Friday, April 3, 2009


Here I am in Bamburg, Germany. It's been a couple days and I still feel some jet lag hiding behind my eyes. It's ok though, because I'm sure it will end soon. It's Friday today, the weather is fantastic, and man is it cute here.

I've been staying on an army base with my cousins and we've driven outside a couple times. Yesterday I found out how to get train and bus tickets. I'll have to plan out some trips. My cousin Mike is supposed to be getting back from Iraq tomorrow and we might be going to Holland. That would depend on whether he gets permission or not.

Holland would be rad though. Besides that, I don't have much news. I miss my roomies, but besides that I'm good. I'll find adventures, don't you worry.


Amy said...

I can't believe you are gone. Like really. It's sad.

Julie said...

You're in Bamberg?! Spencer played basketball there for a season a few years ago before we were married.. I visited him there, I think it's such a nice, cute little town! He lived right across from the base.

Have lots of fun!!