Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First MTC week-

Family. Hello. I cry every day here at the MTC. Mostly it's a happy Spiritual cry, sometimes however, it is an overwhelmed cry. I am sure all the Hermanos y Hermanas here think I am loco. Which is completely true. So it's ok.
My companions are Hermana Forsyth and Hermana Evans. They are sweet sisters and I love them. We get little time for ourselves..which is perfect and ideal, but also takes any time we might use as personal time and changes it into study time to help others. Meaning it would be very selfish to take that time to read or even respond to letters. So we don't get much time. However, it is nice to know one is loved.
I know I am loved, but missionary studying is hard. Mostly because you have lots of language to learn and they start you on hard goals the first day. We are only to pray in Spanish-ever. Tomorrow, first Sunday ever, we are to have a talk ready on Obedience. In Spanish.
Every sister and elder here is extremely kind. All the elders and sisters are serving one another all the time. It is fantastico! The elders take our trays..very nice of them and let us cut in line for meals and stand up when we sit...because they are told to do so the first day. It does wonders for me. I feel very loved because of it.
I feel hurried all the time, but it is a good hurry. We do not have time to waste. There is much work to do. I wrote this in my letter, but America took every single one of my tank tops out of my suitcase. I thought she would leave one of each. Shows how much I know. Now I cannot wear half my shirts because of a little corner of white showing underneath. Mother, please go into the plastic tub in the loft...second one down and send me a brown, black, and white tank top. Please. Thank you, I need them.
Spanish will come. I know it's true. My companions love me. The Church is true. I have only met two of my three teachers. Hermano Shamo y Hermano Hadley y Hermano Crapo. They are very knowledgeable and push us. Very good for me. Love you! Hermana Peterson

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Christensen family said...

I am sooo excited for you Merilee! So glad you are still blogging! Thanks for the comments on my blog! And though I am not consistant at checking blogs lately, know I am thinking of you and Love you!