Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011...Happy Birthday, Merilee!!!!


Of course, the big event this week will be YOUR birthday...
in your email, tell us what your favorite birthday dinner/breakfast would be, and we will eat it in your honor...MMMMM! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you liked ( and got) your birthday packages! Love, YOur Mama

Not yet, but I{m hoping to get it in the next two months. Yeah! Happy Birthday to me! I would eat pizza or lasagne and brownies and icecream. Enjoy. Love, Hna Peterson

Thanks for the news. It was always nice to hear school was canceled. We don{t have snow days on the mission. We don{t have snow. But we did have a monsoon canceling of church one time, even though it was a beautiful day the next day. Sounds like the boys are doing well.

It{s going well out here. It{s roasting hot again outside. I{m sorry to hear you missed seeing Cookie.

This morning my water heater melted into the plug and we can{t get it out. I hate Guatemala sometimes. So we tried really hard to get it out and couldn{t. Luckily we didn{t get electrocuted.

We got a paint bucket and it had some paint in it. I put a bag over my hand to scoop it out and it ripped. So I had oobleck on my hand, it was green, and I felt like I was in a Dr. Seuss book. I couldn{t get it off. It was oil based. So my comp. brought out some oil and I used that to get it off my hand. We were ready to leave too. So she had to wait for me to wash my hands.

Yesterday we saw a pregnant dog climbing a hill. I said, [if that pregnant dog can do it, we can do it.[ So I climbed up, but Hna E. fell. There were also like 5 natives standing there watching, and another guy telling her to take the long way b-c she wouldn{t make it. She ended up getting a mud stain on the front of her white tshirt and hurting her arm. Oops, next time we{ll just take the long way. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

I hope that this week you do something special for your birthday. You also can probably expect more miracles and increase your faith. It will be awesome. 27 is a great age.
I love you. Happy Birthday!


Thanks Sarah Deane. I don{t know if I ever told you thank you for my Christmas package. But THANK YOU! I really am enjoying having new clothes to wear, my treats to eat, and the fantastic adorable stickers you sent me. Thanks. I will pray for more faith and miracles in my life. I already have seen a ton. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love, Hna Peterson

Ps. We changed our district meeting from Wed. to Thurs. in honor of my birthday. It{s also another sister in our district{s birthday. We{re going to play a game like pin the tail on the donkey, but it{s called get the investigator to church. Hah.

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