Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sept 20, 2010..6 months or bust

Chocolate is always delicious, with carmel and other stuff like nuget inside. If you buy me candy, please look to see if there are peanuts or are made in a peanut factory..b-c I can´t eat them if they are. So that, and any really cute shirts b-c I´m super sick of my clothes, but also don´t like clothes shopping.

This week was good. It was really hot half the time, and the other half the time it rained. We knocked doors all yesterday and found about two people to teach. We also had an investigator named Jorge go to church. Yes! It is unbelievably hard to get people to church. We also attended a baptism, which Jorge said he´d come to and didn´t. Oh well, there´s always next time. He also smokes like a chimney, but we´re working with him.

America, if you would like to Print out that smoking program for me and send it that would be great. I really don´t have time to read that long stuff here and I don´t know how many pages it is...maybe a lot. Anyway, I bought different foods at the store today, b-c the food I´ve been eating I´m sick of. And we don´t ever look at the fruit or veggies these days. Oops.

This week I found out the chubby kid who was running around saying he itched is named Javier. Hah. Also, I dropped a drop of bleach on my black sock and it has an orange spot now. Oops. The church is true. Love you! Hna Peterson


Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 16:21:33 -0600

I´m glad you´re having a fun and active time at BYU. There are always good times to be had there. I had a class in the special collections place. It was called ancient and medieval manuscripts and I fell asleep in it every day. I also got my first college c. Oops. One every semester, thank you very much. I would have lost any scholarships stat. So it´s good I never got any, b-c mom wouldn´t have ever let me forget it.

I´m glad you have plenty of girls to run after..7 is about right. I always had a number to dream about.. of boys, not girls, at college. I had a dream the other night about this guy I liked my entire college existence named Brian Swindlehurst. It was depressing, b-c he never liked me back. But I´m over him..I thought, until I had that dream. But yeah, why would I want to date someone who wasn´t interested in me? Stupid.

Thanks for buying that new coolant cap. If that fixed the problem, you are amazing, b-c I´ve lost a lot of money on that stupid problem. I´m glad you´ve got the activity part of college down. Some people never do. I have been on a mission for 6 months in four days. What am I going to do when I get home? The same thing I do every night, try to take over the world.

The church is true. Sometimes I feel frustrated. With Spanish, with myself, with my comp. But that´s the missionary life. You´re the best. Thanks for your prayers. I need them. Love you! Hna Peterson

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