Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet unhappy McGee-

Or myself, Peterson. Yesterday I made coffee cake. Or as my sensitive father wishes we call it, breakfast cake, since the other name implies we drink coffee and as you know, we don't. It's against our religion. Let me tell you something, I like making up recipes and I put some rhubarb into a blueberry crumble in Alaska and figured I'd never go back.

Well, I found some rhubarb in the fridge yesterday. I chopped it up and dropped two cups into my crumble. For rhubarb, you cut up the red stalk. I found out in the eating of this delicacy I didn't put rhubarb into the mix, but char. Char, for those of you who have never heard of me, is like spinach. You eat the leaf. It looks exactly like rhubarb, except the stalk tastes like beets. So I will be hard pressed to get my family to eat my beet breakfast cake. Boo.

I was also sent away from my house to my sister's house today because my mother doesn't trust me alone in there. I have a tendency lately, especially after dating clean freak Italiano Coppola, to want surrounding areas to me clean. He thinks it's hilarious. I think it's idiotic. Stupid cleaning upstart ruining my life. Anyway, I think cleanliness is next to Godliness, therefore, I will be cleaner in future.

I also saw the movie 17 again today. Very cute. Zach E is a hot 17 yr old. There, I said it. Whatever. Don't judge me. My range is 17 to 40 anyway. I think I used to say 50, but I've reneged, that sicks me out. I also ate two blts for lunch and a brownied up scoop of icecream for lunch. That also semi sicks me out b/c I know it's terribly oily of me to eat such a thing without plans to run, even though Christian bro would love to run with me. I should start that.

Kristie, I would be pleased to make the acquaintance of your friend. Don't be too disappointed if it doesn't work out though, St. Louis is 3.5 hours away. It's where our temple is, so we take temple trips there. I'm sure he's lovely. Most boys are.

Unfortunately, I do have an unsightly bruise on my left leg currently and it showcases my clumsiness..I ran into a bookshelf in our library. It hurt like the dickens. Whatever. Pay no attention to the largess of my leg in this picture, it's an optical illusion. On a similar note, I need to make some food today. Did I tell you my sister babysat me today because my mother doesn't trust me in the house alone?

I mean, she probably shouldn't, I kept asking her what things around the house were for..and I threw away two pairs of shoes in the garage..and get this- she noticed. Have you seen our garage? It's loaded with crap. That's the weirdest part. Paranoid people all over. Hah.

Speaking of paranoid, Nick would never go to church activities with me because he said they're designed to trick people into having fun and joining our church. I guess that's kind of what they're designed to do. Kind of. I also got a job with Fedex today. I'll start training in two Thursdays..starting the day I get back from Sarah's house. Yay for visits to baby Lukes, sisters, and fantastic brother in laws.

On the other hand, my parents are completely insane. I had my car in a spot two places over from where my car is now and I had to move it because we have someone who lives in our basement and it's his "assigned parking spot" even though it doesn't really matter where anyone parks. I had to move it right then, because he is coming home right now. Who cares? I was just annoyed it was so urgent. Completely insane.


~*Alina*~ said...

MER. I have two words for you: Cardon Ellis. I'm telling you, so far, I am definitely NOT a fan. Nor will I ever be. And he's in my ward now.

Raymond and Amy Lambert Family said...

Haha! Beet cake!!

Sarah Gessel said...

Cardon Ellis is the library seducer, right? And by the way I love the new name of your blog: Compost of the mouth. It is very fitting.

*liSa* said...

That bruise looks more like a baseball trying to escape! Holy Cow. I'm sorry that happened to you, I bet it hurts like the dickens!

Amanda Petersen said...

I do have to say that reading your blog makes me feel like I'm sitting on our beds in heritage halls staying up until two or three in the morning talking. I miss those days. What's going on with the Mission? Keep me posted! Love ya!

TPlayer said... started enjoying the goodness of breakfast cake back at the MTC. Don't forget your roots, Mer! PS... I'm glad you're back!

NYC Housing said...

Hello Everyone, This is Cardon Ellis... First, to MER... I read your blog, you are funny and I appreciate your style. Second, Alina, I would be more than happy to buy you coronet pizza and discuss any problems you have with me. I don't remember meeting you but I can't recall doing anything so terrible lately that I would deserve such a comment like the one you left here. Third, Sarah Gassel... I don't know where the term "library seducer" comes from but wow... a man that seduces women in libraries is either very talented in seduction or just plain over-read (is that possible). I haven;t figured out what I think of that comment yet. All the best wishes to everyone.