Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I fed the ducks some green hash browns. We tried making them Sunday and they were a bust. Well, the ones Jas and I made were a bust because they oxidized. Cyndi's were no bust b/c they were sitting in cold water after a good grating and were rolled in butter and eggs. Way to go roomie of the stars! We also had a Samaritan-Braden- from the ward grate and peel like 10 potatoes. It was nice of him, but the ducks didn't even like 'em. They kept sinking to the bottom of the pond. Way to get on my crush list though B.

Also, I went running with my roomie Jas at 10:30. We ran around the RB, up past the temple, and by the creamery we had to stop because my knee was bustin up... Lame. So we had to walk back the rest of the way. Weirdly enough I think it's because of the warm weather we're having. It's so nice outside- like 60 today.

I should sit outside and that's all. Funny story time. My friend Mike asked this girl he met at a store on a date with peanut butter on his face. Then they doubled with his married friends Ryan and Amberly. Then they told her they had no plans. They decided to knock on doors around Provo and see if someone would feed them.

Amberly did it first, she ran to a door, knocked, and waved them inside. The girl who fed them hors d'oeuvres asked if they were too cheap to buy their dates dinner etc. They also found out the girl Mike had asked out was in high school and he's 25. Hah.

After snacks, they went to a family neighborhood. They knocked on the door of a family, the girl was standing with Mike, but he hid behind a corner, so she looked to be standing alone on the steps. When the lady opened the door, she just stood there on the stoop, looking awkward. Mike popped his head over and asked if they could eat there.

The lady let them in, saying her husband used to be a bishop for a singles ward, so they're used to shenanegans. She said they were having company later, so they could eat some of that food. The girl was sitting by the fridge and looked at it. Then she looked at Ryan, then she looked back at the fridge.

She said, "Do you know these people?" She had seen their wedding invite on the fridge. Ryan said, "Awww man, I thought I'd hid all the pictures with us on them." It was his parents house and the hors d'oeuvre girl was a friend of theirs. Funny huh?

My brother Canute is going to school at BYU right now. We are probably going to do the same thing to a girl he's asking out next week. Funny. We're going to try and keep it a secret we know each other. I'll let you know what happens. Hah.

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TPlayer said...

Remember that one tandom bike guy who you gave my number to, and I sent him on a date with Mel in my place...yeah nice. You have the most hilarious people in your life. Feel free to continue to pass my number along. I won't hold "The Parasite" against you forever :)