Friday, September 21, 2012

11-12, Dig and Delve

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to hear a couple children sing their favorite nursery rhymes lately. One of them includes the Farmer in the Dell…to which my nephew sang, the Farmer takes a mommy instead of a wife. I think I like that version better.

Yesterday I also experienced the sequel to the previous blog entry My Pappy. The doctor did a little rummaging and I wasn’t terribly excited about being there. Actually, I like my new doctor. She is a nice lady. She is a great conversationalist and we had lots to talk about.

She could tell I was nervous, so she talked me through all the moving and shakings at the dr. office. I really appreciated that Doc. Thanks. As she talked me through the happenings of my inner workings, thrusting in a caulker and making sure I am not a defective product, I was screaming in my head. A lot. Out of pain. From the caulker. Benefits of being single forever, yes!

I got some fancy boots today.  To match those of another person I know who has the same boots. Now I need some fancy pants to go with them. Maybe some jeggings????

Now about Kindred spirits. I will not mention any specific for fear of leaving someone out, but it seems to me I have met many in my existence. Luckily, kindred spirits are not limited in definition or number, so I have found maybe millions. That’s why it’s so great to meet new people, I’m always finding new kindred spirits.

And some cookies. I need some cookies. Except I want a flat stomach so I can match my sister Deane. She is also looking toward that goal. Less gross treats and more flat stomach muscles. 

Pinterest also threw up at my house last week. So I need some cool projects to give to people. I will be hand sewing some cool stuff in the following weeks. Or I SHOULD make lots of cool stuff.