Friday, November 8, 2013

We're getting a space heater for our bedroom. Although our apartment is small, the heater in the living room is not very effective at heating our bedroom. We usually close the bathroom and bedroom doors when we turn on the heater, which keeps the heat in a smaller area. Luckily we live in CA, which doesn't get terribly cold.

I also made lentil soup. We boiled the lentils for about two days. I've heard of people undercooking lentils, which is totes bad news. The stew was delicious. I like stew. Stewey is now in our fridge. Note: celery is only good in stew, soup, or chicken sandwiches.

Sarah Michelle Gellar drives me crazy. She annoys me terribly. I don't know why, but she always has. Freddie loves her, but she's probably not as annoying in real life. Hopefully.

This weekend is our primary program. All the kids are pretty full of life. Tonight we're off to the temple. 

The cupcake top right is what is on my table. We've got a couple. Better than turtles, because you can eat them.

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