Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Back-

Can you feel the love tonight? Well, can you? Can you? I saw the Lion King last week. The musical. It was awesome. I can't convey how great the costumes and sets were right now. Just imagine a banana cream pie with music. That about sums it up. 

It's Thanksgiving week. I will be sitting pretty on a turkey tomorrow. After frisbee. With two feet in a nest. My calves have been killing me this week. Weird. That's what happens when you stand on your tiptoes like a ballerina all the time. Some folks do. Take note of this turkey doing such with a walking stick. Not really happening, but if you glance over, it totally looks like he is. Classy Mr. Turk. 

I am thankful for my mother, my father, my siblings, my friends, and my boyfriend. I am thankful for a fancy car named Rodrigo, a job that pays my bills, and some sweet weather. I'm thankful for my mission, the people of Guatemala, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My life is very blessed. Every day. I'm grateful for the opportunity to recognize those blessings. Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, and I'm thankful for burritos. 

I need to start shopping and prepping for Christmas. I feel like I'm already out of time and the Christmas decorations haven't even been put up for the year. On a different note, I think the fruit of the loom ab ad is pretty sweet. Very inspirational fruit of the loom. 

As a side, my favorite pies are pecan and banana cream. I like Thanksgiving because I get to eat those pies. I don't know why, but for some reason I don't eat pie most of the rest of the year. Banana cream is actually a great breakfast pie. Fact. I have also noticed with all the holiday candy binges my face has become a teenager's nightmare. It's my favorite. 

I completed a month of dating Charles this Monday. Which is pretty sweet since I don't always get that far. He's such a sweetheart. He will open my car door every time I exit a car and he's within 10 feet. He makes me food and tells me he likes me. He's the best. 

He also sent me flowers for our one month. He sent them to my office after sending an email to our info email confirming the physical address of our office because he wanted to send flowers to his girlfriend. All info emails get sent directly to me. Surprise! Anyway, it was a very thoughtful thing to do. Thanks Charles in charge. He did memorize the address though, for any future escapades. 

As for birthdays, I need to write a list of yearly dates to remember because I want to be a good person who remembers those dates...I'm not quite there yet. Even if my brother Christian tells me I'm a good person. I should make those candy bar filled crescent rolls tonight. We have lots of candy in the candy bowl on our coffee table right now. Lots of delicious candy. 

Oh, and Happy Mustache Movember! I'm growing mine out, are you?