Thursday, March 5, 2015


When I was about 6, my sister Sarah and I had about the same length hair except hers was always a little bit longer. She would tell me to get my hair cut when she got hers cut so mine would never be longer.

I'm going bald. Well, I got another haircut, so my hair now according to Charles, is very short. I couldn't handle the straight across cut- it wasn't working for me. Also, I'm pretty picky about my hair when it gets cut. So I decided to get some layers. They are different from the layers I usually get, so I'm getting used to them. You know how haircuts go. I like my haircut, but I'm also getting used to it.

I needed some style in this business. I need layers to interest me in actually styling my hair instead of just leaving it to its own devices every day. And so, here's the cut.

 Sarah told me my hair needed a trim. In her mind. Charles thanks you. In his mind.

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