Monday, September 28, 2009

Stuck on you

I’m currently sitting in the Seattle airport terminal, watching pushy Delta Skymiles representatives. Calling people over..very sneaky. Anyhow, I’d just tell them I already had one and maybe they’d go away. They’d better stay away from me.

I’m on my way back to Missouri. I left the house this morning at 5:15 am and am getting home to Blue Springs at about 9:15 pm. I will have plenty of time to blog. Right before updating this, I typed up my phone list. I figured my mother’s taking up my phone plan when I leave, so I should take down that useful information and email it to myself. I’d hate for that valuable information to get lost.

Big news: Nick Coppola left two days before me and I was really sad.
Predictable: I cried four times the previous day and the water poured when he left at 4:30 am the next morning.

I also went rock climbing Thursday. I got up four walls. Correction, I scaled two easy walls and half scaled two harder walls, but on the third wall my hands got sweaty and I couldn’t grip anything, and by the fourth wall my arms and legs were exhausted. I could’ve gotten up that wall if I didn’t have T-Rex arms.

Nick did have chalk, but by the fourth wall, it was too late, I was exhausted. Being puny can be a real downer during recreational activities that take lots of muscle control. Such activities I’ve noticed this during: rock climbing, water skiing, and snowboarding. I just like reading, thereby exercising my mind.

I am finished working for the summer and just told my sister on the phone I’m pretty sure I made the same amount this summer as I have in summers past. How is it possible, Merilee? You only worked half the summer you say. Well, I think it’s a blessing for my mission preparation. It must be, because I have no other explanation for that phenomenon. Or I could be on crack and have no idea how much money I make any given season..which is also true.

Canute, my esteemed sibling and I were talking yesterday about the projects my mother has lined up for him. Then I got to thinking about where I’m headed. I’ll be at the project house tonight. We talked about how nice it would be to have free time. Specifically, free time to play golf. I mean, think about how bored you must be to hit a ball into that hole in the ground waayyyyy over there by that flag. I have some cousins that love golf. Big D, you know who I mean. Man, that’s the life.

You know what else is the life? Living as a single waif is awesome. I realized the other day, after reading some blogs and talking to some ladies I know, how terribly lucky I am to be single, unattached, and childless. Not that marriage doesn’t have huge perks such as companionship etc., but I’m not ready quite yet to be attached to the responsibility of educating a child or two.

On the flip side, I do love spooning. Therefore, I should probably get on my mission and forget the boys. Get yourself a canary, Dilmount. I do miss Mr. Coppola though. He’s a hilarious dreamboat who is currently driving through Canada, stopping to climb rocks and hike trails. Weird.

I’m trying to think of something terribly exciting I decided upon or something weird I’ve done lately. Can’t think of anything at all. Wait, have you ever seen someone so muscley they can’t put their arms down? Funny. I just saw a guy with that problem walking past me in the airport.

Other things I’ve seen in the airport while sitting here for the last three hours: a seven year old kid riding on a suitcase his mom was pulling along, lots of not as cute as Luke babies, two puppies, two Peter Pan hat wearers who ended up belonging to each other thereby disproving my theory about a Peter Pan convention in the area, some koochie cutters, Jesus sandals, lots of tattoos, and a $9 Panini sandwich I totally bought, cause I’m a sucker.

Not that I can really talk, because I’m currently wearing sweatpants over my jeans. My bag was too heavy, so I put some pants over my pants. I packed 5 jars of homemade blueberry and salmonberry jam in my luggage for presents. Heavy. Five pounds over heavy, but jam’s liquid so I had to move over other stuff. So I can’t open my carryon, since it’s way too jam packed..heh.
On the upside, it’s cold in the SLC airport and I’ve got some soft sweatpants on for cuddling..with myself.

Also, esteemed Canute just fixed my laptop connection availability. He's my hero. Yay. Today I cleaned my brother Josh's room where I'll be staying since he's in Washington staying with cousins for four months. I don't think it had been vaccumed for ten years, no joke. I'll also be visiting Deane next Wednesday for sure in Texas. Yes!


Livin' Single said...

hiiiiiiiiiii. i'm jealous that you are in missouri. i will be there maybe the end of october . . . will you still be?

Merilee said...

Yes my love, I will be there in October, and probably until next March at the rate my papers are going. Lame-o. I need to call you.

Kristie said...

You sound like life is a dream for you darling. You sound so happy (minus the boy seperation) I love it. How long are you in Missouri? A best friend of mine is from St. Louis area-- and I think you two may be pals...

Kristie said...

I mean pals once I introduce (and I think you can understand what I'd love to see happen after...).