Sunday, September 3, 2017

To two too cute cuties and the handsome one

I just delved into my phone. It turns out someone took a million pictures of my babies with it. So I posted some of those pictures. We have Breanna and Stacy here currently holding babies. It's loads of fun. We've have a lot of help before and since these babies were born. Our ward has visited, brought meals, done our laundry twice a week, and just dropped by to help. We've also had family here constantly since these babies arrived and it has made all the difference.

 I have recently experienced the joys of spit up. See below for an artistic rendition of love by regurgitation.

 Skinny jeans never looked so good.
 I don't want to brag, since it was such a hard road to get there. However, I started at 155 lbs, weighed in at 174 lbs right before birthing these babies, and am currently at 138 lbs. That's what constant heartburn and twin cramming does to you. Here I am at 2 months post partum.

 Boxing lessons anyone?

 My Dad, taking care of babies for 3 weeks.
 Cookie, holding babies all week and loving it.
 Epic Christmas part deaux 2015 never before seen pictures.

 Charles and I recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Charles and I have the same anniversary as the sister/brother-in-law pictured here. This year, he was in Tucson for our anniversary and his birthday. Since my sister was in town, and since we share a wedding anniversary, we went to see Valerian. It was actually pretty good, even though everyone who we told hadn't liked it. Thanks for letting us see an alien movie and celebrate our anniversary without you Charles!

 St. Patrick's Day is a great day to slaughter muppets. Delicious eats. Charles is a great cook and a thoughtful husband. These pictures are from 2 years ago, but he is as wonderful as ever. Thanks for cooking for me my whole pregnancy, even when I couldn't eat anything you made Charles. Also, thanks for finishing my breakfasts when you cooked me one egg and I couldn't fit it all in my shrunken stomach. You are a pregnant lady's dream!

 These are the before and after pictures from when I donated my hair in 2014. Charles was shocked and appalled by my haircut. He now texts my hairdressers and pretends to be me. In those texts he tells them not to let me do any drastic cuts. Thanks for watching out for me and keeping me from making silly decisions Charles.

 This is a picture from when I visited my friend Emily for my other friend/mission companion Astrid's wedding. We had so much fun and I had an awesome visit. Thanks for letting me visit Utah without you for 4 days Charles. I know it was hard for you to sleep without me shoving you to the edge of our queen-sized bed.

 Charles is an expert waffle making machine and makes them for all our guests. They are fluffy, freeze well, and taste divine. Thanks for being such a handsome waffle maker for your sweet wife and visitors.
 This was the time I got a wax. It was spectacular and totally worth it. I will one day do that again. My friends are supreme weirdos, just like me. Thanks for being weird with me Charles.

 My sisters and I had the opportunity to paint together one day. It was the best. Charles has always been supportive of me, my family, my artistic development, and all other aspects of my development. Thanks for letting me grow Charles!
 When I was cleaning a Cutco spreader in our sink our first year of marriage, I cut my finger. Charles no longer lets me open cans, clean knives, cut large items, or grate cheese. Thanks for protecting my appendages Charles! I love you and have kept the rest of my fingers because of you!
Happy 4 years and 2 babies to us my sweet husband! I love you so much and can't wait to pick you up and take you home on Saturday. Woot! Love you my little Reeses addict! Oots poots!

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