Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sept 27, 2010

I emailed people last week. Not much, but yeah, I emailed. I think I emailed Grant. Or maybe not.

I also wrote dad a story this week about an inactive here who wasn´t wearing pants when he came out to talk to us. Awkward.

First off, I also have used that letherman many times and the little bag of preparedness stuff. Thanks Dad.

Second, Canute, your lip looks gross. I´m glad you attached a picture so we could see just how gross it really is.

Third, this week we knocked at a 70 yr old inactive´s house. His named Eduardo. He came outside to open his gate in his underwear and a tshirt. He also drinks pretty heavily. Anyways, it was like 6 pm and he said, ¨Come on in hnas¨. And I said, ¨Where are your pants?¨ And he looked down and said, ¨They´re there.¨ And I said, ¨Nope, they´re not¨. So he opened the gate, told us to come in and walked inside to put his pants on. We scheduled an appointment for later in the week and earlier in the day. That is one of the many reasons you should never drink alcohol.

My comp Hna Gonzalez has also discovered I startle really easy. So she startles me about 30 times a day. It was old the first time..but she does it a lot. If it helps her stay happy, I guess it´s ok, but it´s really obnoxious. If I were at home, I would punch her. But she has very tender skin...b-c sometimes I pat her back and she says ow. So...I just think about punching her. Also, she likes to pick long grass and hassle me. The Lord loves us. I know he´s teaching me patience. Besides those two things, we get along really well.

It´s Christian´s birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Christian!

We have changes this week. Maybe. I don´t know if I have a change, but changes are happening. If I change, that´s cool, but if not, that´s cool too. We have 6 baptismal dates. With faith, they will all be baptized. More faith.

It´s getting colder and rainier here. Not cold, just colder. Christian´s bday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Christian! Ah, yeah, I wrote like 3 emails to Christian last week. Oops, I guess he didn´t share them huh? Well, ask him to send it to you.

Sorry scouts is hard. I get lost driving places all the time. That´s why it´s probably better we have to walk everywhere here. Love, Hna Peterson

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