Thursday, June 26, 2014


For Family Home Evening this week, Charles and I had a double date with some single friends. We went geocaching. Neither of us had ever gone before, but our friends had.

We went into downtown Hayward and looked for three separate treasures. If you haven't had that experience yet, you should totally do it. The only other experience I have with treasure hunting was at Heather Beck's 10th? birthday party.  The treasure was a Mighty Mouse water coloring book I kept for years, but never colored in.

After refining our treasure hunting skills, we found all three treasures. I thought we'd have time for more, but it was dark by the time we found the last targeted item. Most of them were small mint boxes. We used the stickers I'd brought, but failed to incorporate the book and clothing I had brought to make someone's geocaching adventure cooler than any thrift store visit.

With the size of those treasures, I will now speculate about finding geocaches every place we go. One was atop a parking garage, one was underneath an electric box, and another inside a fence post. The world is my oyster.


Do you ever wonder about the origins of a trend? I've wondered about many trends during my life, but today, the winds of understanding and syncopation blew all over me.

You've seen people with their leg pants up. Right leg only, left leg only. The baggier the pants, the cooler the ensemble. It's a thing. Cool people. Homies. Bikers. Homies. BIKERS!? Wait a second.

It happened this morning. I saw a biker with his pant leg rolled up and I realized where the gangsters got it. Maybe everyone else knew. I just made the connection. Congratulations me, my synapsis have caught up.

Anyway, I haven't spent much time thinking about it, so don't mock how long it took me to put that puzzle together. I've already taken a second to mock myself.

On the other hand, we're moving in three weeks. I'm trying to start now. You know how the saying goes, a box a day keeps the panic away.

I've also been watching American Ninja Warrior lately so I can be inspired to do anything. I think Charles could probably do it, but I don't think I have the mental focus it would take. Go Charles! Anyway, besides the half a million you get from finishing that course, I don't think all the work would be worth all the training and time. Most people make silly mistakes and get disqualified despite all their efforts.

Keep training hard!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Shape shifting-

Manual driven cars are the gift that keep on giving.

I went to the bank this morning. As I entered the establishment; line bustling, bankers humming, a bank representative yell-asked about a car. A moving car. A moving purple car, named the Professor, backing into the parking lot because he wanted to. It wouldn't have been a huge deal, except there were no people in the moving car. All the people were in line. 15 of them. Hello folks. BRB.

So I ran outside, re-parked my car, and put on the parking brake. As I went back inside, a teller told me she thought I'd forgotten to put on my parking brake. Thanks loads Sherlock. The mystery has been solved.

I had forgotten to apply the parking brake, it had rolled backwards, and everyone in the bank had seen the whole lovely kafofle. I have it on tape. In my mind. That's for you Christin. I've told lots of people that story and I still get a kick out of it.

Sometimes people mistake the purpose of certain spiritual meetings. Every first Sunday of the month, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have the opportunity to bear testimony of the sacrifice and divinity of Jesus Christ. However, unfortunately, some people take that opportunity to present a list of hardships, ramble, or confess sins. This story is an example of the latter.

During one such meeting, a guy walked up at the podium, and said in contrition "I had an affair...with her." He then pointed to the organist. Needless to say, the organist was embarrassed, began shaking her head in denial, and started to cry. He paused for emphasis, then continued, "In. My. Mind."

Can you imagine the first thoughts of the woman's husband? Others in attendance of that meeting will now unwittingly associate that poor organist with the crazy guy that stated an imagining as a truth that one time and then retracted.

Confession of sins is a very private process. You should not feel the need to tell people what you have done wrong, but how your life can and does change through a desire to do and be better. Remember that when you're telling stories about yourself and others.

When I was about ten years old, we were chatting about hygiene as a family. I remember bragging about my own habits, and how I changed my underwear once a week. Even though I showered twice a week. I was so proud. Imagine my surprise when my Dad censured me and said I should change it EVERY DAY. Wait, wha? I thought I had great hygiene.

Imagine his surprise when I then told my Daddio about another sweet idea I'd been following through with: sleeping in my clothes. I did it so I could sleep longer. Hey, I have always needed my sleep.

You've seen me. I fall asleep everywhere. I fall asleep during every movie climax, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner, at the movies, at the dentist, and at bedtime. I think you know what I mean when I say bedtime. Every time I get into my bed, it's bedtime.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

You're missing the Vagician-

I want you to watch this ad. Then I want you to call me. And we'll laugh and laugh and laugh. What a wonderful idea- a first moon party. I don't think you fully realize how excited I now am to have a daughter. I only have to wait another 13 years or so and I can totes do for her the best party ever. Woot.

After we have that good laugh, I want you to go to this site. As you consider actually buying such a book, I will also consider it. I love quotes by Jack Handey. He's a funny guy. I don't have any books by him. However, I do have a birthday coming up. In 6 months. So that's an idea for you.

Last week Charles and I watched Mary Poppins again. We had seen Saving Mr. Banks recently and wanted to see it again to notice things. I didn't really notice anything different, since I'd already seen it from a different perspective in my later years watching the movie.

I do love the scene where the guy has laughed himself onto the ceiling of his house. I don't know why it is so worrisome to everybody, since the only way to get him down is to depress the poor man. I think it would be better to keep him airily cheerful.

Ziggity jiggity. I'm working in Emeryville another month until we move down to San Luis Obispo. Our move-in date is July 18. So if you live here and want to do something before we leave for 3.5 hours south of San Fran, just call me. Charles and I have a pretty open calendar.

And if you have a hankering to help someone move, make it a double. July 18.