Monday, February 25, 2013

Tri-Valley 2 week Triple P Blitzkrieg

Saturday at football, some girls told me they didn't believe they were dating enough. I agree. They are wonderful, beautiful, talented girls. They don't get asked out enough. They told me about a dating plan. A contest.

The dating contest will last two weeks. The Triple P's are: planned, paid for, and paired off. They can be asked, or they can ask guys on dates. They must list them out by activity and date. The incentive is a pair of tickets for a nice restaurant. We told the guys at church, so they'd know why the girls were going date crazy. The dates start today.

I thought it would be fun, easy, and interesting. All the girls interested in participating are competitive and proactive. It has been one day, and it has not been easy. Turns out I don't have much discretionary time during normal weeks and dates every night of the week will take the rest of my time. 

I didn't expect it would be so complicated to plan dates every night of the week. It's hard to decide where to go. It's difficult to know what kinds of activities we could do in the time available. It's hard to change plans. It's hard to decide who to take. Who is already going on a date? Who could I ask that I would like to know better? Who could really use a date to lift their self-esteem?

My sister asked me what happens when guys don't get asked out. Good question America, maybe this contest will be as good for the guys as for the girls. I also noticed the girls asked out the guys who date a lot. I guess they were more comfortable asking guys out on dates if they already knew them pretty well. 

It's enlightening. Now I've got to go and figure out what I'm doing for my dates...hmmm.

Dickens Day

I've been listening to The Eye of the World, the first book in the Wheel of Time series. I finished today. It was quite interesting. Sucked me in all the way. Now I have to read the other 13 books of the series. I also heard there's a prequel, but I haven't read/listened to that yet. What kind of reading black hole did I jump into? I've started book 2. How do people write such long story lines and keep them interesting and viable? I don't know, I can't explain it, but it inspires me.

In other entertainment news, Arrested Development is going to debut on Netflix in May. My roomie Hayley heard about it on the radio. Prets exciting!!!! It's going to be awesome. Then, after the new episodes, a movie. You should read up on it. Something to look forward to.

In another change of thought, I am pleased to announce it's cold here in CA, but not as freezing as Missouri, where it's been blizzarding all week. I'm pleased to announce last Monday I just watched tv, read books, and watched a Jet Li movie. Not my fav. unfortunately.

My favorite tv shows right now are: Scandal, Carrie Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, The Middle, Parenthood, Chicago Fire, and Modern Family. These shows are very interesting.

I scratched myself this morning and I just now scratched my scratch. That felt less than awesome. Almost worse than gluten free cookies. Almost.

Last night we had a girl's night. A ladies night. A night for the ladies. At my house. With lots of delicious food and nail painting. I did not get my nails painted. I did accomplish some braiding. It was a nice night. We did have a special guest cosmopolitan man. He didn't massage my feet or hands, paint my nails, or do my hair, but he did for others.