Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bye, Bye Bishop Beck

I was sad to hear of the passing of Brother Beck. He will always be Bishop Beck in my memory as well. He was a spectacular man and will be missed. I´m sure I would have equaled your tissue use at the funeral. I am sure the service was grand and please give my regards to the family.

Again, mylds mail isn´t working for me. So it´s hotmail for the next week I guess. Please forward this to they know to send any communications to my hotmail and myldsmail...b-c who knows which one I´ll be using next week.

My friend Adrienne had a baby girl named Megan and she sent me a picture. Adrienne, she is beautiful and I´m so excited for you and your new family member. Also, Kimberly had a baby. Congratulations Kimberly for your new addition. Yay for babies!

This week was supreme. I got put into another trio. Que Bendicion! That means, what a blessing. Our mission president says it a lot. Anyway, they are little. I feel like a giant every day. And I feel hungrier now, b-c they don´t eat as much as me and they like soup and other light things. So I think next week I´m going to seek after more food. The companionship joke is Hna Peterson is always hungry and tired. Well, it´s true.

Also,MOM, I´m glad you got to spend some time with Megan and Allyson. Happy Birthday Megan! Five is really old! I wish I could have played with all of you. I miss my family. But I know my family can be together forever and that´s the message I get to share with people every day. So I´m really lucky to know that and have the opportunity to share that knowledge with other families.

Spanish is going better. Well, every other day I feel competent. I feel like I can communicate well with others usually, but sometimes in lessons I get frustrated b-c I want to say so much but my limited vocabulary won´t allow me. I think the Lord knew if I was an English speaking missionary I would teach for too long and not knowing words forces a talker like me to seek after Spanish learning. Pretty sure that´s true.

Our P-day is Monday still. We email at about 4 here. I´m glad everything´s going well at home. Sorry the plants got plastered. Everyone loves those forgetmenot seeds. Bonnie is working a lot and not as social. That´s not as fun, but I think it helps us enjoy the good times we have in such cases.

We played billiards for an hour as a district. That was weird. I guess they asked the ZL if it was ok and they said yes, but it still was weird. I´m adequate at pool. This area is good. We talk to a lot of people. I need to keep my enthusiasm to talk to people. Sometimes it´s hard to approach people b-c you see that look of hesitancy in their eyes and you feel bad. For their eternal salvation...which is ridiculous b-c this message is important. So I banish Satan with those thoughts.

Thanks for all the news. I am looking for cocoa right now to make those no-bake cookies. I found peanut butter, but cocoa has been hard to find here. I just figured they´d have it here. I will try to find it. Otherwise, I guess in another year I´ll get no-bake cookies also. Love you! Thanks for the news and the love and the prayers. I appreciate them! Love, Hna Peterson

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