Friday, July 10, 2015

Looking into the past and future-

When I was in college, I ate a lot of burritos. Now when I say I ate a lot of burritos, I mean I ate burritos for months. In fact, I believe I ate many such items throughout my college and post college years.

Nate will even tell you that one time I cried to him in Budge Hall about eating burritos all the time and then he took me to get some other kinds of food. He has always been a kind friend. I did try to buy a giant block of cheddar cheese in that instance, probably for burritos, which was like $20, that we put back.

So that's the past. And today for lunch, I had a burrito. Unfortunately, and you know this, when you get burritos in bulk they just can't be as good. So we got a million from Chipotle for work and it was different. I ate it, I liked it, but it was always strange. Except I love me some free burritos, so what's the problem here?

Anyway, I'm spoiled and I'm taking one home for the other guy. The one who makes me dinner every night and curls my toes with chocolate chip cookies covered in homemade pudding, sandwiched with another cookie, covered in ganache.

And that's why we don't have nice things. Mmm. Ganache covered computers. Don't do this at home!

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