Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 5, Transfers!

Wow, today was fantastic.. until my computer time. Myldsmail won´t work. Boo. So after an hour of not working, finally my dl told me to use my hotmail. Luckily I remembered my password. So if you sent me something on myldsmail, it´s locked and sorry I´m not responding this week.

We had transfers today. I´m in the capital with some amazing sisters. And elders. My new area is supreme. We are in a trio. Hna G and Hna C. I´m really excited to serve with these sisters. Hna C helped me clean the house and we contacted people today. All three of us. It´s supreme to have helpers in the work.

And Hna C contacted a bus. It´s not terribly effective b-c buses are loud and lots of people don´t care about our message.

This morning we got up at 1, took the bus until 6´30 and then we had our transfers. My sisters are 25 and we´re all the same age. I can´t wait to serve with them here in the capital. The weather is the same and the people are great. We have a nice house, but 2 beds. So we´ll see. And I hear there are tons of cockroaches here. Boo.

Also, Hna Varela was a great comp, but it´s nice to have a change. I love her. I will miss her and my families, but it´s nice to have a change. Yes, my letters have been more upbeat. I´ve been trying to enjoy where I´m at. It´s been getting better. I hope all the people here don´t think I´m a crazy sister. Jealous of the food, yes. Jealous of the time with all the family and talent, yes.

Rock my soul in the Bosom of Abraham sounds like an awesome song. Woot.

I feel like I should have millions of things to write, but really, I just read this email from Canute and therefore would like to respond to some of the things he said. For ejemplo...lots of the houses here seem quite rugged in American standards,but are really nice in Coban.

For example, many houses have cement walls and they´re really nice. I´m pleased to report, we have a house like that. But I think everyone has roaches. Everyone. I hear we have bastante. That means endless or tons. Woot. I can´t wait to see. But I need a bed first b-c I´m in a trio and we don´t have three beds, just two.

And we don´t have many shelves. So my stuff´ll probably stay in my suitcase and I´ll zip it every day so the roaches stay out. Ughh. I hate those things. Bleck. Also, my comps are a hoot. I can´t wait to serve with them. I feel like an Amazon though, b-c I´m 5´7 and they´re shorter. Way shorter. So yes, I´m an Amazon here and I´m really not that tall.

Also, the food here is great. I need to buy some fruit today after this.
Love, Hna Peterson

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