Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dream Weaver

Last night I had a dream. It was a longish dream. I was on an island coast, or next to the ocean. There were many of us. Half of the fight was in my front yard at home and the other half was on the coast. It was a cool fight. It was a war between lots of early 20's aged youths. Weirdest part was it was like a giant zone conference on my mission. 

So all of us were warring, but our weapons were straws. We inserted mini pencils made out of paper into the straws and blew them out like dart guns. At the end of all the fighting, we had a banquet. There were lots of cakes and cookies on tables. It looked like a wedding reception setup. There were nuts sprinkled on all the cakes and the cookies were all bland looking and unappetizing.

Even though we had a war, we were all very chummy at the reception. We also walked down a sidewalk that had a bunch of mangoes, peaches, or tomatoes fallen from a tree. I couldn't tell what they were, but they transformed a bit as I was trying to figure them out. I believe I realized they were tomatoes growing in the tree, which means they were probably just persimmons. 

I told the person walking with me it was a waste to have such a lovely fruit tree unappreciated- nobody was eating or gathering the fruit. In all fairness, the tree was on a sidewalk by the street, but the fruit was abundant and the fallen fruit had the coloring of peaches and looked delicious. 

We ate vegan food for lunch at work. Nobody really wanted to eat vegan, but I said it would be ok. I was wrong. It was gross. No more bbq tofu for me. Unfortunately all the people  who got other food were right. Not my fav. I'm just trying to widen your horizons people. The sun is shining hard in veganland. And it hurts my eyes. 

Also, our PG&E was like triple the norm this month. We realized that turning off the heat when we left the house increased our bill by a mil. So we looked at the stat and realized, instead of turning it back to Heat Auto, we just put it on heat. So we blasted the heat when we got home instead of just putting it to auto. Stupid expensive mistake. Not cool thermostat. Not cool. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cheer up govna-

Today has been kind of a sad day for me, so I thought I'd put this out for you all to watch. Since it makes me so happy to see it. It's the vid I mentioned before. It is a parody of the film "The Phone Call".   Pretty sweet

Monday, January 28, 2013

Chocolate. All I want is chocolate.

This Christmas I had the opportunity to see a great many of my nieces and nephews, along with other important family members. I realized the beauty and simplicity of a child’s love. My favorite interactions were with the younger kids and all the love they gave to me for just being in their family.

That just made my break.  It was filled with lovely family interactions and beautiful days filled with nothing. Speaking of beautiful days, Saturday was a beautiful day. After four hours of sleep, I played two hours of Frisbee and two of football.

Yesterday I could barely stand up. Today is better. Also, turns out I’m way better at Frisbee than football, but it figures since I play Frisbee every Saturday.  And if I was still terrible at Frisbee, I would not be impressed.

Then I went to a Chinese bakery. I believe the name of it was Chinese bakery. I felt like I was in Guatemala again, because it was organized the same as a Guatemalan bakery.

There were quite a few people in there, with trays and tongs, pushing for bread. I got two pork rolls, a pineapple pudding sweet roll, a coconut cream roll, and a tiny raspberry mousse. I didn’t really like the pork rolls…but the coco, pineapple, and rasp businesses were delicious. Oh what a treat. San Francisco it is.

I have also recently realized how important and impossible it is to get 8 hours of sleep every night. I usually get about 6 ½. I’ll work on that.  Then maybe I’ll get over my death cough, which has lasted at least three months and is cutting my breath at least twice a day.  

I’ve been doing some rather tedious work lately for my job, tagging commercials. So I’ve been watching lots of tv shows. My favorites include: Modern Family, Parenthood, The Middle, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, Chicago Fire, and Scandal. I know, I’m a tv watching fool.

We also made videos for FHE last week. I’m the girlfriend in ours and it’s a parody of a movie made in the 80’s “The Phone Call”.  Therefore, I used my high, fake voice for it… on purpose. Maybe I’ll post the link on here. If ya’ll get lucky.  It’s really nice outside. I love the sun.