Monday, July 15, 2013

Yes way

I've never been a very good rapper. Than can be a wonderful tool one can utilize in daily living. Nor can I beat box. Pity. I can, however, talk. I can talk for hours. I can and have. 

I bought a 21 lb. watermelon last week. What was I thinking? I was thinking I'd drink a lot of watermelon juice this week. Did it happen? No, but I did incorporate it into many smoothies. I didn't like those to the same degree as the orange juice smoothies I have been drinking, but they were surprisingly nice. 

That said, I still have 33.33 percent of a watermelon leftover. I think it's going bad. I think it has gone bad. Sadly. That was a short run Cap'n Watermelon. Maybe next time you'll let me make you into watermelon jam and watermelon cookies before you go bad. Thanks. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was nice outside, we ate chicken broccoli for dinner and had brownies for dessert- with fruit. I love that stuff. 

I want you all to know I'm marrying an incredible guy. He's so nice to me all the time. He does the dishes. He makes me food. He rubs my feet. According to the peanut gallery, it will end in 11 days. Can't wait. 

Still, my expectations are all sorts of high for a healthy married relationship. I guess the hope of a great relationship is what keeps me on track. If I didn't have that hope, I'd be out. I've always been a runner. Obviously Charles knows that, or he wouldn't be so good to me, and I wouldn't be 11 days from marrying his lovely, wonderful self. 

I've been watching this show on Hulu called Perfect Couples. I actually enjoy it quite a bit. It has three couples and the dichotomy of each couple just kills me. 

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Rachel said...

Please tell me that is a photo of what you are going to request for your wedding nailz. Thems is some fancy talons!