Monday, January 28, 2013

Chocolate. All I want is chocolate.

This Christmas I had the opportunity to see a great many of my nieces and nephews, along with other important family members. I realized the beauty and simplicity of a child’s love. My favorite interactions were with the younger kids and all the love they gave to me for just being in their family.

That just made my break.  It was filled with lovely family interactions and beautiful days filled with nothing. Speaking of beautiful days, Saturday was a beautiful day. After four hours of sleep, I played two hours of Frisbee and two of football.

Yesterday I could barely stand up. Today is better. Also, turns out I’m way better at Frisbee than football, but it figures since I play Frisbee every Saturday.  And if I was still terrible at Frisbee, I would not be impressed.

Then I went to a Chinese bakery. I believe the name of it was Chinese bakery. I felt like I was in Guatemala again, because it was organized the same as a Guatemalan bakery.

There were quite a few people in there, with trays and tongs, pushing for bread. I got two pork rolls, a pineapple pudding sweet roll, a coconut cream roll, and a tiny raspberry mousse. I didn’t really like the pork rolls…but the coco, pineapple, and rasp businesses were delicious. Oh what a treat. San Francisco it is.

I have also recently realized how important and impossible it is to get 8 hours of sleep every night. I usually get about 6 ½. I’ll work on that.  Then maybe I’ll get over my death cough, which has lasted at least three months and is cutting my breath at least twice a day.  

I’ve been doing some rather tedious work lately for my job, tagging commercials. So I’ve been watching lots of tv shows. My favorites include: Modern Family, Parenthood, The Middle, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, Chicago Fire, and Scandal. I know, I’m a tv watching fool.

We also made videos for FHE last week. I’m the girlfriend in ours and it’s a parody of a movie made in the 80’s “The Phone Call”.  Therefore, I used my high, fake voice for it… on purpose. Maybe I’ll post the link on here. If ya’ll get lucky.  It’s really nice outside. I love the sun.

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Brooke Evans said...

I love molten lava cake a lot. Thanks a lot. I'm just trying to ignore that sudden craving now. hahha.