Saturday, May 26, 2018

Clean up-

Today I made a cbj cake. That's chocolate butter jelly cake. Mostly I did it because Charles does not like fruit with his chocolate cake and I can't eat peanut butter. So I made this cake halfsies. It is so sweet, but I liked it.  

 This is a couple of babies lounging. People love when they put their feet up. They comment on that and on their blue eyes. Last week at Institute, Cordelia spewed orange baby food all over Charles. She also threw up on a girl holding her a little earlier that night, but we thought it was a fluke. Like when they spit up randomly. Luckily we found out it wasn't a fluke...on Charles.. instead of on one of our friends. Thanks for that. It did come out in the wash.
 We found out after a couple of fevers and a visit to the doctor's office, that we had gathered up sicknesses like mommy's rose bouquet from Mother's Day. Cordelia and Bruce both had hand foot mouth disease, Bruce had a bad sore throat and cough, Cordy had an ear infection and a bacterial infection on her nose, and they both had terrible yeast infections. It was a rough week, but we are getting better.
 Feeding times are fun to do. Bruce and Cordelia are expressing more independence in their food choices. Bruce refuses to eat baby food from a spoon- his favorite expression of displeasure is hitting the spoon and knocking food everywhere. Mommy loves that trick.
 Cordelia loves giving us the fishy face and shakes her head when we offer her food. She also wants to feed herself, but refuses to eat anything lumpy. That limits her options for consumption. She will eat cheese. Besides that, we are hit and miss on foods. Surprisingly, she and Bruce are also gradually losing interest in nursing. Maybe that will push them on to trying new foods.
 This is the lovely red skittle slurpee at Taco Bell. If you get it between 2-5 pm, it costs $1. Yum, drinking red skittles is de best. Especially when the babies are asleep.
 Speaking of sleeping babies, this happened one morning when Bruce wouldn't go back to sleep after nursing. He played with Daddy and then fell asleep in his high chair while Daddy was dancing for him.
 Thanks for a wonderful Mother's Day Charles! He made me a wishing machine and got me roses and chocolate. He made me breakfast and lunch. He made me lemon cookies and let me sleep in. Well, the babies were pounding on the door and screaming, but he did his best.

 This picture is a little fuzzy, but makes me think of a mad scientist. I love it. Cordy pulls out her hair if I don't pull it back during meal times. Recently she's been pulling off the hat, but barrettes still work.
 Sunday clothes.. right before we stripped these babies down and fed them lunch


Christine Schindler said...

I cannot imagine that any good can come from ingesting a slurpee no matter how good they taste.
Search Results
Ingredients in Slurpee. Treated water, "high fructose corn syrup", orange juice from concentrated, natural flavors (who knows their source?), citric acid, quillaia extract (what?), sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), "caffeine", sodium citrate, erythorbic acid (what?), calcium sodium edta (to protect flavor), "Yellow 5", gum arabic, brominated vegetable oil (what? - vegetable is not usually a good alternative in one's diet.

Christine Schindler said...

Love this post.