Sunday, April 26, 2009


I hope that's spelled correctly. Otherwise someone might correct me, until it's corrected. YESTERDAY! I experienced a bit of Germany. It was grand. I've been meaning to do so, and now I have done so.

I went with two girls in the ward. Their names are Marie and Andrea. They are both here while their husbands are deployed and they are in a similar age bracket to mine. Marie is more of a talker than Andrea, but we three had some great talks in the car.

First we drove to Rothenburg. It's the only intact medieval city in the world...or something like that. I was told to go into the Christmas stores and to try a snowball. Apparently that area of Germany is the only place they make snowballs. Firstly, snowballs are not as delicious as they sound, that's why they aren't made anywhere else. They were in every treat shop and make their sales based on the fact it's the only place they're made. They look like pie dough extras molded into balls. They were covered in powdered sugar, cinnamin, chocolate, or pecan bark. 

Marie got a chocolate covered ball, I got a powdered sugar ball. I didn't know what type to get and Danielle told me they're gross, but I had to try one. So I asked the girl who worked there and she got this look on her face. I said, "Yeah, you probably don't eat them often because they're gross. I've heard they're gross." She said she probably ate the powdered sugar kind the most often because it was the traditional kind. Hah, I know she doesn't eat them. They taste like cardboard. Sick.

I ate mine, very dry. This creepy 45 yr old man asked us where we were from in the store. I didn't want to be labeled a rude American, so I said Missouri. He said that was a hot place, I said, "Yes, in summer." He also advised me to not eat the powdered sugar roll in the street b/c I'd make a mess all over my shirt. He knows me.

We walked up the street, the girls went into a store, I ate my snowball. The man passed me...he saw me. AGH. Then he asked me how it was and if I needed to wash it down with some coffee. I said no thanks and waved him away. HE ASKED ME FOR COFFEE. That man was not in my range. My range is 16-40. He was definitely not in there.

Then I went through the torture museum. It was grand. Don't get me wrong, I think torture is a sick practice. However, they had plenty of masks and humiliation devices for the street. You know, for gossips and such. They have masks with big ears and huge tongues.  I thought that was interesting. I am a talked and would have to wear such a mask I think, so I related to those masks. 

The other girls had already been through with their husbands, apparently boys like that stuff more than girls. Oops. I ended up walking through in about an hour and we walked through the city afterwards. It has cobblestones and cute houses. It has narrow streets and reminded me of Estonia. I loved Estonia. There's a castle there though, we walked around on the wall in Rothenburg. It made me feel happy b/c of my Estonia memories.

Then we drove to two smaller cities south of there. They had similar cobblestones and buildings and had young men wandering all over the city. It was grand. Many of them stared as we walked past and this crazy looking guy waved at us. Every terribly confident guy I want to say is Italian, b/c that's what I heard about the Italian guys. Plus, I don't speak Italian or German, so I wouldn't know.

After we got back, I walked Prince around the downtown base.. and it was deserted. Ridiculous. The end. 


Sarah Gessel said...

Really Mer? 16-40? That's sick. 20-30 is probably a good range for you right now. You are not so old to consider anything higher than that right now. Lower than 20 is sick at your age. The end.

TPlayer said...

Did you seriously just say your age range was 16-40? 16? Mer, seriously?-16...come on. David Archuleta is 18 and I still can admit that's inappropriate. Zac Efron being 21 is a different story :) but 16!!!

Merilee said...

Posh. I would never date a 16 yr old. However, it's nice to have a chintzy range. Then people can't say you're too picky.

Doesn't matter. I've decided to go on a mission next year, so the 16 yr olds can rest easy.