Saturday, August 29, 2009


Misty fjords would be so jealous of our mists outside today. I can't even imagine how the mists cling to us on a daily basis. Wow. It's hard to get outside and do stuff when it's such a craphole out there. I may decide to make a baked good or something later today.

This week was a good week. My sister had a baby this week. She had a little boy named Luke Gregory Gessel. He's 8.1 lbs and 20 inches long. That's a baby! She also had a C-section unfortunately. She wasn't progressing, so they had to cut her up. The only thing she wanted was a killer scar. She got it, woot!

Let's see. I worked quite a bit this week, but not 80 hours. Probably about 60 hours. Not too shabby. I also am getting over this sick cold I had for a couple weeks. It was killer and nasty. Blech. Lots of mucus. Must be a product of our great weather.

We also had an ugly sweater party. Apparently my sweater wasn't ugly enough. I thought it was pretty ugly in the store, but nobody said good job, it's ugly. I'll post some pictures soon. You can judge for yourself. And this is a picture of the bulletin board I did at the church.

I got a haircut yesterday. Lots of layers. I guess I could probably put some pictures up of that too, it's similar. I mean yeah, my hair's still long. I got more layers around my face though. So that will be good for my face, who needs more friends as you know.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Canopy adventure-

Just in- that boy Nick finally kissed me. Well, it happened Tuesday, but since I'm a slow twit, it hasn't come out until now. Tiffanie, I agree. The boy shouldn't have been able to resist me, but he has the "patience of a saint". Therefore, it took a little while.

After work, we tried planning something. Dave from work came over to where we were standing and asked if Nick wanted to go with the guys and play pool at 9. Nick said he might like that and looked over at me. When he asked if I would like to play pool, I rolled my eyes...since I'm a bad sport and was getting anxious about my canteen.

Then I said the chances of me wanting to play pool were small. He said alright. On the ride home I said he could go play with the boys if he wanted to and I'd just watch a movie by myself at home. Boys are so great. Either way I was starving and we went home. I ate, took a shower, he ate, took a shower and 2 hours later I was still lounging around, waiting to hear the plan.

Nick refused to watch a movie in the living room, because he didn't want everyone we work with making fun of us. Understandable. So yes, I'm a sinner, we watched a movie in his room. I didn't think he'd ever kiss me, slow as he is. First thing he did was pull me over. Mmm hmm. Then he kissed me a little later. I enjoyed it. He waited a while, since I've got a nasty cold. He kept kissing me on the cheek and saying how shameful it was I had a cold. Teasing bugger. Finally he did. It was nice.

I am grateful, but I would have understood if he hadn't, since my cold really is grotesque. I asked if he wasn't afraid to get it. He said he'd eat himself healthy. Then he got it two days later. Sucker. So I feel kind of guilty, but glad his ridiculous theory was proven false. Eat healthy enough to not get my cold, pah.

I do think we should probably hike more and watch less movies. I also think Juneau should be less rainy. We had a company softball game yesterday and the other team had too few players. I was put on the opposing team with a couple other people from ACT and we had a good sport. I'm terrible at catching softballs, but pretty good at throwing. I had a good catch, a couple almost catches, etc. I should go on a run later, but I work tonight, so it probably won't happen.

Everyone went to Icy Strait today, but I had to work and didn't have enough time to get a replacement. They're going to see calving glaciers. I'm super jealous. Instead I made some delectable rolls and watched Finding Jane and Willow.

Summing up my week, I'd say it was delicious. And his arms are huge. Mmm hmmm.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Incessant Juneau Rain

Excitement galore…I’ve got a bit going on right now. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my recent experiences. Nick is a boy I’ve been playing checkers and studying Spanish with. We go running sometimes, not recently, and he’s wonderful. I told him I liked him and he told me my impatience would never pay off.

Last week I was studying Spanish with Nick and he put his hand on my hand. I know, I’m like a seventh grader. I was looking for a verb and he picked up my hand. I couldn’t concentrate on what I was looking for because my mind was racing. Then he told me I had dirty fingernails. So I wondered whether he was holding my hand or just commenting on my hygiene.

Eventually, I looked up and we seemed to be having a moment. I destroyed the moment by heading off to the bathroom. I felt uncomfortable and wasn’t sure what to do. When I came back, the boy asked me why I run. Why do you think I run away, with mixed signals like that?

Then he told me not to run. Well guess what, I’ll run if I want.
Wednesday we went to the beach. At 70 degrees, Juneau had a perfect day to study Spanish. We talked about our dating lives, somehow we got onto the topic of the handhold last week, and he told me he was holding my hand. Then I asked if he was ever going to kiss me. He then told me why we could never date: we work together, we live together, and those are two terrible no no’s in the dating game.

Listen Nick, it’s unsporting of you to throw rocks at my house when you’ve just helped me tear down the walls around the outside. Crapface. I’m pretty frustrated. We talked the other day about compromising. Like we could hold hands when nobody else is around or we could date but not kiss ever.

I’ll let you know what happens. I mean, either way it’s a compromise, but at least I won’t be completely straightjacketed this summer. Meh, I’m going on a mission, but canteen fillers..I need to get me some of those. A year and a half is a long time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Grandma Enid died yesterday afternoon-

I'd like to blog a second about my grandma. I'll be honest, if I hadn't just read my sister's blog it wouldn't have occurrred to me, but it's a great idea, so I'm going to copy her.

Grandma Enid, my namesake. She always made me happy to see her. I remember her stories because she told them often. My favorites were the stories of her and my Grandpa Neal Peterson. He would tease her about the towel rack falling off the wall, just so she'd get mad.

She always thought it was so weird he dipped eggs in ketchup and put syrup on pancakes. Grandma was always giving me man advice. She often suggested I change my man tactics to exclude making them food and to give them attention, but never too much attention.

Grandma Enid was always full of advice and wisdom. Her house, spotless, was always fun to visit. She would always give you something strange to eat and an adventure was never far behind.

I remember eating outside and riding the turtles. Walking through Grandma's ornamental back yard always fascinated me. It seemed to have such magic just around the corner. I remember the day I found out they had a basement for food storage. It blew my mind.

Grandma loved her movies. She loved some great ones and we would watch them all the time together. She had some great chick flicks and they all reflected her man advice. My roomies enjoyed my Grandma stories. I told them everything she told me, she had some good ones. She once told me men don't like shooting the standing deer. They want to bag the running deer. Well, she used a little bit different lingo, but it boils down to that.

Grandma Enid was always interested in hearing my boy stories. She often told me I wasn't to settle for anyone. I was to go for the gold. Grandma Peterson, I love you. We're going to miss you and your testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grandma, Sarah didn't eat all her ketchup spaghetti, she put half of hers onto Bonnie's plate. I am blessed to be named after you! Love, Merilee Enid