Friday, September 6, 2013

I had chocolate cake for breakfast

If you didn't know this about me, I like to know how things work. Charles is really good at explaining how things work. Early this week, he explained to someone how soap works. I stood by and listened in wonder. Now I think of it as I wash things. Hard life being married to a genius. 


Through much thoughtfulness about cake, I have confirmed I do not like strawberry flavored cake. Weirdly enough, it kind of grosses me out- although jello does not. Though I do not eat much jello either. Orange cake, also gross. Lemon cake and I are good friends. I like it. Makes me feel lemony fresh.

Ok, back to Dyson. I vacuumed Monday. No, you don't understand. I vacuumed. We've lived in our apartment for a month and we just got a vacuum Saturday. Up until Monday, I did not realize to what extent my animal husband and I shed. Now, well, I know a little bit better. I'd write more, but I'm going to go vacuum again. 

Since you now know my joy in knowing the backstory of world workings, this should not be a surprise to you. With a dyson, you actually get to see the filth filling the holding container. You get a clean house and major entertainment. Next week, or maybe tonight, I will vacuum again and let you know how it goes. I can't wait.

We also got a new table this week. It was off craig's list and looks like an insect. Very cool. The lady who sold it said she was going to paint it like a lady bug. Thank goodness she did not. It matches our apartment better now than if she'd done that creative, but terrible idea.

Commercial shoutout- Is anyone else totally creeped out by the I can't believe it's not butter lady? Every time I see one of her commercials I get the heebie jeebies. 

Updates on marriage, for all the lovely people asking me how it is to be married: Being married is like being single, but I now leave home late every day because I can't get out of my house. There's a man there. He holds me hostage. 

Not only does he hold me hostage every day, he makes me eat food and washes all my dishes. It's like the bridge troll lives in my house. Luckily, we have a dyson. 

Since Charles is in love with the waffle maker, and I'm in love with the vacuum maker, it sounds like we're already having some marital problems. We're working through them. Labor Day, I cleaned around the outside of my apartment unit as Charles hung up pictures inside the house. I vinegar watered the outer rim by the base because there are lots of cats living in our complex. It's an outside setup-like my college apartments. I like it, but every 4 inches there's a stripe of cat pee on the wall.

Since the vinegaration of our outer perimeter, I haven't noticed as many cats outside our door and the stains are less visible. I like to think it's a little cleaner for us to live. We are not getting a welcome mat, I looked at the mats of our neighbors and they all look like litter boxes. Gross, double gross. 

To my piano teacher Mrs. Sigler- I practiced the piano three days this week. That's the most I probably ever practiced when I was actually taking lessons. Who knows how long that will last, but it's going ok for now. The newness may wear off, but I was surprised by how not awful I am. I haven't practiced in a while and the easy hymns were really easy to play. Awesome. I'm not pro yet, but go me. Neal, Sarah, Emily, Bonnie, I'm catching up to you. 

Rachel, I couldn't find you on Facebook somehow, but I'll give you my address on your email or something. 

Amy, sorry  I haven't sent the wedding dress back. We get it back today. Don't ask me why it took so long, I have no idea. 

The other Amy, you are great. I love you. 

Reading: I hope to finally finish my book The Brothers Karamazof. I hope to finish by Halloween. Consider that a goal. The only reasons I put this goal up are because 
1. The troll has homework now so we don't have so much philandering time 
2. If I put it up here I'll have to work harder toward completing it. 
3. Now that I'm married, I'm not allowed to Trick-or-Treat without first borrowing someone's child (Note: I can, however, buy good candy instead of depending on the mercy of strangers for a good calorie selection). 

And for kicks, the little guy on the right is my husband age 12. Now we know I'm not the only chipmunk in the family. Maybe we'll have a bonding moment looking at the moon. 

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Rach said...

That would be because I, like a crazy person, up and deleted my Facebook [and all other forms of social networking]. Which makes me really creepy, because I still read your blog posts without seeing your Facebook posts about them... ;) haha. I'll shoot you an email soon.

PS I have a Dyson too, and DANG those things are awesome! My husband is in love with the waffle maker too. Don't worry, you can make it work.