some fruit. I have FHE tonight. It's 6:30. It doesn't start until 8. I can't wait. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Janitors anonymous-

I can't rightly say the subjects on these blog postings ever have anything to do with the actual posts, but I'd like to think the interest generated by such bylines pays off. You come for icecream and get pie instead. Fetching world. Well, I guess if you are still reading my blogs it's working. Brilliant. Sorry if any of this sounds too english, I'm reading a british author right now and it's leaking into my everyday vocab.

Anyway, to my cousin D- I've been reading lame girly books and haven't enjoyed them. Instead of just picking out random books, I tried looking up your suggested reading material. Guess what? Juneau doesn't have a single one of them. None of them. I looked up ten of them. Lame-o.

I've also been walking home quite a bit. It's good for me, especially since I haven't been running. Therefore, my snacking on confections is justified. Just so you know. My roomie Peggi just plucked some rhubarb from her garden and we made a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie. We put it into a 13x9 inch pan b/c we didn't have any pie pans and just doubled the recipe. It turned out marvelously, I don't know how. Well, in any case, it was loads better than the one I made in Germany. Figures.

Let me see, I've got some boy news. Not really, because it's not news. I told my sisters and they just declassified it for me, so there it is, but let me fill you in.

I live in a house with three girls and six boys. Or so. Don't tell my mother. It's been great. The girls live on one side of the house in a sort of dorm room and the boys have like four other rooms they sleep in. We've got Paul, Eric, Nick, Brandon, Brian, Ein, Ria, Peggi, Me. I think that's everyone.

Paul has a gf and isn't often here. He looks like a lumberjack and is pretty funny. As you know, I've only lived here for a week, so I'm not sure I've got everyone figured out, but I've sorted it out most of the way. Ria is great. She's a dispatcher and really fun. She loves wearing skirts and has gotten many opportunities in the last couple days. Peggi is great. She's my mom roomie. She reminds me of my mom, in a good way, and is always making food for me and telling me funny stories.

Boys: Eric has a boyfriend, who doesn't live here. He's funny too, but not often home. Nick is quite attractive when he smiles and even when he doesn't, which doesn't often happen, but I don't see him often. He's a cleaning freak and really nice. He's also not very tall. Apparently everyone who lives here does their own thing.

Brandon is attractive in a bad boy sense. I mean, he's attractive, and he smokes and drinks. That doesn't make him attractive, he just is. I had the wrong impression about him when I first got here, someone, maybe Mike, told me he was a ladies man. He told me he hasn't kissed a single girl since he's been here. Interesting. He's also mormon, but not active, obviously.

Ein is also a drinker. Well, they all are, except Brian, since he's the only LDS person in this house besides me. Ein likes to tell me I remind him of old, obnoxious girlfriends and flirts with me in timeless ways. He's very nice, but I don't think I'm mature enough to handle him. I mean, he usually dates young girls and I think my maturity levels are out of his range. Brian told me my star shorts and high voice reminded him of Minnie Mouse yesterday and Ein wishes to call me that from now on. Let's just hope it's a passing phase.

Brian. Well, that just proves it doesn't it? Always a trouble name for me. I can't help, myself. Wow. Mer, really? Seriously? Before I came out here, Mike Evans told me I would get a crush on him. And wow, here it is. Peggi told me too. I was prepared to strike it down in a single blow. With a terrible swoosh of my machete. He waved at me in the Goshen and I lazily waved back, not caring. What happened to those days? Hiking. Horrible activity that it is.

We went hiking around in the mountains. We picked berries, had some good conversation, and he told me he had some trouble with grades in high school. I got hooked when he told me he wanted to create his own business. What the heck? That's never going to be a success! But what if it is a success? The vision! The dream!

I had a great time on our hike. He told me he wasn't dating right now, and wham! I found out he has a girl, who's a friend, who's going on a mission. Is he waiting and dating for her? Yes. Confusing? Yes. Confusing because he pushed me over numerous times on our walk, shook cotton trees on my head, and gave me the juciest berries from our picking.

Confusing because his girlfriend, named Adriana had a dream we went hiking and kissed. He and the new single LDS girl living in his house. Then she gave him permission. Pah. Permission. Like I'd give him my permission. The scoundrel. I found out today Mike told him in advance I'd have a crush on him. WTH!

Why would you ruin my odds like that, Mike? Ridiculous. I'm delectible. I don't need people dropping my stats. Brian thinks we should be facebook friends because he wants Adriana to be able to get on my profile and check me out. She's going on a mission in a month, does any of this really matter to her. Wait! I'M going on a mission in 3 months. Does this really matter to me? I'm crazy. Obviously.

I've also spent a lot of time being self-satisfied and happy with my life. It's been great. However, this little aphid is eating away at my hard candy shell and I'm not sure how to slow the deterioration. What can I do? Help me Obiwan Kanobi! You're my only hope. And my feet stink. All the time. I can't help it. I'm putting socks on. Serves me right to have feet. Serves me right to be walking all the time. I'm getting the sweat glands on my feet disconnected as soon as I can afford it.

He'd better not kiss me. I will punch him in the face.

I walked on the Mendenhall Wetlands yesterday!!! It was amazing! No, wait, I walked on them Monday. I have wanted to do so the last four years and I finally made my dream a reality. I walked and didn't bring my camera b/c I'm dumb. I didn't know I'd be doing it ok.

I was having a serious bout of depression for 5 min after talking to my sister Bonnie about having no friends and this wild idea came to me. What if I walked across the wetlands to my house from the church!! I live right across the channel and it would be completely awesome! And it was.

I walked through silt that felt like snow. It sunk about 6 inches. Mike told me I'd get worms and I took my shoes off anyway b/c people walk the beach all the time without fear of worms. Therefore! He also told me I couldn't do it. Complete rubbish! Of course I can! Anyway, I did. Because I rock.

I talked to my branch Pres. about the mission interviews. He said it was possible and I'm stoked. Someone called me tonight to see if I could work and I couldn't get down there w/o walking, so I told him I couldn't b/c I have no car. It's true, but I still wish I could have found a way. Darn Douglas Island house that's a 1.25 hour walk. Boo. Tonight I'm going to figure out how to watch the Bachelorette. I need to be updated. I've waited to long and need to know what's going on.

I suppose that's all my news. Sorry I've been lax. I've got a lot on my plate and I need to eat. I'm starving! Literally and figuratively.