Friday, September 13, 2013

September is half over-

It's carameled apples and pumpkin time. 

Movie reviews

Romantics Anonymous- A french movie. This show is awesome. It's a cute love story about 2 people with social phobias. I liked it. A lot. Charles liked it too. A movie for the whole family. A

Wild Target- My family  really loves to find random movies at the library. How do you find a good movie? Just wild, blind luck. I found one. It's about an assassin who falls in love with his target. Think of Undercover Blues. It was awesome. It came out in 2009 and I don't know if I even heard of it when it came out. Witty and hilarious. Watch it. You won't regret it . A+

Book review

In Defense of Food- Super duper boring to listen to the guy reading it on CD, but I'm on 4 of 5, so I can't just stop. There are some good points, but it is just droning on and on. As Charles said, it's probably just not my kind of book or maybe hearing stats over and over is the part that's killing me, but I can't wait until I finish that book. B-

I like yogurt in smoothies, but not plain. So that's what I do with it. I like fruit plain, and in smoothies. I saw some weird fruits in Guatemala, but only ate a couple super weird ones. Mostly we ate watermelon and mangoes= delicious. They have this fruit there called Tamarind though. That's some nasty business. Bleh. They put it in the juice all the time. One time I drank a whole glass of it and then- my companion told the family I didn't like Tamarind juice. Dude, not cool. 

Holiday decorating- we might just get a fancy wreath for every holiday. Then people will know we know holidays happen. For the record, we bought decorative pumpkins last year and set them outside our door and last week one of them started visibly rotting. We threw it out. The other two are still fine. Wow, I'm super duper impressed. Talk about food storage. 

It's been a little while since I've done my hair- that usually means I'm up for a haircut. I just need a little different style, so I have a good reason to do it instead of sporting a bun or pony every day. I guess I don't have reason to complain- most people would love having a pony. Also, I need to put all my distractions away at night so I have to go to sleep. Charles- that's you. Also, I have only read a page of The Karamazov Brothers since last week. I need to prioritize that business or I'll never complete my end of October finishing goal. 

We had crepes for breakfast today. That was nice. Charles, you are supreme. I never had this much trouble getting up in the morning when I was single. I guess that means we need to reinstate the curfew. 10 would be a good time I think- 10 sounds so early though. Man, look at me with my terrible bad habits. What time do you people go to sleep? 10:30 seems like an ok time because I went to bed at 10:30 on my mission. 

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emilyf said...

I loved Romantics Anonymous! Mais bien sur! It's French! :) I'll definitely have to look up Wild Target. Thanks, wild one :)