Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Turns out I'm an idiot-

And shouldn't be allowed to manage my own money. Seriously. I am not kidding you. I found out today, the $13 monthly charge I thought was my accident insurance, was really purchasing shield insurance through my bank. I'm an idiot. I just called about it and found out what it is. It's insurance for big purchases, like washers, fridges, computers- you know, crap I never buy.

When I found out what it was, I canceled it immediately. I asked when I had gotten that insurance, and they said I'd gotten it on trial for a month and hadn't canceled it. I said that was impossible, since I'm not a complete idiot and would never need that service so I must have canceled it 2 weeks in. I'm sure of it. Anyways, turns out I am an idiot and lost about $130 on my journey to prove that.

Second, I have been spending way too much money on my car insurance- $360 or so every six months. I don't have that great of a car, and I don't have a job. Further proof I should not be allowed to take care of my own finances. So I've canceled my auto insurance until September, then I'm going to call Geico and maybe change it again, b/c my brother-in-law only pays $160 every six months and he has two cars and the same coverage as me. So yeah.

Third, I'm going to Germany in a week and am missing out on the best month of the school year with my roomies. Granted, I'm taking my life off hold and am going to Europe, but there's that touch of sadness I can't shake. I'm leaving Sunday morning bright and early and will probably call every person I know so I don't fall asleep at the wheel

I went snowboarding for the first time in my life two weeks ago. I went night boarding. It was a blast but tiring. I found out the boy I liked is amazing and likes my roomie Jas. That's just fine with me. I don't like these boys I know. Too easily crossed off the list. Boys, bah right now.

I'm going to be trying to keep up this blog for the next couple weeks, months, forever. Keep on keeping on. I leave for Germany Tuesday. A week from today. Ba ha ha. Anyone want to come with me? Love, Merilee

P.s. Please don't be offended if I don't answer your phone calls in the next three months...I'm putting my phone on hold, so I'll just be emailing and blogging etc.


Christensen family said...

Germany???? What are you going there for! I love how daring you are! It seems like you always have some adventure you are going on! Wow! Well girl I sure do wish you the best! Keep me posted on how you are doing! Love ya!

TPlayer said...

First of all, I may be tempted to pop over and meet up with you in germany. Remeber how I have plane ticket connections whenever I want. Hmm?

Are you driving to Germany? haha. JK, But that's what your "falling asleep at the wheel" comment made it sound like. Where are you driving to?

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