Thursday, March 13, 2014


After watching the show Mr. Selfridge, I have decided to do more 1890's hair. Or 1900's hair. You know how it goes. However, I think in order to get the effect I truly want, I'd have to wear a hairpiece. So let's discuss my hairpiece. 

I'd like it to be brown. It should be silky and soft, just like my natural hairpiece. Except today it is dirty dirty. That's what happens when you wait a while to water your hair garden. 

Hey, last week Charles and I celebrated our Reconciliation Day- the day we got back together after our month long break up. It was a rough month for both of us and we're really happy to be working on the same team now. Go team Awesome!

My friend Meghan gave me some milky ways, so I made a little treasure hunt with cards and hid them around the house. Next time I'll be more creative with the clues- he went straight to each of them. He's very intelligent and picked up on the clues immediately. I will up his level next time. 

He ate all the candy immediately of course and we worked on the chocolate cake for a little while.

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