Friday, January 29, 2016

Talk about SLOW

You're probably going to want to add this to your breakfast menu tomorrow. Thanks for making me these delicious green eggs and ham! Looks like a Sesame Street monster. Or a fried alien.
 These are my two purses- past and present. I used to have this lovely brown item on the left. When the straps broke, I used lanyards. At the craft fair, I found this lovely flowered carpetbag piece. It's probably about 3 pounds lighter to carry around and is quite roomy without three compartments getting in the way. Thanks for Christmas gifting it to me Holly!

This is the elf on a shelf I made for my sister. His name is Hebert. She decided doing an elf on the shelf would be too much of a hassle. So out of a laziness similar to my own, she denied this sweet elf his vocation.

After he got fired, Hebert just lounged around my house without his hat and boots. Look how sweet he is. Anyhow, he is packed into our Christmas box to make his comeback next year.

Perhaps he will end up in various places around our house next Christmas. We shall see what he gets into. If he eats all the chocolate, we're going to brawl.

My 2016 To-Do List

1. Passports- now that Christmas is over and we don't plan to fly in the next couple months, passports are going to be a new required ID to fly from California to other states. It seems so ridiculous, and yet since it costs $110 to order a passport, also an easy way for the government to make some extra cash. Thanks for that.

So if you want us to visit you in the next couple of months, give us 6 weeks notice- as that seems to be the estimated turn around time for passports these days. California did ask for an extension and there is a 3 month grace period for people to get passports, so April. Yes, April.

2. Materialize- I have been blessed with artistic gifts and about 5 boxes of creative materials. People have found out and these materials have been multiplying. I must keep up and manufacture crafts. I must.

3. Car- Our new Honda has some paint fading issues (we bought it new last year). It's covered by warranty, but we need to take it in. Also, our PT cruiser Professor Plum has been leaking a bit of oil. Instead of refilling it constantly, we have given him a rest and started carpooling.

4. Taxes- January is coming to a close and that means taxes are due. Taxes, taxes- beautiful, lovely taxes.

5. Loving Exercise- When it comes to exercise, I'm a consistent whiner. However, I am looking to be better. Anyone who has ever exercised with me can attest to that.

6. Simplify- This is Charles' worst nightmare, but I am trying to keep our tiny cottage of love from looking too cluttered. The clutter stops here!

7. Babies- We're going to try our mightiest with IVF this year. If it doesn't work, we will do something else and accept that it didn't work.

8. Sugar down- I love making treats. I love eating treats. If I can become more creative with healthy foods, then I will not make so many treats. Hey, it's a goal people- No Munchie March. Let me know if you want to do it too and we can cheer each other on! I've already recruited two people!

9. Study- I love reading fiction. I need to work on reading my scriptures more lovingly- since they're more important and lasting than fiction. Or maybe just work on a little balance.

10. Variety- Branch out with how I spend my time. Maybe schedule my life better.

How about you? Any goals?

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