Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Experiences Recommended

Casino Royale (1967)- Terrible

Sons of Liberty(2015)- I liked it

Thai Chicken- I liked it

Making Mother's Day Cards- I liked it, but they didn't turn out very well

Ordering chick flicks on the public library website- Ideal. I love the Black Gold library system

Attending a Pink Party- Good times, despite the hardship that it accompanies. A pink party is a head shaving party for someone who has cancer. There was a lot of pink, a head shaving, and some sweet treats. Charles checked my head for hair when I returned. Thanks Banks!

Having my eggs harvested- Blah. Not my favorite.

A Poem for Mothers

Mother, you are great.
This phrase, can never my gratitude sate.
I can't believe you endured sickness to incubate us all.
That's more dedication than sewing a patchwork wall.

If I learned anything from milking goats,
it would have to be the "never having animals" vote.
Chore charts and pizza skills,
who, seeing all this, could possibly run for the hills?

We know some are aliens,
those kids that you cherish.
Raising weirdos is a melee science,
Never did our spirits perish.

From these risks and lovely thoughts,
we grew into great weirdos full of weird sauce.
And now our own children are filling the world,
you creative, guilt-free grandma of the squirrels.

Nicely done and never could be better,
that wondrous mother of school taught letters.
She's spooky wise and really funny,
And she she taught us well with her husband lover bunny.

Hooray for raising us to be so cool!
Hooray for helping us appreciate gruel.
Thanks for being tops Mom!
Thanks for meeting Pops, Mom!

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