Friday, June 26, 2015


Charles and I recently had the good fortune to get Paddington from the library. I remember liking the book when I was younger and the reviews were good. I will give it 4 out of 5 stars. Actually, on IMDB I gave it 8 out of 10. The great thing about that movie is you don't have to be a kid to enjoy watching it. There were many cool inventor things and it flowed very well. I enjoyed it immensely and think it's a great family movie.

Gee hosafat, I almost got in a wreck this week. That was not my favorite. I was turning right at an intersection, the lane I was turning into was empty, and then I turned. In this fantastic moment, an older woman changed lanes in the middle of the intersection, straight for me. I swerved into a curb and got a chunk out of my back tire, but she didn't hit me. Wonder of wonders that her death stare didn't kill me either. She is dumb. How dare she switch lanes in the middle of an intersection. How dare she?! Doesn't she know it's illegal in some states and she could have gotten cited by a policeman for dangerous driving?

Anyway, I was distraught afterwards because of it. Then Charles took the car in to get a new tire and they told us it is a better idea to buy two new tires. Seriously people? Blah. However, we just got our car new last year, so I don't want to damage my car by only buying one new. I hate car replacement stuff.

I started and finished the book "Finnikin of the Rock". 5 stars. It was so good. Interesting, not doggedly long, and quite the page turner. So yes, I would recommend it.

This week, my charming husband made food for us every day for dinner! Those leftovers turn into lunches my friends, and he does a great job. Poor Charles, he gets a break from school, and then he has to turn into Cinderella.

Well, someday our roles will be switched, so he's trying to establish some truths now, while I'm the working individual. He's always telling me to read and relax while he makes me food and washes the dishes. See, he's so sneaky. I see what's going on here, husband.

Anyway, the spider in the kitchen disappeared. Probably because it was also reading my blog and knew what was coming his way. See: shoe.

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