Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alright, now there are some pictures on here-

So let me see. The couple pictures I have on here I couldn't figure out how to format, so sorry some of them are sideways. Maybe someone can help me fix them over Christmas. The picture with me and all the dishes is the dog we ate for Thanksgiving and all the rotten foods they gave us to go with it. The picture with me and the statue that's sideways is a mermaid statue we saw in Pusan Korea before we ate the dog.

The characters in a line on the sidewalk were just a photo op. Fake food everywhere in the windows was one of my favorite things..always useful when you don't speak Japanese and want something good to eat. The metal bird was a cool thing we saw in...Hiroshima I think, or Fukuoka. We went all the way there and didn't have time to go inside. We used the toilet right before a busload of school children went through though. We figured the migratory birds were gone for the winter anyway, and I've seen stuffed birds before. Mostly we didn't have time to go through.

I'm going to Tiffanie Player's white elephant party tonight with Jeff and will be bringing a broken bucket with a cd called Moonstruck from the Ward's house. It's a movie starring Cher and Nicholas Cage. Believe me, someone will be excited to watch it. Then they'll be bummed out b/c it's a lame movie. That's about it for now. I am totally excited I've got some pictures. For more, check out facebook.


TPlayer said...

I feel special. Good times

Sarah Gessel said...

Hey Merilee,
Remember that time that you set up your blog on Jeff's computer and then assumed that he never checked it. That was pretty funny. Hey Jeff. ;)