Thursday, August 30, 2012


I wonder how the yellow paint does it. I bought it months ago. Does it toss and fret about not being used? I have wanted to use it. I have thought about taking it out and flipping the paint onto a canvas or two. Yet I have not. Has the yellow paint quit me as a painter? Has it decided to shun me and not to be used? I submit that it has not.

That’s the gift of yellow. Sunshine is yellow. Happiness is yellow. Oh to be the color of happiness and indelible patience.  I think I can. I think I can. Something else I can do, have freakin washboard abs. If I do ab ripper every other day, because that guy on the vid said not to do it every day.

Speaking of power and agency, I think I’m going to paint soon. Next week, when I have some extra time since I don’t seem to be as popular lately, I will start a new painting. That way, when people ask to see some of my work, I will have some work to demonstrate.

Does anyone else hate cement highway dividers? I don’t know why, but they give me a tidge of anxiety when I drive. Especially when there’s a lot of road construction, especially in a bus. Ugh, the thought makes me shudder.

Also, I never want to go to jail. That would be the worst.  Fact. In these final moments of reflection, I would also like to admit I actually enjoy watching some soaps. It’s not my fault; I watch them for work sometimes. Soap operas are not as clean and wholesome as they sound. It’s a hard life. And the worst part is, I can now understand what’s going on in Spanish soaps- something I always acutely desired before entering the wide world of Spanish comprehension. Happy Birthday to me. Take THAT hasty. 

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emilyf said...

you paint? Since when? I wanna see something yellow, pronto seƱorita! Get those soaps outta my face! I once got hooked on a soap for about two weeks when I had nothing to do during the afternoons, some time before my mission I think. But they taste as good as soap in the mouth and feel as nice as soap in the I got over that. Sorry you kinda HAVE to watch them for work. By the way, they need to pay you more money. You're worth your sculpted abs of glory muscle weight in gold. But ew, who wants washboard abs anyway? Maybe guys and those girls-who-look-like-guys, but not you. Just keep being awesomely fit, that's sexy :) love yas!