Saturday, November 28, 2009

This weakling-

I got kicked out of a youth dance last week. I went to dance..actually, I went to a baptism, to show my support and figured a youth dance would frost my cookies.

However, as I was gliding into the gym, Sister Beck called me out and told me I was too old to go to youth dances. She also said they are very strict when it comes to youth dances and attendees. I felt pretty foolish afterwards, especially since I had convinced another person to enter by saying nobody cared if a couple good oldies went along for the ride. Apparently they do care.

Also, I have a couple bruises. One such is on my leg courtesy of the FedEx truck. Another is courtesy of my 17 yr old brother Christian. He beats me mercilessly. It's quite ridiculous. He's much stronger than me and uses that to his full advantage. He likes to show me how much stronger he is than me and his shows always bring this strength to the light.

The only way I can actually gain some ground- so we are close to even and he's not totally dominating the contest of wills- is to bite him. I want you to know I am totally against biting, but Christian, he is a painful fighter. I can't do anything to stop him, so I have to bite him. It's the only thing I can do to bring him down with full effective success.

He does not like to eat real food, only cereal and toast. Today I found out he has decided to be an enemy to all the pies. I made him eat some strawberry rhubarb pie today and he said it was ok. WTH? Anyhow, he watches movies with me sometimes. And he's so sensitive.

What else, Thanksgiving was a day to be thankful for. I went to Cookie's house and we stuffed ourselves in between movies. Also, we have mounds and mounds of leaves outside our barn. Someone kindly dropped off millions of plastic bags full of leaves. These leaves I kindly distributed outside the pond. Mom distributed them in front of the boat. IN FRONT. My dad freaked out when I dumped them all out, even though they would decompose into our yard.

He said his plan was to dump them during the winter for the goats. On days like Christmas. What a guy. So we got a second delivery of leaves in plastic bags, which he specifically told us not to dump, and a do-gooder dumped them all for us!!! Hah! How do you like them apples? Also, you know how in the Bible it specifically says not to call your brother "Thou fool."? Well, when I called Christian fool today, my dad freaked out. Not a surprise, but seriously? I'm not marrying a crazy person.

We did a family Thanksgiving run. We ran very slowly...those of us that ran. My mom wore slacks, my dad wore jeans. We're pretty hardcore in this family. I also realized how much I dislike being touched when I run. During this run, where everyone was clustered around, many elbows were jostled etc. Not the least of these jostlers, Tina did her best to stay close. Tina, Hyrum, and I ran together. Neal and Christian ran together. Mom, Emily, and Sally walked together. Dad, Cookie, Megan, and Allyson walked together. It was a magical journey.

Also, best day ever..I have contracted the infamous winter cold. Every year it nabs me. Well, I've contracted it- the beast of all colds. Boo.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bet me-

Have you ever heard that twinkies are ageless? Bet me that twinkies are indestructible. Bet me that twinkies are invincible and I will show you this picture of a moldy twinky.
Or rather a whole box of them.

Just so you know, according to reliable sources, if you cut out the mold spots, you can't even tell it's a bad twinkie. I'll try to remember that when there is no other food on earth. But hey, apparently twinkies aren't as eternal as we all thought.

I just wanted to post some appetizing pictures on my blog. A couple moldy twinkies and my clean as magic toenails. I know, best blog post ever.

Look how similar these two pastel pictures look to each other, yet how different. Who could imagine beauty in any other format?

Oh, and Aman- I saw a couple Missy baby pictures. He's adorable! Also, for those of you wondering about my mission call, my update is pretty lame.
I talked with my branch president again. We had a second interview, similar to the first. He asked me if I was sure I was supposed to go on a mission. He wanted to know if I was certain it was the Spirit telling me to go on a mission, or if it might've been Satan. I told him I'd like to think I could discern the two from each other by now and I couldn't imagine Satan telling me to go on a mission, but it might possibly have been him.
So we went through the mission questions. He asked if I was sure I was supposed to go. He asked if I knew what I'd do with my life if I didn't go. I said I was sure I could think of something. He asked if I had any reason for urgency..he's noticed I'm getting antsy. I said no, but I didn't want to live with my parents the next six months. I said I wanted to move on with my life and if I wasn't supposed to go on a mission and my stake president knew that, he should tell me instead of waiting to schedule and appointment with me.
He said they all know I need an appointment. The clerk actually told me not to call him anymore because he knows I need an appointment with the stake president. My dad asked the stake president about it Sunday night when my brother was getting set apart and he said I was on the radar..whatever that means.
My brother said if he had that many obstacles for any decision he'd made, he'd rethink his decision. He said maybe I wasn't supposed to go on a mission. I mean yeah, it's been six months, maybe I'm supposed to do something else.
So I've decided to wait for my stake president to call me in for an interview and in the meantime..I've also put in an application to drive buses for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Wouldn't that be great? I'd be there Jan 18-Mar 30th or so. Then I could go on a mission, or move on with my life. So that's my current plan.
Also, as a funny story to end up my branch president interview, he asked me like 10x whether I was worthy to go or whether I had any "loose ends" I needed to tie up. Or anything that would make me unworthy to serve. I couldn't think of anything, but he asked me with such intensity, so many times, I figured there must be something he knew about that I didn't know. I had no idea what it was.
So I asked him what the definition of heavy petting was, because I wasn't sure what it was, but maybe since I hadn't known I could have sinned in ignorance. So he specifically told me what it was and I was like, "Nope, I'm good there." Wow awkward, but now I know for sure I'm alright and there isn't anything I have done that would make me unworthy to serve the Lord. If anyone has questions about that, go ahead and ask me. I'll clear everything up for you.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Ground-

I saw a funny SNL skit this week. To the Ground, Andy Sandberg, check it out. I stopped watching after the diner with the tazer. So now I don't know if it's dirty or what.

Also, last night, while Canute was talking to a girl online, she had to leave. So she said, "Nobody leave, I'll be right back." Canute, Christian, and I ducked under the table. My dad went over to the computer. When she called, instead of saying hi, Canute was gone, he answered with some shpeel about a mortuary. She was really confused and he just kept going. Obviously she had just called us, so she wouldn't believe it, but the joke went on. Canute and I were crying under the table at the absurdity. Finally, when we couldn't take it anymore, Canute got up from under the table and talked to her. So funny.

Today we took him to the airport. We couldn't park in terminal B because it was full, so Canute was dropped off with Christian and I parked in terminal A. I just barely missed the red bus, I saw it pulling away as I walked outside, and had to wait a good 15 min. to catch the next one.

When I got to the correct terminal, I said goodbye to Canute and we watched him for a couple minutes in the quarantine room. Then we felt dumb, so Christian and I left. However, even though I'd written where my car was on my hand, I couldn't find it. After 10 min., we found the car, and then we got to the guard gate where you pay up. $4 please. "$4?" I said. Weren't we only here an hour? "Nope," she said. "You were here an hour and one minute." STUPID!

Then she asked, "Are ya'll a couple?" Curse my being slow. I said, "No, he's my brother." Instead of being hilarious and saying yes and getting an awesome response. MAN! Next time.

Also, I just remembered one day at sixth grade. My jacket had a syringe in the pocket for goat vaccinations and I freaked out thinking someone would think it was mine, used for drugs. So I gave it to my teacher. I looked like a drug addict when I was a mousy bookwork 6th grader for sure. I just didn't want it in my pocket for one of those frequent middle school drug searches. You know?

I remembered b/c there's a knife on the table by my keyboard. Grant, the handsome one, was always getting chased by girls. One time, at recess, Grant was being chased and he was wearing one of our prize filled coats. He pulled out the first thing he found in the pocket, which happened to be a knife. I think he got detention for that one.

I may drive for the Olympics in Vancouver b/c it's taking so long to get my last mission interview, so if you hear something about that, don't be too surprised.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slammin toenails-

I just edited my toenails. They looks awesome. I will post a picture on here later. I was pretty bored Saturday morning and that's what I ended up doing, instead of Visiting teaching, which is what I had previously planned to do but had forgotten about.

Sorry if I complain a lot on my blog. I realized I do that a lot and from now on will try to have uplifting posts. Try.

Saturday afternoon I drove Christian up to the Peterson house in Kansas City. Christian went with Neal to a Jayhawks game. Emily, Sally, and I hung out at home and made a quick visit to the mall. I think Emily was expecting me to contribute more to the shopping part of our trip, but I've never been a huge shopper.

It was cute to see Sal so excited to go shopping with her mommy though. They are sure to have many happy shopping excursions together in future years. When we got home, and a little before we left, Sally had us set up for a picnic. She even included me in the setup, which was done previously.

She poured the milk, sopped up spills, washed her hands, and even rode the xylophone. We had some good times for sure.

After Neal and Christian came home, we had a sumptuous feast- lasagna in a crockpot- and played Blokus. Since we're a pretty competitive family, Emily was resistant at first. The first game I dominated, but Christian and Emily tied the next game, so I don't think she dislikes that game as much as she used to. Maybe.

We completed the night watching the ending of Waterworld on t.v. and eating ice cream. It was quite nice. Then I came home to Canute playing some dragon game at home. He's going to miss those pointless computer games when he's on his mission. Apparently he's logged 60 hours time on that game and he's only 40 percent finished with it. Ridiculous. And how.

It was rainy outside today. I think Sunday is the day for it, since it has rained the past five Sundays in a row. I only know that because I have to drive to Belton for temple prep class, it's an hour away, and it's always crappy outside for my adventure drive. Speaking of temple prep, I gotta go.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

As it stands-

Christmas music is out and guess what, in order to shuffle up some of the song options, I've begun listening to it. I'm not a huge fan, but it has begun.

Also, 18 vs. 25 case has been determined. My one 18 yr old friend read this blog and found out I was 25 so we're not friends any more. Well, it's better this way. Now all my blog readers know I'm 25 and it won't come as a huge surprise to anyone else. Therefore I will no longer talk to 18 yr olds and something will have to be done to get me some older friends.

On a side note, I had no idea how many people read my blog until someone randomly commented on it one day and from there, I realized I could probably take over the world from this small spot on the web. I will let you know what the plan is when I'm not so tired. Driving around makes one tired.

Today I will probably eat some food, study PMG, and watch some movies. I am the conglomeration of worldwide cool. Obvious.

Also, my sister told me I'm not being nice enough to my parents on my blog. Thenceforth I will write the strange happenings of family Peterson onto my family website and nobody need feel awkward about commenting on this blog. Don't worry, I guess the compost is becoming too convoluted.

When I start spouting nonsense I realize the importance of stopping the stream. Stopping. Now.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vanilla Pillows-

The greatest cereal in the world, or so my brother and his companion said in their last pday video. They're found in Portugal and other participating locations and taste like vanilla filled chocolate cereal, which is what they are. My brother made us a video commercial that was hilarious. I'm a terrible video maker, but Grant is an aspiring filmmaker, so that doesn't improve my situation, except to alleviate any concerns I might have had about making a movie, because Grant will make my videos if I need any.

I wish to extrapolate on a question my sister has put to me. 18 vs. 25.

Well, I know I am probably too old to date 18 yr olds, since my brothers Christian and Canute are 17 and 19..meaning their friends would be about 18 and that seems excessively young in principle. But those younger boys are just as nice as the 28 yr old males I know. And quite a bit less jaded if you will. And I'm sure you will. But we can still talk yes? See Sarah..

Nice people come in every age group and I don't think I should be limited to meeting the young or old nice people out there. The half your age add seven rule limits people, thereby limiting my scope of friendship to people within three years of my age on either side and nobody else.

That said, I think I'll put my lower cap at 17 and my higher cap can be reset to 40. I don't think that range will limit my options do you? I mean, yeah, when I get back from mission I may have to reset it, but it's good for now. Readers, what do you think?

To end this whole thing, I heard on the radio yesterday 70% of pet owners actually think their pets can understand what they're saying. I would say Danielle's dog Prince is definitely in the lagging 30%.

Note: I don't think I could actually date any of my younger brothers' friends from Missouri. Seeing their infant faces together in pictures might make me retch at myself...especially in our wedding video. I'll just say this is clearly a hypothetical situation. I did not recently meet a cool 18 yr old who I am in turmoil about being social comrades with, but only because of all the crap people hypothetically have been giving me.