Saturday, January 24, 2009


I don't have one, but sometimes people ask me if I like camping since my major is recreational management. It's ok. It gets cold outside.

End to the story- Fight. We didn't talk about it, but he did call me the next day and came to Institute. I know we should talk about things, but we don't. Therefore, Jeff just thinks I yelled at him for nothing the other day and I guess he's ok with that.

We had a tie party opening ward social last night. It was extremely fun. We ate thai food, wore ties, and did tie dye. It was great fun and my shirt turned out excellently. That's about it. We also went to the movie Bedtime Stories. It was ok. I'm not a huge fan of Adam Sandler movies b/c he's always the same character, but it was a cute idea.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I know I always say I'm in fights with people. Sometimes I do actually get in fights with people, though not often. I think of myself as a pretty reasonable person, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with frustration and the real fights happen.

Today I went to the Sundance film festival with Jeff. Neither of us had ever been to see any of the Park City movies during a festival and we thought it would be a great experience. On the way up, Jeff wouldn't put on his seatbelt. Since he did not care to wear his seatbelt, I did not care to talk with him. This was a stubborn thing to do, but wearing your seatbelt is important. Everyone knows that.

At the end of our journey, I finally convinced Jeff to put on his seatbelt. This means I strapped him in myself with him resisting like any four year old full of candy. We drove to Park City and parked about 6 mi away. We took the shuttle downtown and ate some delicious bbq chicken pizza, we watched a movie called Paper Hearts, and then we got in a fight.

We rode about 4 buses to get to our car, but in the third bus we saw some Asian people. A truly stereotypical thing was said and I told him it wasn't funny. Then he said something else, I told him if he wanted to learn Chinese, he should learn it, but imitation Chinese isn't funny. Especially since half the Asian people in America don't speak Chinese.

I then ignored him, during which time he took it upon himself to say something else truly stereotypical. I told him it was an ignorant thing to say and we got off the bus. It clearly bothered him I had said those things to him, but he wouldn't talk to me about how he felt. He did find the time to roll his eyes at me and give me the silent treatment. I told him I wasn't his Mom and we needed to talk about the situation since it was important to me and he wouldn't say anything.

On the next bus we stood separately and on the hour long ride home he wouldn't talk to me. I am sad he won't talk to me about important things and sad his feelings were hurt. Dang Gina, I don't like having to bring up awkward things like that, but I don't think stereotypes are funny.

Well, I guess I'm going to Institute by myself tomorrow. He went last week because he liked me, but I'm pretty sure he still won't like me tomorrow. Maybe he and the boys will get together instead and talk in Iranian accents and laugh about how weird foreign people are. I love when we all get together and make fun of other cultures. It's so funny.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Does anyone else remember how the fraggle builder men would eat their structures? Or the fraggles would eat them? Hmmm. Strange.

My birthday was Tuesday. It was a fun day. I woke up at 7 a.m. to a text from a mystery person. The person had laid out a beautiful breakfast set out like on the movie Little Princess. My bed was covered with furs and blankets and orange juice and blueberry muffins. I ate the food and was surprised to receive another mystery text an hour later. I'm a slow eater. After I finished, all the food and dishes disappeared.

The mystery text sent me to my door, where I followed a treasure hunt to an unmarked car on the street. Unmarked if you count balloons and streamers layered up on the windows, surrounding the car. I could have been kidnapped, but instead was taken to a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon was filled with heat and blankets. Just like on animal planet- you know, the zoo cages.

After taking off in the hot air balloon, I felt a defined rush of collusion. If you don't know what that is, please google it. Looking out over the rim was exhilarating. I saw lots of trees, buildings, and runners. It was so strange to be in a balloon and outside at the same time.

Then, as we were passing over Snowbird, a local ski resort, a skier launched into our balloon. This skier turned out to be Robert Redford. Who knew he actually skis there? He apologized for the strange turn of events and happened to have his checkbook in his pocket. Most people don't carry those around you know. He wrote me a tidy sum and jumped out of the hot air balloon onto the next black diamond. He's a pretty good skier.

After this adventure, the hot air balloon people landed back at the home site. I drove back in the somewhat unmarked car and went over a couple sweet car jumps as a bonus for hitting a skier. It was sweet. Pretty sure the car flipped twice. Then they drove me home.

How could it get any better you ask? Well, when I got home all my friends were at my house. Every single one of them living in Provo. It was amazing. I felt like a survivor. Or just lucky to have such a great birthday celebration. Everyone told me about what they were doing and we danced and sang karaoke. It was hard to fit us all, but we made do.

I fell asleep at 12, by that time everyone was gone home. Then I received a call from Jeff. He was almost back in Provo and couldn't wait to see me. It was the perfect birthday.

Actually, I went to SLC twice b/c of job interviews not coinciding. Job interviews pah. At least I had something to do on this special day. Then I watched American Idol with past roommates. It was even more perfect than the aforementioned made up birthday events. Amy made me a burrito cake, it looked like two sloppy joes sitting close on first inspection, but on closer acquaintance I saw its true form.

Jeff called while we were watching American Idol and ran me through the x-ray machine. Much cooler than a hot air balloon party getting crashed by Rob Red. No joke. And I didn't have to wear a lead apron. Coooool.

Carie, Emily, and Ashlee came over to see me too. And I got millions of calls and facebook good wishes. Later that night my current roommates filled my bed with love balloons and I screamed after popping each one. Every one had a great thing about me listed on it. What a perfect gift!

I enjoyed the attention immensely and couldn't have asked for a single thing more. It was a great birthday. The next day I went to lunch with Jeffrey Scott. The boy is tanner than a tanner. He friggin roasted himself in Cancun and now I look like an angel comparatively. However, I still won most of the games we played together. I will let him blame it on his jet lag, but I still am a stunning gamer.

He brought me some roses. They are beautiful, including the headless rose that fell next to the vase. They are white roses- what is that, friendship? So I'm glad to express to everyone my joy at the fact Jeff and I are finally friends.

Ooooh I like him. He is wonderful. He just is. I can't express my full admiration for him in the ways I wish. On the downside, he looked like an owl yesterday since it's been a while since his last haircut...Which I discourteously told him. He is getting a cut today, so I didn't think it would bother him too much. He later told me he would rather look like the Grinch than an owl. Too bad- he didn't look like the Grinch.

The latest Jeff updates, for you all to enjoy, since we're dating again and I don't think he ever checked this blog while we were dating. I guess we'll see, won't we?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Soft socks-

I like when my socks are soft. It's a tender foot feeling and I like the barrier between foot and floor. I also like lasagna, movies, and books. AND MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!

Isn't that yippee hooray news? I'm going to be 25 and then surely will be on the fast track to success. While we are all contemplating this, let me add some comments about my current living.

I haven't been doing much lately. I have talked to quite a few people on the phone, went to dinner with some great friends Friday night, and saw my boyfriend twice last week. On one occasion we played Scrabble and found out foist is a word- I'm kind of a cheap scrabble player. If it sounds like a word I try it, then we look it up. I still love the game, but sometimes it's difficult to find valid words.

Church was great. It was my first Sunday in the new ward. I knew some people already and got my photo taken for the ward menu. However, I do have a retarded eye reflex that won't let my eyes stay open for pictures. Every single picture taken-there were 5- has me standing in the same position with my eyes closed. Lame sewer.

Also, I started writing nice notes in my ward. I love writing those. I personally call them love notes, as they are penned by secret admirers in the ward and handed out amongst friends. I like writing out poetic nonsense and signing them with exotic names. Sometimes exotic names slip through and my roomies get love notes from romantical people named Gordon. Hey, nobody's perfect and even my imaginings fall short at times.

What I would like to see happening is a greater circumstance of love letters being passed around. Then people would be wondering who sent them instead of pawning them off on me and it would lead to greater intrigue in the ward. I love a good intrigue. Who doesn't?

Besides that, nothing. I don't have a job yet and stories aren't nearly as exciting when you only have one boy to write about. As it is, I make enough drama for both of us. Ask Jeff about the time he left his phone charger in Provo and I sent him 10 texts and called him incessantly. That was fun. Boo. I don't know why I worry so. All is well in Provo.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Your mom-

Well, yeah. I guess you should ask your mom about all that stuff. I know, I don't make any sense at all. Back on track, my vacation was a friggin masterpiece.

Meaning I saw most of the people I wanted to see, sorry Megan, and had lots of family time. It was also amazing weather a couple days and I enjoyed that. Utah has been getting dumped on lately. However, it's ok b/c at least then it doesn't fluxuate weather patters so much, b/c that might be why I got sick the whole break.

I had the flu and like 4 colds. I lost my voice- AGAIN- and it was frustrating for me b/c I'm a talker. I talk a lot. You know that. Therefore, I am glad to say my raspy voice is back again and now I can at least talk to people on the phone, which I couldn't do before.

I also moved into my new apartment yesterday. I like my roomies a lot. I need to stash my boxes and find a place to put my food- I also need to get food. I need a job. I need to get my car fixed.

The water pump went out on the trip back from MO and luckily is covered by my warranty. I am glad to hear that it has saved me some money. I paid $1000 for it when I got the car and have since used it to pay for my water pump- saved $220 on that and maybe some other stuff I'm mailing into them today. Based on my findings, I would say it wasn't worth it to buy the warranty, b/c usually you pay less for the cost of damages. I'll let you know my feelings on it in another year when it expires. I hope everything bad happens before the warranty expires. I know that is how it usually works. ;)

Also, on the drive home from MO my little brother drove off the offramp b/c it came upon him suddenly and he was going 70 mph- the exit suggested 20 mph. We flew into the grassy knoll and luckily didn't hit anything thanks to Canute's presence of mind. We got back onto the hwy ok. He also got a $90 ticket for going 11 mph over the speed limit but we think that's excessive. It was one of those 65-55-45-35 places on the road. He didn't coast down fast enough the police woman said. Boo to her.

So besides that I don't have much news. I just played 6 games of Yahtzee with Jeff yesterday and he bested me on four of the games. He deserved it. He's been losing a lot lately. Heh.

I also found out Jeff's been checking my blog. So yeah, I got embarrasssed about it, but it was truly a new idea to me. That's why there hasn't been as much about Jeff- b/c now I feel sheepish about writing about him. Maybe I'll make up a new blog and post about him on there. Hah. J/k.

The Jeff news is he's amazing. He loved when my voice was gone and I couldn't talk to him on the phone. He thought it was hilarious and one day I will pay him back for the humiliating things he said to me- like calling me croakie and throwing darts at that life sized poster of me.

He's in Las Vegas for the next 3 days for work and he's going to be in Cancun for 3 days after that. He said he will be back for the last 4 hours of my birthday, so that could be interesting. We shall see. I will be turning 25 in two weeks. I'm pretty weirded out about that. Happy New Year! My resolution is get an enjoyable job and exercise more.