Monday, March 30, 2015

Currying flavor-

Thanks for all your expertise Charles. You did an excellent job on our flavorful leftover, non-leftover lunch. Yesterday we made a bunch of food for the week, Sundays are a good day to plan, and we ate so many chocolate chip cookies during our family Skype call, we weren't hungry for our curry dinner even at 8:30 PM. So Charles put it all into leftover containers, and I...well what was I doing anyway?

I was probably being surly- I'm in my surly phase of the month- and organizing. Oh yeah, I was organizing. I put the birdcage above my clothes and put my church clothes away. Yay me! Look what I can do!

Saturday was a chill day. Saturday after the women's conference I attended, we went over to our friends' the Krafts for dinner. Thanks for dinner Krafts! We had a good message from the missionaries, talked about the short movie made around the poem "The Touch of the Master's Hand". It took us a while to find it, then it wasn't complete. So here's the full version.

We also played 13 Dead End Drive. Now that's a fun game. Turns out Ashley loves animals and Steven is exceptionally sly. We should have figured, due to their last name, but we were stunned and amazed as he killed all the heirs, waltzed through the mansion, and left with a billion million dollars in pocket change. Nicely done Steven. Craftily done Kraft.

Amy, what did you do to your face and why can't the sun touch it?

Joshy came home this week from Chile. He is still chilly in Missouri and got a construction job at our own house. I hear it's to be finished in May. Sounds like Epic Christmas to me. We shall see.

We did some laundry Thursday- thank goodness. Our dirty hampers were really smelly. I put two shirts in my sewing pile- seems like the epitome of laziness is catching up with me. The clothes are still good, I just don't wear them and am too lazy to take them to a second hand store. Soon to be a fancy animal? It's possible. Pig. Or more likely, it will begin a pig and end a duck-billed platypus. That's how things work.

Miss Miss and Aman, I thought about you this weekend. Oh the good times. Remember how we made Valentines and dropped them on people's doorsteps? Yeah crushes! Man, I have so many stories of me being a weirdo. I hope my kids are weird. I'd love to share all my great ideas- especially the ones I never tried- like hiding in the bushes South of campus just to surprise that guy who doesn't know you, but who you feel should know you- you've thought about him enough.

Poor Charles missed out on a lot of my weirdness in college. I'm trying to fill him in, but I don't think he'll ever get the full scope. Here's to the future!

Wednesday we are having a RS activity called My Favorite Things. Everyone is bringing their favorite whatever (food, eye cream, nail polish) and then leaving with someone else's favorite thing- they're drawing them out of a hat.  I know you'll never guess what I'm bringing, so I'll tell you. I'm going to bring..the hedgehog. I know a couple people who love hedgehogs, but it's my favorite thing to do with my extra materials, and I haven't made anything recently, so that's what I'm bringing to the table. I'll probably end up with someone's favorite food- ramen noodles.

Make a Fairy Garden and bring it. That's what I want, people. 

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