Thursday, September 3, 2015

The power of autonomous spreads-

You are thinking little of salad dressings at this moment and wondering what a magical nymph would possibly eat on their salad that could be autonomous.

Can you eat salad dressings on sandwiches, not unless you count mayonnaise, which is just silly, because it's not a dressing. It's a condiment. And can you really say mayonnaised bread is wearing a dress? I say nay.

However, have you ever gotten a hold of pesto sauce? You can utilize the heck out of pesto. How about lemon curd? Honestly, any dressing you could drink straight from the jar seems more of a dessert to me.

Yes, I'm still talking about lemon curd. You can spread that juice on bread, over desserts, drop it in curried carrot soup (a la Canute) or even eat it plain. Albeit, what sort of person would just eat it by the spoonful? You must admit, it is just like eating a drab of lemon meringue pie without having to make an entire pie.

Italian dressing can be used in green salad, but also in pasta salad and to braise chicken. Mustard is also a good way to prepare chicken- surprise surprise.

In my own modest home we don't eat a lot of salad. In fact, last week we only ate half of the round of jello prepared and finally washed the leftover crust from the pan after the hemming and hawing over wastefulness had been put to rest. Those were inner hemming and hawings, Charles would never hesitate to throw away a shriveled apricot left in a dried piece of jello. Few would have that hesitation. Thanks Mom.

This past week, in a celebratory gesture welcoming change, happiness, and the beginning of new adventures, we ate at Olive Garden. I believe we received the gift card we used as a Christmas present two years ago. Thanks Jenny! We looked up a coupon for a free appetizer on his phone and went inside.

Charles was startled when I asked if he'd like to take our food to go, because then we'd save money on a tip. Listen, I was just trying to be frugal. However, after seeing his face, I reconsidered and we had a nice dinner on the town.

We started with some lovely fried artichokes, followed by soup and breadsticks. We tried to manage our food intake the best way possible, so we could enjoy eating the main dish while it was fresh. We also utilized the buy one, take one deal. All in all, we still spent some money, but it was nice to be able to go all out and eat a little crazy.

The waitress reminded me of my Alaska friend Krista. She did a great job. After we ate, we took a walk and then went out for froyo afterwards. Thanks for those gift certificates Michelle! We were going to share one, but it turns out I and the Mr. like different things in our froyo. So we ended up getting two and I had Charles finish mine. So we should probably have just gotten one. Oh well.

You're probably thinking all we do is eat. Well, you're wrong. We eat and watch movies. Now you can be satisfied that you know our goings on. Lately, I've also been reading all manner of books. Charles has also been tracking parts for and building his robot. Which is actually just as interesting as it sounds, because as you know, Robots are cool.

We started Scouts yesterday and went swimming this weekend. We also went to the beach Saturday, ate some corn, and played some ultimate frisbee. We missed you Don. We didn't play for long, as it was getting dark and the water was coming up. We found a frisbee!!! And then the guys with the cooler that passed us playing with our other frisbee stole it. Jerks. My one consolation would be if it actually had been their frisbee that got lost and then found, but that's a long shot. We'll just say that was the truth, even if only to make ourselves feel better.

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